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science wrk

what is competition and who competes? organisms compete with each other for space/light, food and water
what are adaptations? adaptations are special features or behaviour which make an organism particularly well-suited to its enviroment.
what is variation? differences between indivuals of the same species are called variation.
what happends during sexual reproduction? during sexual reproduction a sperm from a male fuses with an egg from a female
what does asexual reproduction mean? asexual reproduction means no variation at all, unless it is due to enviromental causes.
why is genetic modification used? genetic modifcation is used to improve different aspects of organisms.
what is genetic engineering? genetic engineering is when things such as insulin or a chromosone are inserted into organisms to make them work properly or better.
which 4 things are the reasons for extinction? the 4 reasons for extinction are competition, enviroment changes, new predators and new diseases.
what is natural selection in basic terms? natural selection in basic terms is the formation of new species.
what use are fossils? fossils give evidence on how organisms have evolved.
Created by: 05ashraf.ahmed