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Gr 6 Science 1.6-1.7

Observing God's World Chapter Checkup 1B-Section C & D

bristlecone pine oldest living thing
sugar maple source of maple syrup
American elm tall tree with a vase-like appearance
live oak a broadleaf evergreen
paper birch smooth, white paper-like bark that peels off
Douglas fir not a fir, but a pine
cedar reddish, aromatic wood which repels moths
eastern white pine the only eastern pine with needles in bundles of five; once used for construction of buildings and sailing ships
ponderosa pine one of the largest pines of the American West; grows to a height of 250 feet
pinyon pine a pine of the hot, dry Southwest that produces tasty edible nuts
blue spruce an attractive ornamental tree with frosty blue needles
larch (tamarak) a deciduous conifer with needles that turn deep gold before falling to the ground
giant sequoia the largest of all trees; found only on the western slopes of California's Sierra Nevada range
bald cypress a deciduous conifer growing in swamps of the South; projecting portions of its roots are called knees
Created by: mbrennan262