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SS test 9/24 Mod*


A _______ has physical characteristics and cultural characteristics. Place
The theme that studies landforms, plants, and animals is called. Region
: people adapt to (change) their physical surroundings/environment. Human-Environment interaction
The way goods, people, and information move within and out of a place. Movement
________ answers the question, “where is it?” Location
The island is 64 degrees West, 16 degrees North. example of... Location
Miami is South of Milwaukee. example of... Location
The weather in the Congo is always hot example of... Place
In Hawaii, visitors get a flower necklace (lei) when they arrive. example of... Place
They speak many different African dialects in Kenya. Region
The river near my house has become very polluted. Human-Environment interaction
I spoke to my mom on my cell to share news! Movement
My new bike was sent to my house in a truck. Movement
Examples of this theme include human and physical characteristics. Its definition is having features that give them personality and distinguishment. Place
Examples of this theme include adaptation, modification, and dependability. Its definition is the relationships between people and the area in which they live. Human-Environment interaction
Examples of this theme include humans, information and ideas going from place to place. Movement
Examples of this theme include absolute and relative. Its definition is where something or someone is positioned on the earth’s surface. Location
Examples of this theme include formal, functional and vernacular. Its definition is an area that is defined by certain similar characteristics. Region
M R HE L P movement region human-environment interaction location place
Created by: jdinapoli