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N1 Vocabulary

お出でになる N1 おいでになる to be
お宮 N1 おみや Shinto shrine
お手上げ N1 おてあげ all over, given in, given up hope, bring to knees
お産 N1 おさん (giving) birth
この頃 N1 このごろ recently
ご座います N1 ございます to be (polite), to exist
ご無沙汰 N1 ごぶさた not writing or contacting for a while
ご馳走 N1 ごちそう feast, treating (someone)
ご馳走さま N1 ごちそうさま feast
じゃん拳 N1 じゃんけん rock-scissors-paper game
ずぶ濡れ N1 ずぶぬれ soaked, dripping wet
すれ違う N1 すれちがう to pass by one another, to disagree, to miss each other
どうぞ宜しく N1 どうぞよろしく pleased to meet you
ねじ回し N1 ねじまわし screwdriver
ぶら下げる N1 ぶらさげる to hang, to suspend, to dangle, to swing
やり遂げる N1 やりとげる to accomplish
一別 N1 いちべつ parting
一同 N1 いちどう all present, all concerned, all of us
一向 N1 ひたすら earnestly
一変 N1 いっぺん complete change, about-face
一定 N1 いちじょう fixed, settled, definite, uniform, regularized, defined, standardized, certain, prescribed
一寸 N1 ちょっと (ateji) (adv int) (uk) just a minute, a short time, a while, just a little, somewhat, easily, readily, rath
一帯 N1 いったい a region, a zone, the whole place
一律 N1 いちりつ evenness, uniformity, monotony, equality
一心 N1 いっしん one mind, wholeheartedness, the whole heart
一息 N1 ひといき puffy, a breath, a pause, an effort
一挙に N1 いっきょに at a stroke, with a single swoop
一敗 N1 いっぱい one defeat
一日 N1 いちじつ (1) one day, (2) first of month
一概に N1 いちがいに unconditionally, as a rule
一様 N1 いちよう uniformity, evenness, similarity, equality, impartiality
一目 N1 いちもく a glance, a look, a glimpse
一筋 N1 ひとすき a line, earnestly, blindly, straightforwardly
一見 N1 いちげん unfamiliar, never before met
一連 N1 いちれん a series, a chain, a ream (of paper)
一面 N1 いちめん one side, one phase, front page, the other hand, the whole surface
一頃 N1 ひところ once, some time ago
丁々 N1 とうとう clashing of swords, felling of trees, ringing of an ax
丁目 N1 ちょうめ district of a town, city block (of irregular size)
七日 N1 なぬか seven days, the seventh day (of the month)
万 N1 ばん many, all
万人 N1 ばんじん all people, everybody, 10000 people
万能 N1 ばんのう all-purpose, almighty, omnipotent
丈 N1 だけ only, just, as
丈 N1 たけ height, stature, length, measure, all (one has)
丈夫 N1 じょうふ 1. hero, gentleman, warrior, manly person, 2. good health, robustness, strong, solid, durable
三 N1 (num) three
三味線 N1 さみせん three-stringed Japanese guitar, shamisen
三日月 N1 みかずき new moon, crescent moon
上位 N1 じょうい superior (rank not class), higher order (e.g. byte), host computer (of connected device)
上手 N1 うわて 1. upper part, upper stream, left side (of a stage), 2. skillful (only in comparisons), dexterity (on
上演 N1 じょうえん performance (e.g. music)
上空 N1 じょうくう sky, the skies, high-altitude sky, upper air
上陸 N1 じょうりく landing, disembarkation
下位 N1 かい low rank, subordinate, lower order (e.g. byte)
下取り N1 したどり trade in, part exchange
下吏 N1 かり lower official
下地 N1 したじ groundwork, foundation, inclination, aptitude, elementary knowledge of, grounding in, prearrangement, spade
下心 N1 したごころ secret intention, motive
下火 N1 したび burning low, waning, declining
下番 N1 かばん going off duty
下調べ N1 したしらべ preliminary investigation, preparation
不便 N1 ふびん pity, compassion
不動産 N1 ふどうさん real estate
不可欠 N1 ふかけつ indispensable, essential
不吉 N1 ふきつ ominous, sinister, bad luck, ill omen, inauspiciousness
不図 N1 ふと suddenly, casually, accidentally, incidentally, unexpectedly, unintentionally
不審 N1 ふしん incomplete understanding, doubt, question, distrust, suspicion, strangeness, infidelity
不山戯る N1 ふざける to romp, to gambol, to frolic, to joke, to make fun of, to flirt
不当 N1 ふとう injustice, impropriety, unreasonableness, undeservedness, unfair, invalid
不意 N1 ふい sudden, abrupt, unexpected, unforeseen
不振 N1 ふしん dullness, depression, slump, stagnation
不景気 N1 ふけいき business recession, hard times, depression, gloom, sullenness, cheerlessness
不服 N1 ふふく dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
不況 N1 ふきょう recession, depression, slump
不評 N1 ふひょう bad reputation, disgrace, unpopularity
不調 N1 ふちょう bad condition, not to work out (ie a deal), disagreement, break-off, disorder, slump, out of form
不順 N1 ふじゅん irregularity, unseasonableness
与党 N1 よとう government party, (ruling) party in power, government
世帯 N1 せたい household
世論 N1 せろん public opinion
世辞 N1 せじ flattery, compliment
丘陵 N1 きゅうりょう hill
両極 N1 りょうきょく both extremities, north and south poles, positive and negative poles
両立 N1 りょうりつ compatibility, coexistence, standing together
並列 N1 へいれつ arrangement, parallel, abreast
中傷 N1 ちゅうしょう slander, libel, defamation
中和 N1 ちゅうわ neutralize, counteract
中指 N1 ちゅうし middle finger
中断 N1 ちゅうだん interruption, suspension, break
中枢 N1 ちゅうすう centre, pivot, mainstay, nucleus, backbone, central figure, pillar, key man
中毒 N1 ちゅうどく poisoning
中程 N1 なかほど middle, midway
中立 N1 ちゅうりつ neutrality
中継 N1 ちゅうけい relay, hook-up
中腹 N1 ちゅうっぱら irritated, offended
丸々 N1 まるまる completely
丸める N1 まるめる to make round, to round off, to roll up, to curl up, to seduce, to cajole, to explain away
主任 N1 しゅにん person in charge, responsible official
主体 N1 しゅたい subject, main constituent
主催 N1 しゅさい organization, sponsorship
主導 N1 しゅどう main leadership
主権 N1 しゅけん sovereignty, supremacy, dominion
主演 N1 しゅえん starring, playing the leading part
主観 N1 しゅかん subjectivity, subject, ego
主題 N1 しゅだい subject, theme, motif
主食 N1 しゅしょく staple food
乃至 N1 ないし from...to, between...and, or
久しい N1 ひさしい long, long-continued, old (story)
乏しい N1 とぼしい meagre, scarce, limited, destitute, hard up, scanty, poor
乗っ取る N1 のっとる to capture, to occupy, to usurp
乗客 N1 じょうかく passenger
乙 N1 おつ 1. strange, quaint, stylish, chic, spicy, queer, witty, tasty, romantic, 2. 2nd in rank, second sign of the
乾 N1 かん heaven, emperor
乾 N1 ほし dried, cured
了 N1 りょう finish, completion, understanding
予言 N1 かねごと prediction, promise, prognostication
事によると N1 ことによると depending on the circumstances
事柄 N1 ことがら matter, thing, affair, circumstance
事業 N1 じぎょう project, enterprise, business, industry, operations
事項 N1 じこう matter, item, facts
云々 N1 うんぬん and so on, and so forth, comment
五月蝿い N1 うるさい noisy, loud, fussy
些とも N1 ちっとも not at all (neg. verb)
些事 N1 さじ something small or petty, trifle
亜科 N1 あか suborder, subfamily
交える N1 まじえる to mix, to converse with, to cross (swords)
交わす N1 かわす to exchange (messages), to dodge, to parry, to avoid, to turn aside
交わる N1 まじわる to cross, to intersect, to associate with, to mingle with, to interest, to join
交互 N1 こうご mutual, reciprocal, alternate
交付 N1 こうふ delivering, furnishing (with copies)
交易 N1 こうえき trade, commerce
享受 N1 きょうじゅ reception, acceptance, enjoyment, being given
人 N1 じん man, person, people
人体 N1 じんたい human body
人情 N1 にんじょう humanity, empathy, kindness, sympathy, human nature, common sense, customs and manners
人材 N1 じんざい man of talent
人格 N1 じんかく personality, character, individuality
人民 N1 じんみん people, public
人目 N1 じんもく glimpse, public gaze
人質 N1 ひとじち hostage, prisoner
今日は N1 こんにちは hello, good day (daytime greeting id)
今晩は N1 こんばんは good evening
介入 N1 かいにゅう intervention
介抱 N1 かいほう nursing, looking after
仏 N1 ふつ French
仕える N1 つかえる to serve, to work for
仕付ける N1 しつける to be used to a job, to begin to do, to baste, to tack, to plant
仕入れる N1 しいれる to lay in stock, to replenish stock, to procure
仕切る N1 しきる to partition, to divide, to mark off, to settle accounts, to toe the mark
仕掛け N1 しかけ device, trick, mechanism, gadget, (small) scale, half finished, commencement, set up, challenge
仕掛ける N1 しかける to commence, to lay (mines), to set (traps), to wage (war), to challenge
仕様 N1 しよう way, method, resource, remedy, (technical) specification
仕立てる N1 したてる to tailor, to make, to prepare, to train, to send (a messenger)
仕組み N1 しくみ devising, plan, plot, contrivance, construction, arrangement
仕舞 N1 しまい end, termination, informal (Noh play)
仕舞う N1 しまう to finish, to close, to do something completely, to put away, to put an end to
他人 N1 あだびと another person, unrelated person, outsider, stranger
他動詞 N1 たどうし transitive verb (direct obj)
他意 N1 たい ill will, malice, another intention, secret purpose, ulterior motive, fickleness, double-mindedness
他方 N1 たほう another side, different direction, (on) the other hand
付き N1 つき attached to, impression, sociality, appearance, furnished with, under, to
付け加える N1 つけくわえる to add one thing to another
付属 N1 ふぞく attached, belonging, affiliated, annexed, associated, subordinate, incidental, dependent, auxiliary
付録 N1 ふろく appendix, supplement
仙 N1 せん hermit, wizard
代 N1 しろ price, materials, substitution
代わる代わる N1 かわるがわる alternately
代弁 N1 だいべん pay by proxy, act for another, speak for another
代用 N1 だいよう substitution
以て N1 もって with, by, by means of, because, in view of
仮 N1 tentative, provisional
仮令 N1 たとえ example, even if, if, though, although
