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Chapter 4&5

adip/o- fat
lip/o- fat
cutane/o- skin
derm/o- skin
dermat/o- skin
cyt/o- cell
eti/o- cause
hidr/o- sweat
hydr/o- water
idi/o- unknow, peculiar
kerat/o- keratinized tissue cornea
morph/o shape
myc/o- fungus
necr/o- dead
onych/o- nail
path/o- disease
pil/o- hair
trich/o- hair
rhytid/o- wrinkle
scler/o- hardening, sclera
seb/o- sebum
son/o- sound
xer/o- dry
albin/o white
leuk/o white
chromat/o color
cirrh/o yellow
xanth/o yellow
cyan/o blue
erythem/o red
erythr/o red
melan/o black
Tx treatment
Bx, bx Biopsy
STM soft tissue mobilization or massage
decub Decubitus ulcer
PE Physical Exam
OTC Over The Counter
Hx History
I&D Incision and Drainage
ung ointment
IV intravenous
MHP Moist Hot Pack
MM Malignant Melanoma
FH Family History
Derm Dermatology
SCC Squamous Cell Carcinoma
C&S Culture and Sesitivity
SubQ Subcutaneous
Sx Symptoms
BCC basal cell carinoma
IP Ice Pack
Created by: michelle0905
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