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Concepts of democracy

Accountability To follow laws, responsibility, benefitting the nation
Authority what youn job is, a jurisdiction that you cover
Citizenship Upholding the rules of government, you are the people.
civil society treating people with dignity
Common Good Everything the government does is for the people.
Constructionalism supreme law of the land or rule of law.
Reprsentatioal law You send someone to be your representative.
Diversity Social, racial political- All groups have freedom press
Equality No one is superior to others (14th amendment)
Federalism The distrubition of pow between state federal and local governments.
Limited governmnet Anytime peoples intrest is protected.
Independent media without bias
Judicial Independence. Serve for life on the supreme court
Judicial review A federal law can be declared unconstitutional
Justice Making decisions, balancing rights, not necessarily for the common good
Liberty Complete freedom, always checked, can lead to anarchy
Majority rule and minority rights political oposition, party in power = majorityParty out of power = minority
Market economy Capitalism
Parlementary system British system similar to American system.
Participation and voting If you register you can be required to serve jury duty.
Pluralism A variety of governments, political parties.
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