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Exam 1 Geography

TPS Middle School Geography - definition list for Exam 1

geography study of the human and non human features of earth
cardinal direction north, east, south, and west
intermediate direction (intercardinal direction) a compass direction that lies between in the cardinal directions, such as northeast
latitude the position north or south of the Equator measured in degrees
longitude the position in degrees east of west of the Prime Meridian
scale relative size
distortion loss of accuracy
projection way to map Earth on a flat surface
equinox period during which hours of daylight and hours of darkness are of equal length everywhere on Earth
solstice period during which hours of daylight are longest in one hemisphere and shortest in the other hemisphere
weathering process that breaks down rock into tiny pieces
deposition process of dropping eroded material in a new place
plate techtonics a process involving huge blocks of earths crust and upper mantle that are called tectonic plates
fault crack in Earth's crust
magma molten rock found under Earth's surface
weather condition of the air and sky at a certain time and place
climate average weather of a place over many years
tropics area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn; also known as low latitudes
temperate zone area between the high and low latitudes; also known as the middle latitudes
water cycle the movement of water from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back again
natural resource useful material found in the environment
fossil fuel nonrenewable resource that forms over millions of years from the remains of dead plants and animals
culture the beliefs, customs, practices and behaviors of a particular nation or group of people
social structure a pattern of organized relationships among groups of people within a society
biome a region made up of similar ecosystems and communities of plants and animals
ecosystem a group of plants and animals that depend on each other and their environment for survival
social class a group of people living in similar economic conditions
cultural diffusion the spread of cultural traits from one culture to another
economics the study of how people meet their wants and needs
government a group of people who have the power to make and enforce laws for a country or area
constitution a system of basic rules and principles by which a government is organized
democracy a form of government in which citizens hold political power
authoritarian government a government in which all power is held by a single person or a small group
monarchy a form of government in which the state is ruled by a monarch
unitary system a system in which a central government makes all laws for the entire country
federal system a system in which power is divided among central, regional and local governments
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