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Daoine i mo shaol

Daoine a bhfuil meas agam orthu

pioneer ceannródaí
courageous misniúil
stands his ground seasann an fód
Joanne was born without limb at all- tetra-amelia syndrome rugadh joanne gan géaga ar bith - siondróm Tetra-amelia
she won young person of the year and great young person of the year bhuaigh sí Duine Óg na Bliana agus Sárdhuine Óg na Bliana
she didnt let her disability put a limit on her life níor lig sí dá míchumas teorainn a chur lena saol
determined diongbháilte
stood her ground for education for girls sheas an fód ar son oideachas do chailíní
he shot malala lámhach sé Malala
it shone a light on the brutal regime of the taliban chaith sé solas ar réimeas brúidiúil an Talaban
nobel peace prize duais nobel na síochána
activist gníomhaí
to take for granted talamh slán a dhéanamh de
he is a leader in the world of mental health in ireland is ceannaire i ndomhan na meabhairshláinte in Éirinn é
he uses his fame to focus on this issue úsáideann sé a cháil chun díriú ar an gceist seo
psychologist síceolaí
fundraising ag tiomsú airgid
panic attack tom scaoill
angel of the streets aingeal na sráideanna
he decided to spend his life helping people who dont have life opportunities shocraigh sé a shaol a chaitheamh ag cabhrú le daoine nach raibh deiseanna saoil acu
campaigning ag stocaireacht
what is the point in today's teenagers attending school if their future is being destroyed by the generation that came before them cad id fiú do dhéagóirí an lae inniu freastal ar scoil más rud é go bhfuil a dtodhchaí á scriosadh ag na glúine a tháining rompu
she was nominated for the nobel peace prize ainmníodh do dhuais Nobel na Síochána
woman of the year in sweden bean n bliana sa tSualainn
she went on strike from school for the climate to draw the attention of the politicians of the country to the climate change emergency chuaigh sí ar stailc ón scoil ar son na haeráide chun aird pholaiteoirí na tíre a tharraingt ar gearchéim an athraithe aeráide
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