仰ぐ N1 あおぐ to look up (to), to respect, to depend on, to ask for, to seek, to revere, to drink, to take
仲人 N1 ちゅうにん go-between, matchmaker
件 N1 くだん example, precedent, the usual, the said, the above-mentioned, (man) in question
任す N1 まかす to entrust, to leave to a person
伊井 N1 いい that one, Italy
伐 N1 ばつ strike, attack, punish
休学 N1 きゅうがく temporary absence from school, suspension
休戦 N1 きゅうせん truce, armistice
会 N1 understanding
会見 N1 かいけん interview, audience
会談 N1 かいだん conversation, conference, discussion, interview
伜 N1 せがれ son, my son
伝来 N1 でんらい ancestral, hereditary, imported, transmitted, handed down
伝言 N1 つてごと verbal message, rumor, word
似通う N1 にかよう to resemble closely
住 N1 じゅう dwelling, living
佐 N1 help
体 N1 てい appearance, air, condition, state, form
体付き N1 からだつき body build, figure
体格 N1 たいかく physique, constitution
体裁 N1 ていさい decency, style, form, appearance, show, get-up, format
何々 N1 どれどれ which (emphatic)
何なり N1 なんなり any, anything, whatever
何の N1 どの which, what
何れ N1 どれ well, now, let me see, which (of three or more)
何処 N1 どこ where, what place
何処か N1 どこか somewhere, anywhere, in some respects
何卒 N1 どうぞ please, kindly, by all means
何卒 N1 なにとぞ please
何故 N1 なぜ why, how
何故なら N1 なぜなら because
何方 N1 どちら which, who
何方 N1 どなた who?
何気ない N1 なにげない casual, unconcerned
余地 N1 よち place, room, margin, scope
余暇 N1 よか leisure, leisure time, spare time
余興 N1 よきょう side show, entertainment
作 N1 さく a work, a harvest
作り N1 つくり make-up, sliced raw fish
作物 N1 さくぶつ literary work
作用 N1 さよう action, operation, effect, function
佳句 N1 かく beautiful passage of literature
使命 N1 しめい mission, errand, message
使用人 N1 しようにん employee, servant
例 N1 ためし instance, example, case, precedent, experience, custom, usage, parallel, illustration
供 N1 きょう offer, present, submit, serve (a meal), supply
依 N1 depending on
依って N1 よって therefore, consequently, accordingly, because of
依然 N1 いぜん still, as yet
侵す N1 おかす to invade, to raid, to trespass, to violate, to intrude on
侵略 N1 しんりゃく aggression, invasion, raid
便宜 N1 べんぎ convenience, accommodation, advantage, expedience
促す N1 うながす to urge, to press, to suggest, to demand, to stimulate, to quicken, to incite, to invite (attention to)
促進 N1 そくしん promotion, acceleration, encouragement, facilitation, spurring on
俄か N1 にわか sudden, abrupt, unexpected, improvised, offhand
保守 N1 ほしゅ conservative, maintaining
保母 N1 ほぼ day care worker in a kindergarten nursery school etc.
保温 N1 ほおん retaining warmth, keeping heat in, heat insulation
保養 N1 ほよう health preservation, recuperation, recreation
信任 N1 しんにん trust, confidence, credence
信者 N1 しんじゃ believer, adherent, devotee, Christian
修学 N1 しゅうがく learning
修行 N1 しゅうぎょう pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, ascetic practice, discipline
修飾 N1 しゅうしょく ornamentation, embellishment, decoration, adornment, polish up (writing), modification (gram)
個 N1 article counter
個々 N1 ここ individual, one by one
個別 N1 こべつ particular case
個性 N1 こせい individuality, personality, idiosyncrasy
倍率 N1 ばいりつ diameter, magnification
倒産 N1 とうさん (corporate) bankruptcy, insolvency
倣 N1 ほう imitate, follow, emulate
値する N1 あたいする to be worth, to deserve, to merit
値引き N1 ねびき price reduction, discount
値打ち N1 ねうち value, worth, price, dignity
倹約 N1 けんやく thrift, economy, frugality
偏 N1 へん side, left radical of a character, inclining, inclining toward, biased
偏る N1 かたよる to be one-sided, to incline, to be partial, to be prejudiced, to lean, to be biased
偏見 N1 へんけん prejudice, narrow view
偖 N1 さて well, now, then
停滞 N1 ていたい stagnation, tie-up, congestion, retention, accumulation, falling into arrears
健やか N1 すこやか vigorous, healthy, sound
健全 N1 けんぜん health, soundness, wholesome
健在 N1 けんざい in good health, well
側面 N1 そくめん side, flank, sidelight, lateral
傍ら N1 かたわら beside(s), while, nearby
傑 N1 けつ excellence
備え付ける N1 そなえつける to provide, to furnish, to equip, to install
備わる N1 そなわる to be furnished with, to be endowed with, to possess, to be among, to be one of, to be possessed of
催す N1 もよおす to hold (a meeting), to give (a dinner), to feel, to show signs of, to develop symptoms of, to feel (sick
傲る N1 おごる to be proud
傷 N1 しょう wound, injury, hurt, cut, gash, bruise, scratch, scar, weak point
傾 N1 けい lean, incline
傾く N1 かたぶく to incline toward, to slant, to lurch, to heel over, to be disposed to, to trend toward, to be prone to, to
傾斜 N1 けいしゃ inclination, slant, slope, bevel, list, dip
僅 N1 きん a little, small quantity
働 N1 どう work, labor
像 N1 ぞう statue, image, figure, picture, portrait
僕 N1 しもべ manservant, servant (of God)
僧 N1 そう monk, priest
優 N1 やさ gentle, affectionate
優位 N1 ゆうい predominance, ascendancy, superiority
優勢 N1 ゆうせい superiority, superior power, predominance, preponderance
優美 N1 ゆうび grace, refinement, elegance
優越 N1 ゆうえつ supremacy, predominance, being superior to
元年 N1 がんねん first year (of a specific reign)
元来 N1 がんらい originally, primarily, essentially, logically, naturally
元首 N1 げんしゅ ruler, sovereign
充実 N1 じゅうじつ fullness, completion, perfection, substantiality, enrichment
兆 N1 きざし signs, omen, symptoms
兆し N1 きざし signs, omen, symptoms
先だって N1 せんだって recently, the other day
先代 N1 せんだい family predecessor, previous age, previous generation
先天的 N1 せんてんてき a priori, inborn, innate, inherent, congenital, hereditary
先着 N1 せんちゃく first arrival
先行 N1 せんこう preceding, going first
光沢 N1 こうたく brilliance, polish, lustre, glossy finish (of photographs)
光熱費 N1 こうねつひ cost of fuel and light
免れる N1 まぬかれる to escape from, to be rescued from, to avoid, to evade, to avert, to elude, to be exempted, to be relieved
兎に角 N1 とにかく anyhow, at any rate, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
兎も角 N1 ともかく anyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
兎角 N1 とかく anyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case, this and that, many, be apt to
児 N1 child, the young of animals
入浴 N1 にゅうよく bathe, bathing
入賞 N1 にゅうしょう winning a prize or place (in a contest)
全快 N1 ぜんかい complete recovery of health
全盛 N1 ぜんせい height of prosperity
公募 N1 こうぼ public appeal, public contribution
公団 N1 こうだん public corporation
公演 N1 こうえん public performance
公然 N1 こうぜん open (e.g. secret), public, official
公用 N1 こうよう government business, public use, public expense
公認 N1 こうにん official recognition, authorization, licence, accreditation
六 N1 (num) six
共 N1 きょう both, neither (neg), all, and, as well as, including, with, together with, plural ending
共働き N1 ともばたらき dual income
共和 N1 きょうわ republicanism, cooperation
共存 N1 きょうそん coexistence
共学 N1 きょうがく coeducation
共感 N1 きょうかん sympathy, response
共産 N1 きょうさん communism
共稼ぎ N1 ともかせぎ working together, (husband and wife) earning a living together
其れ N1 それ it, that
其れから N1 それから and then, after that
其れ故 N1 それゆえ therefore, for that reason, so
其処 N1 そこ that place, there
其処で N1 そこで so (conj), accordingly, now, then, thereupon
其処ら N1 そこら everywhere, somewhere, approximately, that area, around there
其方 N1 そちら over there, the other
兼ねて N1 かねて simultaneously
兼業 N1 けんぎょう side line, second business
兼用 N1 けんよう multi-use, combined use, combination, serving two purposes
内乱 N1 ないらん civil war, insurrection, rebellion, domestic conflict
内臓 N1 ないぞう internal organs, intestines, viscera
内訳 N1 うちわけ the items, breakdown, classification
内部 N1 ないぶ interior, inside, internal
内閣 N1 ないかく cabinet, (government) ministry
内陸 N1 ないりく inland
円満 N1 えんまん perfection, harmony, peace, smoothness, completeness, satisfaction, integrity
円滑 N1 えんかつ harmony, smoothness
冊 N1 さつ counter for books
再建 N1 さいけん rebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation
冒頭 N1 ぼうとう beginning, start, outset
写し N1 うつし copy, duplicate, facsimile, transcript
冬眠 N1 とうみん hibernation, winter sleep
冴える N1 さえる to be clear, to be serene, to be cold, to be skillful
冷やかす N1 ひやかす to banter, to make fun of, to jeer at, to cool, to refrigerate
冷淡 N1 れいたん coolness, indifference
冷酷 N1 れいこく cruelty, coldheartedness, relentless, ruthless
凌ぐ N1 しのぐ to outdo, to surpass, to endure, to keep out (rain), to stave off, to tide over, to pull through, to defy, t
凝らす N1 こごらす to freeze, to congeal
凝る N1 こごる to congeal, to freeze
几帳面 N1 きちょうめん methodical, punctual, steady
処罰 N1 しょばつ punishment
凭れる N1 もたれる to lean against, to lean on, to recline on, to lie heavy (on the stomach)
凶作 N1 きょうさく bad harvest, poor crop
出くわす N1 でくわす to happen to meet, to come across
出世 N1 しゅっせ promotion, successful career, eminence
出切る N1 できる to be out of, to have no more at hand
出動 N1 しゅつどう sailing, marching, going out
出品 N1 しゅっぴん exhibit, display
出来物 N1 できもの able man, tumour, growth, boil, ulcer, abcess, rash, pimple
出演 N1 しゅつえん performance, stage appearance
出生 N1 しゅっしょう birth
出直し N1 でなおし adjustment, touch up
出社 N1 しゅっしゃ arrival (in a country at work etc.)
