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Social Studies Test

How much water covers the planet? 2/3
How much water on the earth is saltwater? 97%
What makes saltwater unsafe to drink? high levels of salt and minerals
What percent of the earth do oceans cover? 71%
What are oceans made out of? smaller bodies of water, seas, gulfs, bays and straits
Do some lakes contain salt water? Yes
What is freshwater? Water without salt
What is saltwater? water with salt
What percent of water does freshwater make up? 3%
Where is most of the worlds freshwater? glaciers, antarctic and arctic, underground
What are glaciers? large areas of slow moving ice
What is surface water? water found in streams, rivers, lakes
What percent of earths's water comes from surface water? less than 1%
What is precipitation? water that falls to earth in the form of rain, sleet, snow, hail
What is groundwater? water found underground
What is water vapor? invisible gas in the air
What are landforms? shapes on the earth's surface
What are mountains? land that rises higher than 2,000 feet
What are valleys? areas of low land located in between mountains or hills
What are plains? stretches of mostly flat land
What are islands? areas of land completely surrounded by water
What are peninsulas? land surrounded by water on three sides
How do landforms affect life? jobs, language and settlements
What are renewable resources? earth will replace
What are nonrenewable resources? someday will be gone
What is an example of renewable resources? soil, plants, air
What is an example of nonrenewable resources? coal, oil, gas
Is wind renewable? Yes
Is heat from the sun renewable? Yes
Are fossil fuels renewable? No
What is population? the total number of people in a given area
What is population density? the measure of the number of people living in an area, per sq. mile
Created by: 25jonese