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Human Health

Junior Cycle Science Biological Worldd

Human health depends on factors, two important factors are Inherited factors and environmental factors
processes in the body are controlled by Enzymes and hormones
Enzymes are proteins which speed up chemical reactions
hormones are proteins which bring about a response in the body
if you are lactose intolerant you lack the enzyme lactase
examples of inherited disorders include cystic fibrosis and haemophilia
nutrition is how an organism get its food and what type of food it gets
a balanced diet is one which contains the correct amount of protein ,carbohydrate, fat,minerals, vitamins and water
diabetes occurs if you do not produce enough of the hormone insulin
which food groups is found at the bottom of the food pyramid fruit and vegetables
what size is a portion size of meat the size of the palm of your hand
a serving of pasta is the size of a clinched fist
Carbohydrates are divided into starch and fibre
a deficiency disease associated with lack of vitamin C is Scurvy
a deficiency disease associated with lack of vitamin D is Rickets
a lack of calcium can cause osteoporosis
a lack of iron can cause anaemia
to test for starch use Iodine it changes from brown to blue black if starch is present
To test for glucose use Benedicts solution it changes from blue to brick red if glucose is present
to test for protein use Biuret reagent it changes from blue to purple violet if protein is present
to test for fat place oil on brown paper and when it dries it leaves a translucent spot
energy is the ability to do work
energy is measured in Joules or kilojoules
Recommended exercise each day for young people is 1 hour
water helps to keep body temperature at 37 degrees celsius
Created by: PDervin