出費 N1 しゅっぴ expenses, disbursements
出題 N1 しゅつだい proposing a question
出鱈目 N1 でたらめ irresponsible utterance, nonsense, nonsensical, random, haphazard, unsystematic
分子 N1 ぶんし numerator, molecule
分散 N1 ぶんさん dispersion, decentralization, variance (statistics)
分業 N1 ぶんぎょう division of labor, specialization, assembly-line production
分配 N1 ぶんぱい division, sharing
切ない N1 せつない painful, trying, oppressive, suffocating
切れ目 N1 きれめ break, pause, gap, end, rift, interruption, cut, section, notch, incision, end (of a task)
切実 N1 せつじつ compelling, serious, severe, acute, earnest, pressing, urgent
切開 N1 せっかい clearing (land), opening up, cutting through
刊行 N1 かんこう publication, issue
刑 N1 けい penalty, sentence, punishment
刑罰 N1 けいばつ judgement, penalty, punishment
初版 N1 しょはん first edition
判 N1 はん seal, stamp, monogram signature, judgment
判 N1 ばん size (of paper or books)
判定 N1 はんてい judgement, decision, award, verdict
判決 N1 はんけつ judicial decision, judgement, sentence, decree
利子 N1 りし interest (bank)
利息 N1 りそく interest (bank)
利根 N1 りこん intelligence
利潤 N1 りじゅん profit, returns
到底 N1 とうてい (cannot) possibly
到達 N1 とうたつ reaching, attaining, arrival
制 N1 せい system, organization, imperial command, laws, regulation, control, government, suppression, restraint, holdin
制する N1 せいする to control, to command, to get the better of
制定 N1 せいてい enactment, establishment, creation
制約 N1 せいやく limitation, restriction, condition, constraints
制裁 N1 せいさい restraint, sanctions, punishment
刷り N1 すり printing
刺 N1 とげ thorn, splinter, spine, biting words
刺繍 N1 ししゅう embroidery
剃る N1 する to shave
削減 N1 さくげん cut, reduction, curtailment
前 N1 せん before
前もって N1 まえもって in advance, beforehand, previously
前例 N1 ぜんれい precedent
前売り N1 まえうり advance sale, booking
前置き N1 まえおき preface, introduction
前途 N1 ぜんと future prospects, outlook, the journey ahead
剥がす N1 はがす to tear off, to peel off, to rip off, to strip off, to skin, to flay, to disrobe, to deprive of, to detach, t
剥ぐ N1 はぐ to tear off, to peel off, to rip off, to strip off, to skin, to flay, to disrobe, to deprive of
剥げる N1 はげる to come off, to be worn off, to fade, to discolor
副 N1 とりわけ especially, above all
割 N1 かつ divide, cut, halve, separate, split, rip, break, crack, smash, dilute
割り当て N1 わりあて allotment, assignment, allocation, quota, rationing
割り込む N1 わりこむ to cut in, to thrust oneself into, to wedge oneself in, to muscle in on, to interrupt, to disturb
創刊 N1 そうかん launching (e.g. newspaper), first issue
創立 N1 そうりつ establishment, founding, organization
創造 N1 そうぞう creation
劇団 N1 げきだん troupe, theatrical company
加味 N1 かみ seasoning, flavoring
助 N1 じょ help, rescue, assistant
助動詞 N1 じょどうし auxiliary verb
助言 N1 じょげん advice, suggestion
助詞 N1 じょし particle, postposition
努めて N1 つとめて make an effort!, work hard!
励ます N1 はげます to encourage, to cheer, to raise (the voice)
励む N1 はげむ to be zealous, to brace oneself, to endeavour, to strive, to make an effort
労る N1 いたわる to pity, to sympathize with, to console, to care for, to be kind to
労力 N1 ろうりょく labour, effort, toil, trouble
効き目 N1 ききめ effect, virtue, efficacy, impression
勇敢 N1 ゆうかん bravery, heroism, gallantry
動力 N1 どうりょく power, motive power, dynamic force
動向 N1 どうこう trend, tendency, movement, attitude
動員 N1 どういん mobilization
動揺 N1 どうよう disturbance, unrest, shaking, trembling, pitching, rolling, oscillation, agitation, excitement, commotion
動機 N1 どうき motive, incentive
動的 N1 どうてき dynamic, kinetic
勘弁 N1 かんべん pardon, forgiveness, forbearance
勝る N1 まさる to excel, to surpass, to outrival
募る N1 つのる to invite, to solicit help participation etc
勢力 N1 せいりょく influence, power, might, strength, potency, force, energy
勤まる N1 つとまる to be fit for, to be equal to, to function properly
勤め先 N1 つとめさき place of work
勤労 N1 きんろう labor, exertion, diligent service
勤勉 N1 きんべん industry, diligence
勧告 N1 かんこく advice, counsel, remonstrance, recommendation
勧誘 N1 かんゆう invitation, solicitation, canvassing, inducement, persuasion, encouragement
包む N1 くるむ to be engulfed in, to be enveloped by, to wrap up, to tuck in, to pack, to do up, to cover with, to dress i
化石 N1 かせき fossil, petrifaction, fossilization
化繊 N1 かせん synthetic fibres
区 N1 ward, district, section
区々 N1 まちまち 1. several, various, divergent, conflicting, different, diverse, 2. trivial
区画 N1 くかく division, section, compartment, boundary, area, block
区間 N1 くかん section (of track etc)
十字路 N1 じゅうじろ crossroads
半端 N1 はんぱ remnant, fragment, incomplete set, fraction, odd sum, incompleteness
卑しい N1 いやしい greedy, vulgar, shabby, humble, base, mean, vile
協会 N1 きょうかい association, society, organization
協定 N1 きょうてい arrangement, pact, agreement
協調 N1 きょうちょう co-operation, conciliation, harmony, firm (market) tone
協議 N1 きょうぎ conference, consultation, discussion, negotiation
南 N1 なん south
単 N1 ひとえ one layer, single
単一 N1 たんいつ single, simple, sole, individual, unitory
単調 N1 たんちょう monotony, monotone, dullness
占領 N1 せんりょう occupation, capture, possession, have a room to oneself
卯 N1 ぼう fourth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Hare 5am-7am east February)
危ぶむ N1 あやぶむ to fear, to have misgivings, to be doubtful, to mistrust
危害 N1 きがい injury, harm, danger
即する N1 そくする to conform to, to agree with, to be adapted to, to be based on
即ち N1 すなわち that is, namely, i.e.
