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Year 7 Exam Revision

Tempo The speed of music
Duration The length of sounds and silences in music
Texture The layers of sound. Lots of layers = thick sound. Texture types = homophonic, monophonic and polyphonic.
Tone Colour The quality of sound (descriptive words: bright, shimmery, rough, sad, dark etc)
Pitch How high or low the sounds are
Structure The way the music is set out (for example, the song has an introduction, a verse and a chorus).
Piano Soft
Forte Loud
Crescendo Gradually getting louder
Decrescendo Gradually getting softer
Fortissimo Very loud
Pianissimo Very Soft
Homophonic Texture Where parts are moving together (melody and chordal accompaniment)
Monophonic Texture One sound only
What does a double bar line mean you have to do? Finish the piece
What are the note pitches used in the treble clef lines? E, G, B, D, F (Every, Good Boy Deserves Fruit or Every Good Burger Deserves Fries)
What are the note pitches used in the treble clef spaces? F A C E (it spells face! Easy!)
What do you call the five lines where notation is put on? Staff or Stave
A crotchet beat lasts for... 1 beat
A minim beat lasts for... 2 beats
A dotted minim beat lasts for... 3 beats
A semibreve lasts for... 4 beats
A quaver lasts for... 1/2 a beat
Created by: lloydj01