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Week 7 Quiz 5

Masterbooks Intro to A&P Volume 1

contract when muscles do this, they get smaller or shorter
contractility means muscle tissues can contract with great force
elasticity means that when a muscle is stretched, it has the ability to return to its resting length
excitability means that muscle can respond to a stimulus or trigger
extensibility means that muscle can be stretched
skeletal muscle known as voluntary muscle, contracts on your command, is striated
muscle fiber also known as a muscle cell; can be very long, often extending the entire length of the muscle
myofilaments can be made of myosin molecules or actin molecules
aerobic respiration the process where glucose (sugar) is broken down with oxygen being present
anaerobic respiration the process where glucose (sugar) is broken down without oxygen being present
lactic acid diffuses out of the muscle cells and into the blood to be diposed of
anabolic steroids synthetic male hormones taken to enhance muscle growth and performance
muscle tone refers to the fact that there is some tension in a muscle even when it is not being actively contracted
muscle atrophy muscles that have not been used regularly for weeks get smaller
rigor mortis occurs after death because the muscles all over the body contract and are unable to relax
sarcomere the simplest contractile unit of a muscle
thick myofilaments these are made of myosin
thin myofilaments these are made of actin
mitochondria they convert fuel, like sugars, into usable energy
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