原 N1 げん original, primitive, primary, fundamental, raw
原っぱ N1 はらっぱ open field, empty lot, plain
原典 N1 げんてん original (text)
原子 N1 げんし atom
原形 N1 げんけい original form, base form
原文 N1 げんぶん the text, original
原書 N1 げんしょ original document
原油 N1 げんゆ crude oil
原点 N1 げんてん origin (coordinates), starting point
原爆 N1 げんばく atomic bomb
厭々 N1 いやいや unwillingly, grudgingly, shaking head in refusal (to children)
厭やらしい N1 いやらしい detestable, disagreeable
厳か N1 おごそか austere, majestic, dignified, stately, awful, impressive
参上 N1 さんじょう calling on, visiting
参照 N1 さんしょう reference, consultation, consultation
参議院 N1 さんぎいん House of Councillors
反 N1 たん roll of cloth (c. 10 yds.), .245 acres, 300 tsubo
反する N1 はんする to be inconsistent with, to oppose, to contradict, to transgress, to rebel
反り N1 そり warp, curvature, curve, arch
反乱 N1 はんらん insurrection, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, uprising
反射 N1 はんしゃ reflection, reverberation
反応 N1 はんのう reaction, response
反感 N1 はんかん antipathy, revolt, animosity
反撃 N1 はんげき counterattack, counteroffensive, counterblow
反発 N1 はんぱつ repelling, rebound, recover, oppose
反響 N1 はんきょう echo, reverberation, repercussion, reaction, influence
収まる N1 おさまる to be obtained, to end, to settle into, to fit into, to be settled, to be paid, to be delivered
収容 N1 しゅうよう accommodation, reception, seating, housing, custody, admission, entering (in a dictionary)
収支 N1 しゅうし income and expenditure
収益 N1 しゅうえき earnings, proceeds, returns
収集 N1 しゅうしゅう gathering up, collection, accumulation
取っ手 N1 とって handle, grip, knob
取りあえず N1 とりあえず at once, first of all, for the time being
取り分 N1 とりわけ especially, above all
取り寄せる N1 とりよせる to order, to send away for
取り巻く N1 とりまく to surround, to circle, to enclose
取り引き N1 とりひき transactions, dealings, business
取り戻す N1 とりもどす to take back, to regain
取り替え N1 とりかえ swap, exchange
取り次ぐ N1 とりつぐ to act as an agent for, to announce (someone), to convey (a message)
取り混ぜる N1 とりまぜる to mix, to put together
取り立てる N1 とりたてる to collect, to extort, to appoint, to promote
取り組む N1 とりくむ to tackle, to wrestle with, to engage in a bout, to come to grips with
取り締まり N1 とりしまり control, management, supervision
取り締まる N1 とりしまる to manage, to control, to supervise
取り調べる N1 とりしらべる to investigate, to examine
取り除く N1 とりのぞく to remove, to take away, to set apart
口ずさむ N1 くちずさむ to hum something, to sing to oneself
口述 N1 こうじゅつ verbal statement
口頭 N1 こうとう oral
古代 N1 こだい ancient times
召す N1 めす to call, to send for, to put on, to wear, to take (a bath), to ride in, to buy, to eat, to drink, to catch (a
台本 N1 だいほん libretto, scenario
台無し N1 だいなし mess, spoiled, (come to) nothing
司法 N1 しほう administration of justice
吃驚 N1 びっくり be surprised, be amazed, be frightened, astonishment
各々 N1 それぞれ each, every, either, respectively, severally
合唱 N1 がっしょう chorus, singing in a chorus
合成 N1 ごうせい synthesis, composition, synthetic, composite, mixed, combined, compound
合議 N1 ごうぎ consultation, conference
合間 N1 あいま interval
吊り革 N1 つりかわ strap
吊るす N1 つるす to hang
同 N1 どう the same, the said, ibid.
同士 N1 どうし fellow, companion, comrade
同封 N1 どうふう enclosure (e.g. in a letter)
同居 N1 どうきょ living together
同志 N1 どうし same mind, comrade, kindred soul
同情 N1 どうじょう sympathy, compassion, sympathize, pity, feel for
同意 N1 どうい agreement, consent, same meaning, same opinion, approval
同感 N1 どうかん agreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
同盟 N1 どうめい alliance, union, league
同等 N1 どうとう equality, equal, same rights, same rank
同級 N1 どうきゅう the same grade, same class
同調 N1 どうちょう sympathy, agree with, alignment, tuning
名残 N1 なごり remains, traces, memory
名産 N1 めいさん noted product
名簿 N1 めいぼ register of names
名誉 N1 めいよ honor, credit, prestige
名高い N1 なだかい famous, celebrated, well-known
吐く N1 つく 1. to breathe, 2. to tell (lies), 3. to vomit, to disgorge
君主 N1 くんしゅ ruler, monarch
吝嗇 N1 けち stinginess, miser, miserliness, skinflint, tightwad, niggard, pinching pennies
吟味 N1 ぎんみ testing, scrutiny, careful investigation
否決 N1 ひけつ rejection, negation, voting down
吹奏 N1 すいそう playing wind instruments
呆気ない N1 あっけない not enough, too quick (short long etc.)
呆然 N1 ぼうぜん dumbfounded, overcome with surprise, in blank amazement
呉れる N1 くれる to give, to let one have, to do for one, to be given
呉れ呉れも N1 くれぐれも repeatedly, sincerely, earnestly
告げる N1 つげる to inform
呟く N1 つぶやく to mutter, to murmur
周 N1 しゅう circuit, lap, circumference, vicinity, Chou (dynasty)
味覚 N1 みかく taste, palate, sense of taste
呼び止める N1 よびとめる to challenge, to call somebody to halt
和やか N1 なごやか mild, calm, gentle, quiet, harmonious
和らげる N1 やわらげる to soften, to moderate, to relieve
和文 N1 わぶん Japanese text, sentence in Japanese
咎める N1 とがめる to blame, to find fault, to take someone to task, to aggravate (an injury)
哉 N1 question mark
唾 N1 つば saliva, sputum
商 N1 しょう quotient
商人 N1 あきうど trader, shopkeeper, merchant
問屋 N1 といや wholesale store
善し悪し N1 よしあし good or bad, merits or demerits, quality, suitability
善良 N1 ぜんりょう goodness, excellence, virtue
喜劇 N1 きげき comedy, funny show
喧しい N1 やかましい noisy, strict, fussy
営む N1 いとなむ to carry on (e.g. in ceremony), to run a business
嗜好 N1 しこう taste, liking, preference
嘆く N1 なげく to sigh, to lament, to grieve
嘗める N1 なめる to lick, to taste, to experience, to make fun of, to make light of, to put down, to treat with contempt
嘴 N1 くちばし beak, bill
嘸 N1 さぞ I am sure, certainly, no doubt
噛み切る N1 かみきる to bite off, to gnaw through
器官 N1 きかん organ (of body), instrument
噴出 N1 ふんしゅつ spewing, gushing, spouting, eruption, effusion
囀る N1 さえずる to sing, to chirp, to twitter
回覧 N1 かいらん circulation
回送 N1 かいそう forwarding
団結 N1 だんけつ unity, union, combination
図々しい N1 ずうずうしい impudent, shameless
図る N1 はかる to plot, to attempt, to plan, to take in, to deceive, to devise, to design, to refer A to B
固有 N1 こゆう characteristic, tradition, peculiar, inherent, eigen-
国交 N1 こっこう diplomatic relations
国土 N1 こくど realm
国境 N1 くにざかい national or state border
国定 N1 こくてい state-sponsored, national
国有 N1 こくゆう national ownership
国産 N1 こくさん domestic products
国連 N1 こくれん U.N., United Nations
国防 N1 こくぼう national defence
圏 N1 けん sphere, circle, range
園 N1 その garden, park, plantation
土俵 N1 どひょう arena
土台 N1 どだい foundation, base, basis
土手 N1 どて embankment, bank
土木 N1 どぼく public works
土産 N1 どさん product of the land
地主 N1 じぬし landlord
地元 N1 じもと local
地形 N1 じぎょう terrain, geographical features, topography
地方 N1 じかた area, locality, district, region, the coast
均衡 N1 きんこう equilibrium, balance
垢 N1 あか dirt, filth
埋まる N1 うずまる to be buried, to be surrounded, to overflow, to be filled
埋め込む N1 うめこむ to bury
埋蔵 N1 まいぞう buried property, treasure trove
城下 N1 じょうか land near the castle
執着 N1 しゅうじゃく attachment, adhesion, tenacity
基 N1 もとい basis
基金 N1 ききん fund, foundation
堂々 N1 どうどう magnificent, grand, impressive
堤防 N1 ていぼう bank, weir
堪える N1 こたえる to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, to be fit for, t
堪える N1 こらえる to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, to be fit for, t
堪える N1 たえる to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, to be fit for, t
堪らない N1 たまらない intolerable, unbearable, unendurable
報じる N1 ほうじる to inform, to report
報ずる N1 ほうずる to inform, to report
報道 N1 ほうどう information, report
填まる N1 はまる to get into, to go into, to fit, to be fit for, to suit, to fall into, to plunge into, to be deceived, to be
填める N1 はめる to get in, to insert, to put on, to make love
塵取り N1 ちりとり dustpan
