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Mr. C-Chapter 5-Holt

Carroll County-Chapter 5-Mr. C

official population count census
creating district lines that favor one political party more than another gerrymandering
separate political branches of interest groups that attempt to influence government and give money to candidates political action committees (PACS)
formally accused impeached
residents of a congress member's state or district constitutents
law that applies to an action that occurred before the law was passed ex post facto law
to distribute apportion
allows congresspersons to send official mail free of charge franking privilege
punishes people who have not been convicted in a court of law bill of attainder
special legal protection for members of Congress immunity
people acting together to accomplish mutual political goals interest groups
conducting investigations of agency programs and actions oversight
consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate congress
contains two members from each state senate
court order requiring police to bring a person accused of a crime to court and to show sufficient reason to keep that person in jail writ of habeas corpus
Created by: rdchiar