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MCB-Genetics-Part 2

PBSC-MCB-Genetics Part 2

Another name for the regulatory protein of the Lac Operon. Repressor
Another term for the fact that plasmids can replicate independently from the host cell DNA. Autonomous Replication
The Lac operon begins as: (on or off) and then is induced by lactose. Off
A promoter level control mechanism whereby te promoter/polymerase bond is weak results in: increased or decreased transcription? Decreased transcription
What type of mutation codes for a stop codon? Nonsense Mutation
Sequences in transposons that read the same in the same direction in the same strand. Direct Repeats
The term for transposons that only code for their transfer, and do not carry other genes. Insertion Sequences
Sequences in transposons that are repeated in the reverse order in the opposite strand. Inverted Repeats
What is another name for a point mutation? Base Substitution
What type of mutation codes for a wrong amino acid? Missense Mutations
Circular, double stranded DNA that is independent of the bacterial chromosome. Plasmid
A promoter level control mechanism whereby the promoter/polymerase bond is very strong results in: increased or decreased transcription? Increased transcription
The ability of bacteria to pick up foreign pieces of DNA and incorporate that DNA into their genome. Transformation
The name of the plasmid that encodes antibiotic resistance. R Factors
The term for transposons that also carry the code for antibiotic resistance. Complex Transposons
What type of Streptococcus pneumoniae causes pneumonia? Encapsulated
The term for pieces of DNA which can move from one area of the DNA to another. Transposons
What does Hfr stand for? High Frequency Recombinant
What is the term for an F+ plasmid that integrates into the cell's genome? Hfr
This consists of a promoter, an operator and the genes controlled by the mechanism. Operon
What molecule binds to the repressor protein in the Lac Operon and induces the transcription of the genes? Lactose
What type of Streptococcus pneumoniae does not cause pneumonia? Unencapsulated
This molecule binds to the operator to block transcription of the genes. Regulatory Protein
What is the term for the transfer of genetic material from one bacterium to another using a bacteriophage? Transduction
The name of the plasmid in bacteria that confers fertility (abillity to conjugate). F Factor
What type of mutations occur when a single base is changed? Point Mutations
The portion of the R factor (plasmid) that carries the antibiotic resistance. r-determinants
True or False - Transpons are capable of autonomous replication. False
The transfer of DNA (a plasmid) from one bacterium to another via a pilus bridge. Conjugation
The portion of the R factor (plasmid) that carries the transfer information, as in coding for the pilus bridge. RTF
The genetic mechanism to control the production of the enzymes to break down lactose is considered: Inducible
The genetic mechanism to control the production of tryptophan is considered to be: Repressible
In the Griffith's experiments, heat killed encapslated bacteria were mixed with _______ and the mice died. Live unencapsulated
If you cross F+ x F-, the resulting daughter cells would be: Both F+
The region of the Lac Operon that binds the repressor protein. Operator
What is considered to be the co-repressor in the Trp Operon? Tryptophan
If you know that the first four bases in an inverted repeat are: 5'-TCCA-3', what are the remaining four bases of the insertion sequence? 5-'TGGA-3'
The Trp operon begins as: (on or off) and then is repressed by tryptophan and the repressor together binding to the operator. On
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