境遇 N1 きょうぐう environment, circumstances
墓地 N1 はかち cemetery, graveyard
増し N1 まし extra, additional, less objectionable, better, preferable
増強 N1 ぞうきょう augment, reinforce, increase
増進 N1 ぞうしん promoting, increase, advance
墜落 N1 ついらく falling, crashing
壇 N1 だん 1. platform, podium, rostrum, 2. (arch) mandala
壮大 N1 そうだい magnificent, grand, majestic, splendid
声明 N1 せいめい declaration, statement, proclamation
売り出し N1 うりだし (bargain) sale
売り出す N1 うりだす to put on sale, to market, to become popular
売れ行き N1 うれゆき sales
壷 N1 つぼ tsubo jar, pot, vase
変動 N1 へんどう change, fluctuation
変遷 N1 へんせん change, transition, vicissitudes
変革 N1 へんかく change, reform, revolution, upheaval, (the) Reformation
夕暮れ N1 ゆうぐれ evening, (evening) twilight
夕焼け N1 ゆうやけ sunset
外方 N1 そっぽ look (or turn) the other way
外来 N1 がいらい imported, outpatient clinic
外相 N1 がいしょう Foreign Minister
外貨 N1 がいか imported goods, foreign money
多数決 N1 たすうけつ majority rule
多様 N1 たよう diversity, variety
夜中 N1 やちゅう all night, the whole night
夜具 N1 やぐ bedding
夜更かし N1 よふかし staying up late, keeping late hours, sitting up late at night, nighthawk
夜更け N1 よふけ late at night
夜行 N1 やぎょう walking around at night, night train, night travel
夥しい N1 おびただしい abundantly, innumerably
大ざっぱ N1 おおざっぱ rough (as in not precise), broad, sketchy
大事 N1 おおごと important, valuable, serious matter
大方 N1 おおかた perhaps, almost all, majority
大柄 N1 おおがら large build, large pattern
大概 N1 たいがい in general, mainly
大水 N1 おおみず flood
大筋 N1 おおすじ outline, summary
大胆 N1 だいたん bold, daring, audacious
大衆 N1 たいしゅう general public
大部 N1 たいぶ most (e.g. most part), greater, fairly, a good deal, much
大金 N1 たいきん great cost
天 N1 あまつ heavenly, imperial
天体 N1 てんたい heavenly body
天地 N1 あめつち heaven and earth, the universe, nature, top and bottom, realm, sphere, world
天災 N1 てんさい natural calamity, disaster
天皇 N1 すめらぎ Emperor of Japan
失調 N1 しっちょう lack of harmony
奇数 N1 きすう odd number
奉る N1 たてまつる to offer, to present, to revere, to do respectfully
奉仕 N1 ほうし attendance, service
契る N1 ちぎる to pledge, to promise, to swear
契機 N1 けいき opportunity, chance
奨励 N1 しょうれい encouragement, promotion, message, address
奮闘 N1 ふんとう hard struggle, strenuous effort
女史 N1 じょし Ms.
女子 N1 おなご woman, girl
奴 N1 やっこ servant, fellow
好い N1 よい good
好ましい N1 このましい nice, likeable, desirable
好意 N1 こうい good will, favor, courtesy
好況 N1 こうきょう prosperous conditions, healthy economy
好評 N1 こうひょう popularity, favorable reputation
好調 N1 こうちょう favourable, promising, satisfactory, in good shape
如何して N1 どうして why?, for what reason, how, in what way, for what purpose, what for
如何しても N1 どうしても by all means, at any cost, no matter what, after all, in the long run, cravingly, at any rate, surely
如何に N1 いかに how?, in what way?, how much?, however, whatever
妥協 N1 だきょう compromise, giving in
妥結 N1 だけつ agreement
妨害 N1 ぼうがい disturbance, obstruction, hindrance, jamming, interference
妬む N1 ねたむ to be jealous, to be envious
始末 N1 しまつ management, dealing, settlement, cleaning up afterwards
始発 N1 しはつ first train
姓名 N1 せいめい full name
婉曲 N1 えんきょく euphemistic, circumlocution, roundabout, indirect, insinuating
婿 N1 むこ son-in-law
嫉妬 N1 しっと jealousy
嫋か N1 しなやか supple, flexible, elastic
嬢 N1 じょう young woman
子息 N1 しそく son
字 N1 あざ section of village
字体 N1 じたい type, font, lettering
存続 N1 そんぞく duration, continuance
季刊 N1 きかん quarterly (e.g. magazine)
孤児 N1 こじ orphan
学士 N1 がくし university graduate
学芸 N1 がくげい arts and sciences, liberal arts
学説 N1 がくせつ theory
守備 N1 しゅび defense
守衛 N1 しゅえい security guard, doorkeeper
安静 N1 あんせい rest
官僚 N1 かんりょう bureaucrat, bureaucracy
宙返り N1 ちゅうがえり somersault, looping-the-loop
定年 N1 ていねん retirement age
定食 N1 ていしょく set meal, special (of the day)
宛てる N1 あてる to address
宝器 N1 ほうき treasured article or vessel, outstanding individual
実 N1 じつ truth, reality, sincerity, fidelity, kindness, faith, substance, essence
実情 N1 じつじょう real condition, actual circumstances, actual state of affairs
実態 N1 じったい truth, fact
実業家 N1 じつぎょうか industrialist, businessman
実費 N1 じっぴ actual expense, cost price
実質 N1 じっしつ substance, essence
実践 N1 じっせん practice, put into practice
客観 N1 きゃっかん objective
宣教 N1 せんきょう religious mission
宮殿 N1 きゅうでん palace
害する N1 がいする to injure, to damage, to harm, to kill, to hinder
家主 N1 いえぬし landlord
家来 N1 けらい retainer, retinue, servant
家畜 N1 かちく domestic animals, livestock, cattle
家計 N1 かけい household economy, family finances
容易い N1 たやすい easy, simple, light
宿命 N1 しゅくめい fate, destiny, predestination
寄り掛かる N1 よりかかる to lean against, to recline on, to lean on, to rely on
寄贈 N1 きそう donation, presentation
密か N1 ひそか secret, private, surreptitious
密度 N1 みつど density
密接 N1 みっせつ related, connected, close, intimate
密集 N1 みっしゅう crowd, close formation, dense
富 N1 とみ wealth, fortune
富む N1 とむ to be rich, to become rich
富豪 N1 ふごう wealthy person, millionaire
寒気 N1 かんき cold, frost, chill
寛容 N1 かんよう forbearance, tolerance, generosity
寝かせる N1 ねかせる to put to bed, to lay down, to ferment
察する N1 さっする to guess, to sense, to presume, to judge, to sympathize with
審判 N1 しんばん refereeing, trial, judgement, umpire, referee
審議 N1 しんぎ deliberation
対して N1 たいして for, in regard to, per
対処 N1 たいしょ deal with, cope
対抗 N1 たいこう opposition, antagonism
対比 N1 たいひ contrast, comparison
対決 N1 たいけつ confrontation, showdown
対立 N1 たいりつ confrontation, opposition, antagonism
対等 N1 たいとう equivalent
対話 N1 たいわ interactive, interaction, conversation, dialogue
対談 N1 たいだん talk, dialogue, conversation
対辺 N1 たいへん (geometrical) opposite side
対面 N1 たいめん interview, meeting
封建 N1 ほうけん feudalistic
封鎖 N1 ふうさ blockade, freezing (funds)
専ら N1 もっぱら wholly, solely, entirely
専修 N1 せんしゅう specialization
尉 N1 じょう jailer, old man, rank, company officer
尊い N1 たっとい precious, valuable, priceless, noble, exalted, sacred
尊ぶ N1 たっとぶ to value, to prize, to esteem
導入 N1 どうにゅう introduction, bringing in, leading in
小児科 N1 しょうにか pediatrics
小切手 N1 こぎって cheque, check
小売 N1 こうり retail
小柄 N1 こがら short (build)
少数 N1 しょうすう minority, few
尚 N1 なお furthermore, still, yet, more, still more, greater, further, less
尚更 N1 なおさら all the more, still less
就業 N1 しゅうぎょう employment, starting work
尽きる N1 つきる to be used up, to be run out, to be exhausted, to be consumed, to come to an end
尽くす N1 つくす to exhaust, to run out, to serve (a person), to befriend
局限 N1 きょくげん limit, localize
居住 N1 きょじゅう residence
屈折 N1 くっせつ bending, indentation, refraction
屎尿 N1 しにょう excreta, raw sewage, human waste, night soil
展望 N1 てんぼう view, outlook, prospect
屡 N1 しばしば often, again and again, frequently
山岳 N1 さんがく mountains
山脈 N1 さんみゃく mountain range
山腹 N1 さんぷく hillside, mountainside
岩石 N1 がんせき rock
峰 N1 みね peak, ridge
崇拝 N1 すうはい worship, adoration, admiration, cult
崖 N1 がけ cliff
嵩む N1 かさむ to pile up, to increase
嵩張る N1 かさばる to be bulky, to be unwieldy, to grow voluminous
工作 N1 こうさく work, construction, handicraft, maneuvering
左利き N1 ひだりきき left-handedness, sake drinker, left-hander
左様なら N1 さようなら good-bye
左程 N1 さほど (not) very, (not) much
巧み N1 たくみ skill, cleverness
巧妙 N1 こうみょう ingenious, skillful, clever, deft
巨 N1 big, large, great
差し出す N1 さしだす to present, to submit, to tender, to hold out
差し引く N1 さしひく to deduct
差し掛かる N1 さしかかる to come near to, to approach
差し支える N1 さしつかえる to interfere, to hinder, to become impeded
差異 N1 さい difference, disparity
市街 N1 しがい urban areas, the streets, town, city
布告 N1 ふこく edict, ordinance, proclamation
帯びる N1 おびる to wear, to carry, to be entrusted, to have, to take on, to have a trace of, to be tinged with
