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Adaptive immune regulation pt. 1

Circulating B cells that have not encountered antigen are known as naive B cells
Co-expression of IgD and IgM is regulated by RNA processing
Ig that feedback inhibits B cell activation IgG
FcyRIIB (CD32) found in B cells, DC, mast cells, Neutrophills, Macrophages: Feedback INHIBITS Bcells and inflammation
FcyRI (CD 64) on macrophages, neutrophils, eosinophils: Phagocytosis activation
FcyRIIA (CD32) on macrophages, neutrophils, eosinophils, platelets: inefficient Phagocytosis activation
FcyRIIIA (CD16) binds IgG on NK cells for antibody dependent cell cytotoxicity
FceRI binds IgE on Mast cells, basophils, eosinophils for degranulation. Enhanced by IL5 from Th2 cells
Functions of complement pathway phagocytosis, cytolysis, inflammation
lymphocytes may be activated to proliferate and differentiate immunogenic antigen
lymphocytes that are functionally inactivated or killed tolerogenic antigen
Types of Peripheral T cell tolerance cell-intrinsic anergy, suppression by regulatory T cells, deletion (apoptotic cell death)
Tcell Anergy recognizes antigen without strong costimulation, may lose their ability or be blocked by CTLA-4
Tcell suppression by reg.T cells self recognizing T cell in thymus stimulated by FoxP3 and IL2
T cell Apoptosis pro-survival IL2 secreted usually, without co-stimulation self antigen recognition may lead to expression of death receptors and their ligands, such as Fas and Fas ligand (FasL),
Central tolerance If the self antigen is recognized weakly (with low avidity), the B cell reduces antigen receptor expression and becomes functionally unresponsive. If binds strongly = apoptosis
Peripheral Tolerance mature B cell recognizes a self antigen without T cell help is functionally inactivated and becomes incapable of responding to that antigen (anergy), or dies by apoptosis (deletion), or its activation is suppressed by engagement of inhibitory receptors.
B cells can shut off antibody production via antibody feedback where antibody bound to antigen inhibits further antibody production with FcyRIIB
BAFF is a B cell–activating cytokine that may be involved in switching to IgA, especially in T-independent responses.
B cell switching to IgA TGFB, BAFF
B cell switching to IgE IL4
B cell switching to IgG INF-y
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