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Med Term 7 PCT

Bariatrics The field of medicine focused on the treatment and control of obesity
Circadian rhythm Daily rhythm based on a 24 hour cycle; the day-night cycle or body rhythm.
Defamation Injuring a person’s name and reputation by making false statements to a third party.
Diplegia Similar body parts are affected on both sides
Elopement When a person leaves the agency without staff knowledge
Enabler A device that limits freedom of movement but is used to promote independence, comfort, or safety
Enteral nutrition Giving nutrients into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract (enteral) through a feeding tube
Episiotomy Incision into the perineum
Ergonomics The science of designing a job to fit the worker
Esteem The worth, value, or opinion one has of a person
Esteem The worth, value, or opinion one has of a person
Ethics Knowledge of what is right conduct and what is wrong conduct
Functional incontinence The person has bladder control but cannot use the toilet in time
Gavage The process of guiding a tube feeding
Hemothorax Blood in the pleural cavity
Holism A concept that considers the whole person. The whole person has physical, social, psychological and spiritual parts that are woven together and cannot be separated.
Implementation To perform or carry out nursing measures in the care plan, a step in the nursing process
Libel Making false statements in print, writing, or through pictures or drawing
Lithotomy position The woman lies on her back with her hips at the edge of the exam table, her knees are flexed, her hips are externally rotated, and her feet are in stirrups
Menarche The first menstruation and the start of menstrual cycles
Metabolism The burning of food for heat and energy by the cells
Morbid obesity The person weighs 100 pounds or more over his or her normal weight.
Paraphrasing Restating the person’s message in your own words
Perenteral nutrition Giving nutrients through a catheter inserted into a vein; para means beyond, enteral relates to the bowel
Patent Open and unblocked
Pleural effusion The escape and collection of pf fluid (effusion) in the pleural space (thorax)
Reflex incontinence Urine is lost at predictable intervals when the bladder is full
Reincarnation The belief that the spirit or soul is reborn in another human body or in another life form
Sterile field A work area free of all pathogens and non-pathogens (including spores). Also called surgical asepsis.
Sterilization The process of destroying all microbes
Disinfection The process of destroying pathogens. Not used on the living tissue.
Antiseptics Antimicrobial substances that are applied to living tissue/skin to reduce the possibility of infections, sepsis, or putrefaction
Tracheostomy A surgically created opening (stomy) into the trachea
Transient incontinence Temporary or occasional incontinence that is reversed when the cause is treated
Urge incontinence The loss of urine in response to a sudden, urgent need to void. The person cannot her to a toilet in time.
Vulnerable adult A person 18 years or older who has a disability or condition that makes him or her at risk to be wounded, attacked, or damaged
Work ethics Behavior in the workplace
Guided imagery Creating and focusing on an image
Genupectoral position Also called knee-chest position
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