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Health Vocab 9-27-19

hair 头发 tou fa
face 脸 lian
eyes 眼 睛 yan jing
ear 耳 夺 er duo
nose 鼻子 bi zi
mouth 嘴巴 zui ba
hand 双手 shuang shou
teeth 牙 ya
neck 脖子 bo zi
back 背 bei
stomach 肚子 du zi
shoulder 肩膀 jian bang
leg 腿 tui
calf 膝盖 xi gai
foot 脚趾 jiao zhi
fingers 手手 shou zhi
patient 病人 bing ren
visit doctor 看病 kan bing
get sick 生病 shang bing
get sick 得病 de bing
clinic 急珍室 ji zhen shi
get prescription 开you kai you
go to ER 看急珍 kan ji zhen
to fall 摔到 shuai dao
injured 受伤 shou shang
break 撞坏 zhuang huai
hurt 疼 teng tang
check 捡查 jian cha
fever 发烧 fa shao
runny nose 流鼻涕 liu bi ti
cough 咳嗽 ke shou
sneeze 打喷题 da pen ti
dizzy 头晕 tou yun
headache 头痛 tou teng
stuffed nose 鼻 bi sai
serious yan zhong
healthy jian huan
better zui hao
time ci
pill li/pian
be careful zhu yi
scared pa
need xu yao
temp ti wen
body weight ti zhong
ok mei shi
no problem xu wen ti
Created by: mlapolla
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