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Week 1 Assessment

Pre-CNA Course Assessment

Acute Care Care that is provided for a short period of time to treat an illness.
Adult Care Home Residence that offers housing and personal care services such as meals and transportation. Also known as a group home.
Ambulatory Care All health services that are provided on an outpatient basis instead of in the home or in a clinical setting.
Assisted Living Facility Residences that provide a "home with services". Residents may be located in self-contained apartment units or single/shared rooms with a bathroom.
Skilled Care Institutional care that is less intensive than hospital care but includes procedures that require the training and skill of an RN for administration.
Skilled Nursing Facility Institution that offers 24 hour care to individuals who are no longer able to live independently.
Rehabilitation The process of restoration of skills by a person who had an illness or injury to regain maximum self-sufficiency and function.
Home Health Care Services provided to patients in their home.
Hospice Care A special way of caring for people with terminal illnesses by keeping them as comfortable as possible by relieving pain and other symptoms.
Long Term Care Care that includes a variable range of rehabilitative, restorative, and health maintenance services that assist people with ADLs.
Palliative Care The total care of patients with progressive, incurable illness. The focus of care is on quality of life.
Continuum of Care Encompasses the different care services needed over the full course of an illness.
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