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MCB-Prokaryotic Cell

PBSC -MCB-Prokaryotic Cells

The appendage used for conjugation in bacteria. Pili
When the solute concentration is greater it is known as a _________ solution. Hypertonic
Which region of the phospholipid molecule is hydrophobic? Fatty Acid Tails
Name the 3 genera which form endospores. Bacillus, Clostridium, Sporosarcina
Dormant, resistant structures in bacteria. Endospores
The term for flagella that are spread evenly around the surface of the bacterium. Peritrichous
Adjacent rows of NAG and NAM are crosslinked by these. Polypeptides
A cell with an internal salt concentration of 0.1% salt is placed in a solution of 2% salt solution. Which way will water move, into or out of the cell? Out of the cell.
Gram positive cells appear _____ after the gram stain procedure. Purple
The term for bacteria that have a single flagellum at each end. Amphitrichous
How many rings are contained in the basal body of gram positive bacteria? 2 rings
The term for bacteria which have a cluster of flagella at one or both ends. Lophotrichous
This method of moving molecules across the membrane uses proteins embedded in the membrane, and uses ATP energy to move molecules against (up) the concentration gradient. Active Transport
Do gram negative cells have thick or thin peptidoglycan layers? Thin
The major bacterial genus that has bacteria with axial filaments. Spirochetes
Do gram positive cells have thick or thin peptidoglycan layers? Thick
Is it the proteins or the fatty acid tails which are responsible for giving the "Fluid Mosaic Model" of the plasma membrane its MOSAIC portion of the name? The insertion of the proteins.
How many rings are contained in the basal body of gram negative bacteria? 4 rings
Which region of the phospholipid molecule is hydrophyllic? The Glycerol Head
When the solute concentration is less it is known as a _________ solution. Hypotonic
Water loss from a bacterial cell, and the plasma membrane pulls away from the cell wall is called _______. Plasmolysis
The type of filaments which wrap around the bacterial cell and give it a corkscrew type movement. Axial Filaments
Equal solute concentrations. Isotonic
What is the term for the component of the outer membrane in gram (-) cell walls that consists of LipidA and O-Polysaccharide? Lipopolysaccharide
A glycocalyx that easily sluffs off and is loosely attached. Slime Layer
The term for one polar flagellum. Monotrichous
What do metachromatic granules contain? Inorganic Phosphate
The type of bacterial appendage (fine, hairlike) used for attachment, not motility. Fimbriae
In a solution consisting of salt dissolved in water, which is the solute? Salt
Plural form of the round or spherical shape of bacteria. Cocci
The portion of the flagellum that links the filament to the basal body. Hook
This is the diffusion of water. Osmosis
Plural form of the rod or capsule shape of bacteria. Bacilli
The term for membranes which allow some molecules to pass through while blocking passage of other molecules. Selective Permeability
Does diffusion move molecules down or up the concentration gradient? Down
The prefix for pairs of bacteria stuck together. Diplo
The prefix that identifies grapelike clusters of cells. Staph
Gram negative cells appear _____ after the gram stain procedure. Pink
O Polysaccharide of the LPS in gram (-) cells acts as _______. Antigen
When a substance is chemically altered as it is moved across the plasma membrane. Group Translocation
Lipid A of the LPS of gram (-) cells acts as _______. Endotoxin
The two monosaccharides which form the sugar backbone of the cell wall peptidoglycan. NAG and NAM
Is the glycerol head of a phospholipid molecule polar or non-polar? Polar
Another name for passive transport. Facilitated Diffusion
Name 2 unique amino acids found in the peptidoglycan of bacterial cell walls. D-Glutamic acid, D-Alanine
This method of moving molecules across the membrane uses proteins embedded in the membrane, but does not use ATP energy. It also moves molecules down the concentration gradient. Passive Transport
Gas vacuoles are common in what type of bacteria? Aquatic bacteria
What molecules are found in gram positive cell walls and NOT in gram negative? Teichoic Acids
A cell with an internal salt concentration of 0.1% salt is placed in a solution of 2% salt solution. Is the solution surrounding the cell considered hypotonic or hypertonic? The solution surrounding the cell is considered hypertonic .
The prefix that identifies long chains of cells. Strep
A firmly attached glycocalyx. Capsule
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