帰京 N1 ききょう returning to Tokyo
帳 N1 とばり curtain
幕 N1 とばり curtain, bunting, act (in play)
干渉 N1 かんしょう interference, intervention
平たい N1 ひらたい flat, even, level, simple, plain
平均 N1 ならし equilibrium, balance, average, mean
平常 N1 へいじょう normal, usual
平方 N1 へいほう square (e.g. metre), square
年号 N1 ねんごう name of an era, year number
年生 N1 ねんせい pupil in .... year, student in .... year
年輪 N1 ねんりん annual tree ring
年鑑 N1 ねんかん yearbook
年長 N1 ねんちょう seniority
年頃 N1 としごろ age, marriageable age, age of puberty, adolescence, for some years
幹 N1 かん (tree) trunk
幹線 N1 かんせん main line, trunk line
幹部 N1 かんぶ management, (executive) staff, leaders
幾多 N1 いくた many, numerous
庁 N1 ちょう government office
床 N1 とこ bed, sickbed, alcove, padding
店 N1 てん store, shop, establishment
度々 N1 たびたび often, repeatedly, frequently
度忘れ N1 どわすれ lapse of memory, forget for a moment
座談会 N1 ざだんかい symposium, round-table discussion
庶務 N1 しょむ general affairs
庶民 N1 しょみん masses, common people
廃れる N1 すたれる to go out of use, to become obsolete, to die out, to go out of fashion
廃止 N1 はいし abolition, repeal
延いては N1 ひいては not only...but also, in addition to, consequently
延べ N1 のべ futures, credit (buying), stretching, total
建前 N1 たてまえ face, official stance, public position or attitude (as opposed to private thoughts)
弁解 N1 べんかい explanation, justification, defence, excuse
弁論 N1 べんろん discussion, debate, argument
弁護 N1 べんご defense, pleading, advocacy
弄る N1 いじる to touch, to tamper with
式場 N1 しきじょう ceremonial hall, place of ceremony (e.g. marriage)
弓 N1 ゆみ bow (and arrow)
引きずる N1 ひきずる to seduce, to drag along, to pull, to prolong, to support
引き上げる N1 ひきあげる to withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire
引き下げる N1 ひきさげる to pull down, to lower, to reduce, to withdraw
引き分け N1 ひきわけ a draw (in competition), tie game
引き取る N1 ひきとる to take charge of, to take over, to retire to a private place
引っ掛ける N1 ひっかける 1. to hang (something) on (something), to throw on (clothes), 2. to hook, to catch, to trap, to ensnar
引っ掻く N1 ひっかく to scratch
弛み N1 たるみ slack, slackening, dullness, letdown
弛む N1 たるむ to slacken, to loosen, to relax
弱 N1 じゃく weakness, the weak, little less then
張り紙 N1 はりがみ paper patch, paper backing, poster
強いる N1 しいる to force, to compel, to coerce
強まる N1 つよまる to get strong, to gain strength
強める N1 つよめる to strengthen, to emphasize
強気 N1 ごうぎ great, grand
強硬 N1 きょうこう firm, vigorous, unbending, unyielding, strong, stubborn
強行 N1 きょうこう forcing, enforcement
強請る N1 ねだる to tease, to coax, to solicit, to demand
弾く N1 はじく to flip, to snap
弾む N1 はずむ to spring, to bound, to bounce, to be stimulated, to be encouraged, to get lively, to treat oneself to, to
弾力 N1 だんりょく elasticity, flexibility
当て N1 あて object, aim, end, hopes, expectations
当て字 N1 あてじ phonetic-equivalent character, substitute character
当人 N1 とうにん the one concerned, the said person
当選 N1 とうせん being elected, winning the prize
形勢 N1 けいせい condition, situation, prospects
形成 N1 けいせい formation
役 N1 えき war, campaign, battle
役場 N1 やくば town hall
役職 N1 やくしょく post, managerial position, official position
彼処 N1 あそこ 1. (uk) there, over there, that place, 2. (X) (col) genitals
彼方 N1 あちら 1. there, yonder, that
彼方此方 N1 あちこち here and there
彼方此方 N1 あちらこちら here and there
彼此 N1 あれこれ one thing or another, this and that, this or that
征服 N1 せいふく conquest, subjugation, overcoming
待ち合わせ N1 まちあわせ appointment
待ち望む N1 まちのぞむ to look anxiously for, to wait eagerly for
待ち遠しい N1 まちどおしい looking forward to
待望 N1 たいぼう expectant waiting
待遇 N1 たいぐう treatment, reception
後退 N1 こうたい retreat, backspace (BS)
徐々 N1 そろそろ gradually, steadily, quietly, slowly, soon
徐行 N1 じょこう going slowly
従事 N1 じゅうじ engaging, pursuing, following
従来 N1 じゅうらい up to now, so far, traditional
得点 N1 とくてん score, points made, marks obtained, runs
復旧 N1 ふくきゅう restoration, restitution, rehabilitation
復興 N1 ふっこう revival, renaissance, reconstruction
微塵 N1 みじん particle, atom
微笑 N1 びしょう smile
微量 N1 びりょう minuscule amount, extremely small quantity
徴収 N1 ちょうしゅう collection, levy
徹する N1 てっする to sink in, to penetrate, to devote oneself, to believe in, to go through, to do intently and exclusively
心中 N1 しんじゅう double suicide, lovers suicide
心地 N1 ここち feeling, sensation, mood
心強い N1 こころづよい heartening, reassuring
心得 N1 こころえ knowledge, information
心情 N1 しんじょう mentality
心掛け N1 こころがけ readiness, intention, aim
心掛ける N1 こころがける to bear in mind, to aim to do
心細い N1 こころぼそい helpless, forlorn, hopeless, unpromising, lonely, discouraging, disheartening
必修 N1 ひっしゅう required (subject)
志 N1 こころざし will, intention, motive
志す N1 こころざす to plan, to intend, to aspire to, to set aims (sights on)
志向 N1 しこう intention, aim
志望 N1 しぼう wish, desire, ambition
忠告 N1 ちゅうこく advice, warning
忠実 N1 ちゅうじつ fidelity, faithfulness
快い N1 こころよい pleasant, agreeable
念 N1 ねん sense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, concern, attention, care
忽ち N1 たちまち at once, in a moment, suddenly, all at once
怒鳴る N1 どなる to shout, to yell
思考 N1 しこう thought
怠い N1 だるい sluggish, feel heavy, languid, dull
怠慢 N1 たいまん negligence, procrastination, carelessness
急かす N1 せかす to hurry, to urge on
恋愛 N1 れんあい love, love-making, passion, emotion, affections
恰度 N1 ちょうど just, right, exactly
恵み N1 めぐみ blessing
恵む N1 めぐむ to bless, to show mercy to
悉く N1 ことごとく altogether, entirely
悟る N1 さとる to attain enlightenment, to perceive, to understand, to discern
悩ましい N1 なやましい seductive, melancholy, languid
悩ます N1 なやます to afflict, to torment, to harass, to molest
悩み N1 なやみ trouble(s), worry, distress, anguish, agony, problem
悪い N1 にくい hateful, abominable, poor-looking
悪口 N1 あっこう abuse, insult, slander, evil speaking
悪日 N1 あくび unlucky day
悪者 N1 わるもの bad fellow, rascal, ruffian, scoundrel
悲惨 N1 ひさん misery
悲観 N1 ひかん pessimism, disappointment
悲鳴 N1 ひめい shriek, scream
情 N1 じょう feelings, emotion, passion
情け深い N1 なさけぶかい tender-hearted, compassionate
情勢 N1 じょうせい state of things, condition, situation
情熱 N1 じょうねつ passion, enthusiasm, zeal
情緒 N1 じょうしょ emotion, feeling
惑星 N1 わくせい planet
惜しむ N1 おしむ to be frugal, to value, to regret
意向 N1 いこう intention, idea, inclination
意図 N1 いと intention, aim, design
意地 N1 いじ disposition, spirit, willpower, obstinacy, backbone, appetite
意欲 N1 いよく will, desire, ambition
意気込む N1 いきごむ to be enthusiastic about
愚痴 N1 ぐち idle complaint, grumble
愛想 N1 あいそ civility, courtesy, compliments, sociability, graces
感慨 N1 かんがい strong feelings, deep emotion
感無量 N1 かんむりょう deep feeling, inexpressible feeling, filled with emotion
態勢 N1 たいせい attitude, conditions, preparations
慎む N1 つつしむ to be careful, to be chaste or discreet, to abstain or refrain
慕う N1 したう to yearn for, to miss, to adore, to love dearly
慣らす N1 ならす to accustom
慣例 N1 かんれい custom, precedent, of convention
慣用 N1 かんよう common, customary
慣習 N1 かんしゅう usual (historical) custom
慣行 N1 かんこう customary practice, habit, traditional event
憂鬱 N1 ゆううつ depression, melancholy, dejection, gloom
憎しみ N1 にくしみ hatred
憤慨 N1 ふんがい indignation, resentment
懐く N1 なつく to become emotionally attached
懲りる N1 こりる to learn by experience, to be disgusted with
懸賞 N1 けんしょう offering prizes, winning, reward
成り立つ N1 なりたつ to conclude, to consist of, to be practical (logical feasible viable), to hold true
成る丈 N1 なるたけ as much as possible, if possible
成年 N1 せいねん majority, adult age
成熟 N1 せいじゅく maturity, ripeness
我がまま N1 わがまま selfishness, egoism, wilfulness, disobedience, whim
或る N1 ある a certain..., some...
