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Mr. C-Chapter 6-Holt

Carroll County-Chapter 6: Mr. C-Holt

allows the President authority to reject parts of a spending bill without rejecting the entire bill line-item veto (declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (6-3) in 1998
formally removes a congressperson from office expulsion
contain members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives joint committees
those who hold public office incumbents
funds put aside for specific purposes appropriations
political group with the fewest seats in a house of Congress minority party
used for a critical bill, and every congressmember is called on roll-call vote
presiding officer of the House of representatives speaker
deal with broad areas of legislation, such as finance and foreign policy standing committees
President holds a bill without signing it pocket veto
giving unnecessary grants and projects from the government to a congressperson's locality pork-barrel spending
presiding officer in the Senate vice president
must pass through a number of steps before it becomes a law bill
parts of a congressional term sessions
lasts two years congressional terms
Created by: rdchiar