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Ch. 5 Neuro MedTerm2

psyche mind
myel/o spinal cord/bone marrow
somn/o sleep
mania excessive desire
tax/o coordination
dementia chronic decline in mental function
asthenia weakness
dysphasia difficulty speaking
catatonia decreased muscle tone
neurasthenia nerve weakness
cephalodynia head pain
monoplegia paralysis of one limb
dysesthesia bad feeling/sensation
synesthesia one sensation experienced as another
acrophobia fear of heights
hydrophobia fear of water
cerebral angiography examination of the blood vessels of the brain
EEG electroencephalography
subdural hematoma blood tumor beneath the dura
macroencephaly large head
polyneuritis inflammation of many nerves
myelomalacia softening of the spinal cord
apathy no disease condition/without emotion
CVA cerebral vascular accident
postictal after a seizure
cerebral thrombosis clot in the brain
endarterectomy inner artery removal
PNS peripheral nervous system
neuroplasty nerve repair
psychopharmacology study of the effects of drugs on mental process
MRA magnetic resonance angiography
myelomeningocele hernia of the spinal cord and meninges
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