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Chapter 1

Nathaniels Terms to Know Vocabulary

To cicle around some thing. orbit
An imaginary lines that runs throught earths center going north to south. axis
a complete trip around the sun. revolution
the layer of gases that surrounds earth. athmosphere
one of two days each year when the sun reaches its northernmost or southerernmost point. solstice
one of two days each year when the sun is dirctly overhead at the equator. equinox
the average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time. climate
the water that falls on earth as rain snow sleet hail or mist. precipitation
an area that receives reduced rainfall because it is on the side of a mountain facing away from the ocean. rain shadow
a large, un broken mass of land. continenet
one of the 16 pieces of earth's crust. tecktonic plate
a place wheretwo tectonic plates grind against each other. fault
a shanking or rumbleing of earth caused by the collision of tectonic plates. earthquake
a long narrow band of volcanos surrounding the pacific ocean. ring of fire
a giant ocean wave caused by volcanic eruptions or movement of the earth under the ocean floor. tsunami
the process by wich earths suface is worn away by natural forces. weathering
the process by wich weathered bits of rock are moved elesewhere by wather wind or ice. erosion
a large body of ice that moves slowly across land. glaicer
a flat area that rises above the surronding land. plateau
a large expance of land that can be flat or have a gentle roll. plain
a narrow strip of land that connects two lager land areas. isthmus
the part of a contienent that extends into the ocean then drops off sharply. contenental shelf
a long narrow steep sided cut on the ocean floor. trench
a process that make salt water safe to drink. destilination
the water contained inside earths crust. grounedwater
an area where sand salt silt clay or gravel is dropped at the mouth of a river. delta
the process in wich water is used to water vapor. water cycle
the change in which a liquid water to water vapor. evaporation
the changes of water vapor to a liquide or solide state. condensation
rain that contains harmfull amounts of poisons due to pollutions. acid rain
a natural feature found on land landform
the average weather in an area over a long period of time climate
a material that can be used to produce crops or other products resource
each half of erath hemisphere
the feature on a map that explains the sybols colors and lines on a map key
the feature on a map that tells how a mesured space on the map relates to actual distances on earth scale bar
the feature on a map that shows direction compass rose
one of several systems used to represent the the round earth on a flat map map projection
the relationship between distances on the map and on earth scale
the measurment of how much above or below sea level a place is elevation
the differnce between the elevation of one feature and elevation of another feature near it relief
a map that shows specialized information thematic map
any way that scientifific discoveries are applied to practical use technology
getting information from far away remote sensing
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