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Questionnm nAnswer
Hepatitis E have a vaccine? true or false F
what can Hepatitis B turn into? Hepatitis D
which hepatitis is more severe? Hepatitis B
which hepatitis is curable? A and E
what are all the symptoms for all hepatitis? dark urine tired yellow skin and eye nausea abdominal pain grey colored stool etc
what can happened the babies if their mother has hepatitis b (while pregnant)? They can get it too, the newborn must be vaccine immediately.
Who is at higher risk to get hepatitis? Babies, old people, and peoples immune system is not good.
How can hepatitis A be transmitted? Contaminated foods or water. Fecal oral transmission.
Are there vaccines for hepatitis c? Hep C doesn't have a vaccine.
Hepatitis b is not blood borne. true or false true
When you are having an sexual intercourse can you be at risk of getting hepatitis B? yes
Hepatitis B does not lead to HIV. true or false. false
HBV can be spread through used needles. true or false. true
can saliva contain hepatitis b? yes, if only have blood
How many days can dry blood carry hepatitis b? 7-10 days
Created by: mm.1