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Programming Vocab


Project that has motion Animation
Make up scripts Blocks
An error in a program Bug
A sequence of blocks that create a program Coding
Clothing worn by sprite Costume
Finding & fixing errors in a program Debugging
A measure of angles Degree
Action that causes something to happen Event
Code doesn't end Forever
Smooth movement to a location Glide
Starts the program Green flag
Disappear Hide
Repeats the pattern Loop
Small dot which make up images Pixel
To do again Repeat
Restarts program to original design Reset
Program used to build programs Scratch
Series of instructions run from top to bottom Script
Arrangement in which things go in a pattern Sequence
Appear Show
Character Sprite
Begins running the programming When Run
Placeholder for a piece of information that can change Variable
Changing the appearance of the stage Backdrop
Created by: Nia Simone