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中级汉语 2 - Lesson 1

外贸 foreign trade wàimào
招聘 employee recruitment zhāopìn
采购 purchase cǎigòu
人力资源 HR rénlìzīyuán
财务 finance cáiwù
会计 accountant kuàijì
秘书 secretary mìshū
学历 education background xuélì
软件 software ruǎnjiàn
开朗 sanguine;open and clear kāilǎng
责任感 sense of duty;sense of responsibility zérèngǎn
沟通 communicate gōutōng
负责 be responsible for;in charge o f fùzé
工商 industry and commerce gōngshāng
管理 administer;manager guǎnlǐ
扩大 enlarge;amplify kuòdà
规模 scale;size;proportion guīmó
职员 office clerk zhíyuán
销售部 sales department;sales division xiāoshòubù
应届 the present graduating year yīngjiè
市场营销 marketing shìchǎngyíngxiāo
符合 conform;coincide fǔhé
条件 condition;facilities tiáojiàn
通知 inform;notification;message tōngzhī
资料 data;material zīliào
笔试 paper test bǐshì
录用 hire;employ lùyòng
试用期 probationary period;trial period shìyòngqī
正式 official;in due form zhèngshì
具体 specific;definite jùtǐ
材料 material cáiliào
成绩单 academic transcript chéngjīdān
证书 certification zhèngshū
原件 master copy;original copy yuánjiàn
Created by: nevindomer
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