戦災 N1 せんさい war damage
戦術 N1 せんじゅつ tactics
戦闘 N1 せんとう battle, fight, combat
戯曲 N1 ぎきょく play, drama
戸 N1 counter for houses
戸籍 N1 こせき census, family register
戸締り N1 とじまり closing up, fastening the doors
所々 N1 しょしょ here and there, some parts (of something)
所在 N1 しょざい whereabouts
所定 N1 しょてい fixed, prescribed
所得 N1 しょとく income, earnings
所持 N1 しょじ possession, owning
手元 N1 てもと on hand, at hand, at home
手分け N1 てわけ division of labour
手回し N1 てまわし preparations, arrangements
手引き N1 てびき guidance, guide, introduction
手掛ける N1 てがける to handle, to manage, to work with, to rear, to look after, to have experience with
手数 N1 てかず number of moves, trouble
手本 N1 てほん model, pattern
手法 N1 しゅほう technique
手筈 N1 てはず arrangement, plan, programme
手芸 N1 しゅげい handicrafts
手軽 N1 てがる easy, simple, informal, offhand, cheap
手配 N1 てはい arrangement, search (by police)
手錠 N1 てじょう handcuffs, manacles
手際 N1 てぎわ performance, skill, tact
手順 N1 てじゅん process, procedure, protocol
打ち切る N1 うちきる to stop, to abort, to discontinue, to close
打ち消し N1 うちけし negation, denial, negative
打ち込む N1 うちこむ to drive in (e.g. nail stake), to devote oneself to, to shoot into, to smash, to throw into, to cast int
打付ける N1 ぶつける to knock, to run into, to nail on, to strike hard, to hit and attack
打撃 N1 だげき 1. blow, shock, strike, damage, 2. batting (baseball)
打開 N1 だかい break in the deadlock
扶養 N1 ふよう support, maintenance
承諾 N1 しょうだく consent, acquiescence, agreement
技能 N1 ぎのう technical skill, ability, capacity
抑圧 N1 よくあつ check, restraint, oppression, suppression
抓る N1 つねる to pinch
投げ出す N1 なげだす to throw down, to abandon, to sacrifice, to throw out
投資 N1 とうし investment
抗争 N1 こうそう dispute, resistance
抗議 N1 こうぎ protest, objection
折り返す N1 おりかえす to turn up, to fold back
折衷 N1 せっちゅう compromise, cross, blending, eclecticism
抜かす N1 ぬかす to omit, to leave out
抜け出す N1 ぬけだす to slip out, to sneak away, to excel
押し寄せる N1 おしよせる to push aside, to advance on
抽選 N1 ちゅうせん lottery, raffle, drawing (of lots)
担う N1 になう to carry on shoulder, to bear (burden), to shoulder (gun)
担架 N1 たんか stretcher, litter
拐う N1 さらう to carry off, to run away with, to kidnap, to abduct
拗れる N1 こじれる to get complicated, to grow worse
拘束 N1 こうそく restriction, restraint
招き N1 まねき invitation
拝借 N1 はいしゃく borrowing
拝啓 N1 はいけい Dear (so and so)
拵える N1 こしらえる to make, to manufacture
持ち N1 もち 1. hold, charge, keep possession, in charge, 2. wear, durability, life, draw, 3. usage (suff)
持ち切り N1 もちきり hot topic, talk of the town
持てる N1 もてる to be well liked, to be popular
持て成す N1 もてなす to entertain, to make welcome
持続 N1 じぞく continuation
指令 N1 しれい orders, instructions, directive
指図 N1 さしず instruction, mandate
指差す N1 ゆびさす to point at
指揮 N1 しき command, direction
指摘 N1 してき pointing out, identification
挑戦 N1 ちょうせん challenge, defiance
振り N1 ふり pretence, show, appearance
振り出し N1 ふりだし outset, starting point, drawing or issuing (draft)
振興 N1 しんこう promotion, encouragement
捕らえる N1 とらえる to seize, to grasp, to capture, to arrest
捕吏 N1 ほり constable
捕獲 N1 ほかく capture, seizure
捕虜 N1 ほりょ prisoner (of war)
捕鯨 N1 ほげい whaling, whale fishing
捗る N1 はかどる to make progress, to move right ahead (with the work), to advance
捜索 N1 そうさく search (esp. for someone or something missing), investigation
捧げる N1 ささげる to lift up, to give, to offer, to consecrate, to devote, to sacrifice, to dedicate
据える N1 すえる to set (table), to lay (foundation), to place (gun), to apply (moxa)
据え付ける N1 すえつける to install, to equip, to mount
捲る N1 まくる verb suffix to indicate reckless abandon to the activity
捻じれる N1 ねじれる to twist, to wrench, to screw
捻子 N1 ねじ screw, helix, spiral
授ける N1 さずける to grant, to award, to teach
掌 N1 たなごころ the palm
排除 N1 はいじょ exclusion, removal, rejection
掛け N1 かけ credit
採択 N1 さいたく adoption, selection, choice
採掘 N1 さいくつ mining
採決 N1 さいけつ vote, roll call
採算 N1 さいさん profit
採集 N1 さいしゅう collecting, gathering
探検 N1 たんけん exploration, expedition
接ぐ N1 つぐ to join, to piece together, to set (bones), to graft (trees)
接続詞 N1 せつぞくし conjunction
控える N1 ひかえる to draw in, to hold back, to make notes, to be temperate in
控室 N1 ひかえしつ waiting room
控除 N1 こうじょ subsidy, deduction
推進 N1 すいしん propulsion, driving force
措置 N1 そち measure, step
掬う N1 すくう to scoop, to ladle out
掲載 N1 けいさい appearance (e.g. article in paper)
掻き回す N1 かきまわす to stir up, to churn, to ransack, to disturb
揉める N1 もめる to disagree, to dispute
描写 N1 びょうしゃ depiction, description, portrayal
提供 N1 ていきょう offer, tender, program sponsoring, furnishing
提携 N1 ていけい cooperation, tie-up, joint business, link-up
換算 N1 かんさん conversion, change, exchange
揺さぶる N1 ゆさぶる to shake, to jolt, to rock, to swing
揺らぐ N1 ゆらぐ to swing, to sway, to shake, to tremble
損なう N1 そこなう to harm, to hurt, to injure, to damage, to fail in doing
携わる N1 たずさわる to participate, to take part
摘む N1 つまむ to pinch, to hold, to pick up
操る N1 あやつる to manipulate, to operate, to pull strings
操縦 N1 そうじゅう management, handling, control, manipulation
擦る N1 かする to touch lightly, to take a percentage (from)
擦れる N1 すれる to rub, to chafe, to wear, to become sophisticated
擦れ違い N1 すれちがい chance encounter
支持 N1 しじ support, maintenance
改修 N1 かいしゅう repair, improvement
改定 N1 かいてい reform
改悪 N1 かいあく deterioration, changing for the worse
改良 N1 かいりょう improvement, reform
改訂 N1 かいてい revision
攻め N1 せめ attack, offence
放り出す N1 ほうりだす to throw out, to fire, to expel, to give up, to abandon, to neglect
放り込む N1 ほうりこむ to throw into
放射能 N1 ほうしゃのう radioactivity
政権 N1 せいけん administration, political power
政策 N1 せいさく political measures, policy
故 N1 the late (deceased)
故人 N1 こじん the deceased, old friend
救援 N1 きゅうえん relief, rescue, reinforcement
救済 N1 きゅうさい relief, aid, rescue, salvation, help
敗戦 N1 はいせん defeat, losing a war
教員 N1 きょういん teaching staff
教科 N1 きょうか subject, curriculum
教習 N1 きょうしゅう training, instruction
教職 N1 きょうしょく teaching certificate, the teaching profession
教訓 N1 きょうくん lesson, precept, moral instruction
散蒔く N1 ばらまく to disseminate, to scatter, to give money freely
敬具 N1 けいぐ Sincerely yours
数詞 N1 すうし numeral
整列 N1 せいれつ stand in a row, form a line
整然 N1 せいぜん orderly, regular, well-organized, trim, accurate
文 N1 ふみ letter, writings
文化財 N1 ぶんかざい cultural assets, cultural property
文書 N1 ぶんしょ document, writing, letter, note, records, archives
文語 N1 ぶんご written language, literary language
斑 N1 ぶち spots, speckles, mottles
料 N1 りょう material, charge, rate, fee
斜面 N1 しゃめん slope, slanting surface, bevel
断然 N1 だんぜん firmly, absolutely, definitely
断言 N1 だんげん declaration, affirmation
断面 N1 だんめん cross section
新 N1 しん new
新築 N1 しんちく new building, new construction
新興 N1 しんこう rising, developing, emergent
方式 N1 ほうしき form, method, system
