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WSCLC Lesson Three

Phrases and Meanings

parts 部位 bù wèi
daily conversation 日常會話 rì cháng huì huà
to appear 出現 chū xiàn
example 例子 lì zǐ
somebody 某人 mǒu rén
forehead 頭額 tóu é
surprised 驚奇 jīng qí
organ 器官 qì guān
temple 太陽穴 tài yáng xuè
gods 神明 shén míng
worship 敬拜 jìng bài
clear obvious 明顯 míng xiăn
function 功能 gōng néng
intimidate threaten 威嚇 wēi hè
gesture posture 姿態 zī tài
to experience to go through 經歷 jīng lì
finally 終於 zhōng yú
in order to avoid of prevent 以免 yǐ miăn
to tear up each others faces stop being friends break up 撕破臉 sī pò liăn
nose 鼻子 bí zi
mouth 嘴巴 zuǐ bā
make faces 扮鬼臉 bàn guǐ liăn
pull a long face angry 拉長臉 lā cháng liăn
lose face shameful 丟臉 diū liăn
save face 挽回面子 wăn huí miàn zǐ
failure 失敗 shī bài
success 成功 chéng gōng
angry 咬牙切齒 yăo yá qiè chǐ
big mouth 口沒遮欄 kǒu méi zhē lán
to talk 講話 jiăng huà
lead somebody by the nose 牽著某人鼻子走 qiān zhe mǒu rén bí zi zǒu
can't say nice words 狗嘴長不出象牙 gǒu zuǐ cháng bù chū xiàng yá
walls have ears pitchers have ears 隔牆有耳 gé qiáng yǒu ěr
to raise eyebrows and exhale; to indicate someone is very proud of his/her achievement 揚眉吐氣 yáng méi tŭ qì
John has a lot of brains 很聰明 hěn cōng míng
temple 廟宇 miào yŭ
brain 腦袋 năo dài
proud 驕傲 jiāo ào
facial expression 表情 biăo qíng
understand 懂得 dǒng dé
complexion; look 臉色 liăn sè
wishing one could do something; can't wait for; to desire strongly 恨不得 hèn bù dé
Created by: wulaoshius

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