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Third year latin review vocabulary over chapters 38-42

coepit (he) began
mensis,mensis m. month
Aeneis, Aeneidis, f. the Aeneid
discipulus,-i,m pupil
annus,-i,m year
ruina,-ae,f collapse, ruin
navigo,-are,-avi,-atus to sail
terra,-ae,f earth, ground, land
Hesperia,-ae,f Hesperia (land in the west, Italy)
mare,maris,abl sing mari gen pl marium n sea
tempestas, tempestatis, f storm
navis, navis, gen pl navium, f ship
regina,-ae,f queen
Dido,Didonis,f Dido (queen of Carthage)
finem recitandi fecit (he) made an ending of reciting, (he) stopped reciting
verbum,-i,n word, verb
idem ac the same as
sic,adv thus, in this way
comes, comitis, m/f companion
Carthago, Carthaginis, f Carthage (city on the northern coast of Africa)
antequam (conj) before
Thracia,-ae,f Thrace (country norteast of Greece)
Delos, Deli, f Delos(small island off the eastern coast of Greece)
Creta,-ae,f Crete (large island southeast of Greece)
nusquam,adv nowhere
moneo,-ere,-ui,-itus to advise,warn
deus,-i non pl di, dat abl pl dis m. god
dormito,-are,-avi to be sleepy
Ave!/Avete! Greetings!
valeo,-ere,-ui,-iturus to be strong
primo,adv first, at first
nato,-are,-avi,-aturus to swim
scapha,-ae,f small boat
inde, adv from there, then
iracundia,-ae,f irritability, bad temper
neque...neque...quidquam neither...nor...anything
immo vero,adv on the contrary, in fact
ignoro,-are,-avi,-atus to be ignorant, not to know
cum, conj since
crudelis,-is,-e cruel
cum primum, conj as soon as
poena,-ae,f punishment,penalty
poenas dare to pay the penalty
obsecro,-are,-avi,-atus to beseech,beg
quam primum,adv as soon as possible (asap)
tela,-ae,f web,fabric
studium,-i,n enthusiasm
foras,adv outside
discessisse to have departed
dicitur (he) is said
Quantum...! adv How much...!
talia, talium,n pl such things
ventus,-i m wind
unda,-ae f wave
scapha,-ae f small boat, ship's boat
magister, magistri m schoolmaster, master, captain
Pro di immortales! Good heavens!
dives, divitis rich
supero,-are,-avi,-atus to overcome
pauper, pauperis poor
casa,-ae f hut, cottage
pugio, pugionis m dagger
calm,adv secretly
quoniam, conj since
Created by: Fabio