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Session 2 CM derm15

CM- Derm -15- Dermatologic Exam

what are the three types of procedures perfromed in dermatology diagnostic curative cosmetic
What are the types of biopsy what type of procedure are they punch, incisional, excisional, shave, diagnostic procedure
what are the curative treatments laser microdermabrasion cryotherapy comedone PUVA acne blue light surgery- minor skin tag removal collagen Mohs Surgery Excisional biopsy
What lesions/problems are lasers effective at treating vascular malformities scars skin resurfacing
how does a laser treat vascular problems laser shrinks blood vessels that feed the area
What does PUVA stand for Psoralen- medication taken that is light sensitive then exposure to UVA light
how can collagen be used as a treatment can be used to help treat scars
how does sclerotherapy work spider veins are often treated with sclerotherapy where saline or chemical solution is injected into the vein irritatin it and causing it to collapse and disappear
Created by: smaxsmith