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Science Unit 1 Test


What is the First step to the scientific method? Question
What is the Second step to the scientific method? Hypothesis
What is the Third step to the scientific method? Get Materials
What is the Fourth step to the scientific method? Procedure
What is the Fifth step to the scientific method? Collect Data and Analyze
What is the Sixth step to the scientific method? Conclusion
Controlled An experiment that has one variable that changes
Variable Factors in an experiment
Independent The one factor in an experiment that I change
Controlled The many factors in an experiment that stay the same
Dependent The factor in the experiment that you measure
Experimental The group in the experiment that you expect to change
Control The group in the experiment that you do not expect to change
Stain remover/What is the CV for this? Answers may very/it will work
Stain remover/What is the IV for this? Answers may very/how much you put on it
Stain remover/What is the DV for this? Answers may very/2 cm of spray can cover half of the shirt
Stain remover/What is the Control Group for this? Answers may very/white shirt
Stain remover/What is the Experimental Group for this? Answers may very/smaller than before
Observation Use five senses to must before describe the world around you
Inference Statement that explains observation based on past experiences
Observed he Eating
Inference he Hungry
What is the difference between Control group and Experimental group? Independent variable is changed in the experimental group ,but an independent variable is stayed or held constant in the control group
Explain factors that make an experiment valid Accurate/correct data or information; something that can be proven
Scientific Method The process used to solve a scientific question; steps you use to solve the scientific method
Reliable Been accepted or tested multiple times
Materials Supplies that you need do start the experiment
Hypothesis Educated guess
Procedure An established or official way of doing something
Conclusion A judgment or decision reached by reasoning
Created by: jschwartzman