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5--Earth's Systems

5th Grade Earth's Four Systems

Define Hydrosphere. all the water on, under and above the earth
What is the Biosphere? all living things on Earth.
What is the solid part of Earth? The Geosphere
The layer of air that surrounds the Earth. Atmosphere
How does the Biosphere depend on the Geosphere? The Biosphere depends on it for shelter and food.
How does the Biosphere depend on the Hydrosphere? It needs water for 3 things. It needs it to drink, photosynthesize, and to call home.
What does the Atmosphere provide for the Biosphere? The Atmosphere provides a breathable environment, protection from the sun, and formation of clouds.
What is the inner most layer of the Earth? The inner core
What is the outer most layer of the Earth? The crust
What are the layers of the Earth? Listed from the outside going inwards: crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
The Earth has 4 systems. In which system would I find animals and plants? The Biosphere
The Earth has 4 systems. In which system would I find precipitation, lakes and rivers? The Hydrosphere
The Earth has 4 systems. In which system do the following words fit: rocks, crust, mantle, core? The Geosphere
The Earth has 4 systems. Which system relates to parts of the air like troposphere, mesosphere, and ozone? The Atmosphere
System a collection of parts that work together
Hydro water
Atmo air
Geo land
Bio life
a child drinking water biosphere interacting with hydrosphere
fish in the ocean biosphere interacting with hydrosphere
volcanic eruption in the ocean geosphere and hydrosphere
rain hydrosphere and atmosphere
a bear hibernating in a cave biosphere interacting with the geosphere
grass biosphere
mountain geosphere
soil geosphere
gold geosphere
iron geosphere
leaf biosphere
lava geosphere
human biosphere
rock geosphere
fish biosphere
tree biosphere
duck biosphere
soil geosphere
A strong gust of wind blows over a tree. atmosphere and biosphere
A forest fire produces a huge cloud of smoke. Biosphere and atmosphere
The wind carries dandelion seeds far away. atmosphere and biosphere
Animals breathe oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. biosphere and atmosphere
Water evaporating from a lake forms huge clouds. hydrosphere and atmosphere
A hurricane causes huge ocean waves. atmosphere and hydrosphere
Created by: SaimaMaq