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Unit 1

What is Delegated Legislation? Law made by persons or bodies other than parliament but with authority from Parliament.
Who makes Orders in Council (OIC)? The Privy Council and the Queen
When are Orders in Council made? National emergency when Parliament is not sitting, transfer responsibilities between departments, compliance with EU directives. bringing an Act of Parliament into force, dealing with Foreign Affairs, dissolving Parliament
An example of Orders in Council on 9/11 all flights going in and out of the UK where suspended
Who makes Statutory Instruments? Government ministers for their area of responsibility
When are Statutory Instruments made? Update law, update fines for criminal offences, Commencement Orders
An example of a Statuatory Instrument National Minimum Wage Act 1998
Who makes By-Laws? Local authorities (given the power under the Local Government Act 1972) and public bodies/companies.
Who do By-Laws affect? Only affect the specific area which they are made for
2 examples of by-laws Fine for dog fouling (Clean Neighborhood and Environment Act 2005) and smoking fines on the London Underground
Why are controls on Delegated Legislation needed? People that make DL are not elected and Parliament can make sure that the partied are not abusing/misusing their powers
Created by: isobelkirtley