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Irish Verbs AC

Irish Verbs Past tense( Aimsir Caite)

bhuail mé I hit
bhris mé I broke
chan mé I sang
chuir sé he put
chíor sé he combed
dhún si she closed
duirt sí she said
d'fhan sibh ye waited
d'fhág sibh ye left
d'fhill mé I returned
D'ith mé I ate
D'ól mé I drank
ghlan tú you cleaned
ghléas tú you dressed
ghlaoigh sé he called
las mé I lit
lean mé I followed
líon mé I filled
mhol mé I praised
phioc mé I picked
phós sí she married
rith sí she ran
sheas sibh ye stood
shiúil siad they walked
thóg siad they took
chuaigh mé I went
chonaic tú You saw
tháinig sé he came
fuair sí she got
rinne mé I made
chuala siad they heard