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AYDY Vocab I

vocabulary words for A Year Down Yonder

astride placed or lying on both sides
brazen marked by contemptuous boldness
cadaver a dead body
clabber sour milk that has thickened or curdled
codger mildly eccentric elderly fellow
coroner public officer who studies cause of death
dungarees heavy cotton made from blue denim
enterprising independent, energetic spirit who is ready to act
flimflam deceptive nonsense
footlocker a small trunk
foraged to wander in search of food
hamper to restrict the movement of
lurched to roll or tip abruptly
privy outhouse
pursed puckered
recession period of reduced economic activity
reservoir a place where something is kept in store
shucking peeling off layers
simpering smiling in a silly way
surged swelling, rolling, or sweeping forward like a wave
teetered moved unsteadily
trudged walked steadily and laboriously
vengeance punishment in retaliation for an injury or offense
vittles food
wattle poles interwoven with branches and used in building
Created by: jackiewalters



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