方策 N1 ほうさく plan, policy
於 N1 at, in, on
於いて N1 おいて at, in, on
施行 N1 しぎょう 1. execution, enforcing, carrying out
旅券 N1 りょけん passport
旅客 N1 りょかく passenger (transport)
既婚 N1 きこん marriage, married
日の丸 N1 ひのまる the Japanese flag
日取り N1 ひどり fixed date, appointed day
日向 N1 ひなた sunny place, in the sun
日夜 N1 にちや day and night, always
日当 N1 にっとう daily allowance
日焼け N1 ひやけ sunburn
日頃 N1 ひごろ normally, habitually
旦那 N1 だんな master (of house), husband (informal)
旧事 N1 くじ past events, bygones
旧知 N1 きゅうち old friend, old friendship
早める N1 はやめる to hasten, to quicken, to expedite, to precipitate, to accelerate
早急 N1 さっきゅう urgent
昆虫 N1 こんちゅう insect, bug
昇進 N1 しょうしん promotion
明かす N1 あかす to pass, spend, to reveal, to divulge
明くる N1 あくる next, following
明朗 N1 めいろう bright, clear, cheerful
明瞭 N1 めいりょう clarity
易い N1 やすい easy
星座 N1 せいざ constellation
映える N1 はえる to shine, to look attractive, to look pretty
映写 N1 えいしゃ projection
是正 N1 ぜせい correction, revision
是非とも N1 ぜひとも by all means (with sense of not taking no for an answer)
昼間 N1 ちゅうかん daytime, during the day
昼飯 N1 ちゅうはん lunch, midday meal
時差 N1 じさ time difference
時折 N1 ときおり sometimes
普遍 N1 ふへん universality, ubiquity, omnipresence
晴天 N1 せいてん fine weather
暗示 N1 あんじ hint, suggestion
暦 N1 こよみ calendar, almanac
暫く N1 しばらく little while
暴動 N1 ぼうどう insurrection, rebellion, revolt, riot, uprising
暴露 N1 ばくろ disclosure, exposure, revelation
書き取り N1 かきとり dictation
書き取る N1 かきとる to write down, to take dictation, to take notes
書評 N1 しょひょう book review
最善 N1 さいぜん the very best
最早 N1 もはや already, now
月並み N1 つきなみ every month, common
月謝 N1 げっしゃ monthly tuition fee
月賦 N1 げっぷ monthly installment
有する N1 ゆうする to own, to be endowed with
有力 N1 ゆうりょく 1. influence, prominence, 2. potent
有望 N1 ゆうぼう good prospects, full of hope, promising
有益 N1 ゆうえき beneficial, profitable
朗読 N1 ろうどく reading aloud, recitation
望ましい N1 のぞましい desirable, hoped for
期日 N1 きじつ fixed date, settlement date
期末 N1 きまつ end of term
木綿 N1 きわた cotton
未 N1 ひつじ eighth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Ram 1pm-3pm south-southwest June)
未だ N1 いまだ as yet, hitherto, not yet (neg)
未婚 N1 みこん unmarried
未練 N1 みれん lingering affection, attachment, regret(s), reluctance
未開 N1 みかい savage land, backward region, uncivilized
末 N1 うら top end, tip
末期 N1 まっき closing years (period days), last stage
本の N1 ほんの mere, only, just
本名 N1 ほんみょう real name
本場 N1 ほんば home, habitat, center, best place, genuine
本文 N1 ほんぶん text (of document), body (of letter)
本格 N1 ほんかく propriety, fundamental rules
本能 N1 ほんのう instinct
本館 N1 ほんかん main building
杖 N1 つえ cane
束の間 N1 つかのま moment, brief time, brief, transient
束縛 N1 そくばく restraint, shackles, restriction, confinement, binding
条約 N1 じょうやく treaty, pact
来る N1 きたる to come, to arrive, to be due to, to be next, to be forthcoming
来場 N1 らいじょう attendance
杯 N1 さかずき wine cups
東 N1 あずま east, Eastern Japan
林業 N1 りんぎょう forestry
果たして N1 はたして as was expected, really
果たす N1 はたす to accomplish, to fulfill, to carry out, to achieve
果ない N1 はかない fleeting, transient, short-lived, momentary, vain, fickle, miserable, empty, ephemeral
枠 N1 わく frame, slide
染みる N1 しみる to pierce, to permeate
柵 N1 さく fence, paling
栄える N1 さかえる to prosper, to flourish
校 N1 こう -school, proof
根回し N1 ねまわし making necessary arrangements
根底 N1 こんてい root, basis, foundation
根拠 N1 こんきょ basis, foundation
根本 N1 こんぽん origin, source, foundation, root, base, principle
根気 N1 こんき patience, perseverance, energy
格 N1 かく status, character, case
格差 N1 かくさ qualitative difference, disparity
栽培 N1 さいばい cultivation
案じる N1 あんじる to be anxious, to ponder
案の定 N1 あんのじょう sure enough, as usual
桐 N1 きり paulownia tree
桟橋 N1 さんきょう wharf, bridge, jetty, pier
梢 N1 こずえ treetop
梯子 N1 ていし ladder, stairs
棄権 N1 きけん abstain from voting, renunciation of a right
棟 N1 とう place, section, building
植わる N1 うわる to be planted
植民地 N1 しょくみんち colony
検事 N1 けんじ public prosecutor
業 N1 ごう Buddhist karma, actions committed in a former life
業績 N1 ぎょうせき achievement, performance, results, work, contribution
業者 N1 ぎょうしゃ trader, merchant
極めて N1 きわめて exceedingly, extremely
極楽 N1 ごくらく paradise
楽観 N1 らっかん optimism
楽譜 N1 がくふ score (music)
概略 N1 がいりゃく outline, summary, gist, in brief
概説 N1 がいせつ general statement, outline
構想 N1 こうそう plan, plot, idea, conception
様式 N1 ようしき style, form, pattern
様相 N1 ようそう aspect
標語 N1 ひょうご motto, slogan, catchword
模倣 N1 もほう imitation, copying
模型 N1 もけい model, dummy, maquette
模範 N1 もはん exemplar, exemplification, exemplum, model, example
模索 N1 もさく groping (for)
権 N1 けん authority, the right (to do something)
権威 N1 けんい authority, power, influence
権限 N1 けんげん power, authority, jurisdiction
横綱 N1 よこづな sumo grand champion
樹木 N1 じゅもく trees and shrubs, arbour
樹立 N1 じゅりつ establish, create
橋渡し N1 はしわたし bridge building, mediation
機 N1 はた loom
檻 N1 おり cage, pen, jail cell
欠乏 N1 けつぼう want, shortage, famine
次 N1 order, sequence, times, next, below
次いで N1 ついで next, secondly, subsequently
欲深い N1 よくふかい greedy
欺く N1 あざむく to deceive
歎 N1 たん grief, sigh, lamentation
歓声 N1 かんせい cheer, shout of joy
止まる N1 とどまる to be limited to
止める N1 とどめる to stop, to cease, to put an end to
正しく N1 まさしく surely, no doubt, evidently
正に N1 まさに correctly, surely
正当 N1 せいとう just, justifiable, right, due, proper, equitable, reasonable, legitimate, lawful
正規 N1 せいき regular, legal, formal, established, legitimate
此の N1 この this
此れ N1 これ this
此れ等 N1 これら these
武力 N1 ぶりょく armed might, military power, the sword, force
武装 N1 ぶそう arms, armament, armed
歩 N1 pawn (in chess or shogi)
歩み N1 あゆみ walking
歩む N1 あゆむ to walk, to go on foot
歪む N1 いがむ to warp, to swerve, to deflect, to be crooked, to be distorted, to be bent, to incline, to slant, to be perv
殆ど N1 ほとんど mostly, almost
殊に N1 ことに especially, above all
残酷 N1 ざんこく cruelty, harshness
残金 N1 ざんきん remaining money
残高 N1 ざんだか (bank) balance, remainder
殴る N1 なぐる to strike, to hit
段々 N1 だんだん gradually, by degrees
殿 N1 しんがり rear, rear unit guard
殿様 N1 とのさま feudal lord
母校 N1 ぼこう alma mater
比率 N1 ひりつ ratio, proportion, percentage
比重 N1 ひじゅう specific gravity
毟る N1 むしる to pluck, to pick, to tear
氏 N1 うじ family name
民主 N1 みんしゅ democratic, the head of the nation
民俗 N1 みんぞく people, race, nation, racial customs, folk customs
民宿 N1 みんしゅく private home providing lodging for travelers
民族 N1 みんぞく people, race, nation, racial customs, folk customs
気兼ね N1 きがね hesitance, diffidence, feeling constraint, fear of troubling someone, having scruples about doing someth
気品 N1 きひん aroma
気楽 N1 きらく at ease, comfortable
気流 N1 きりゅう atmospheric current
気立て N1 きだて disposition, nature
気触れる N1 かぶれる to react to, to be influenced by, to go overboard for
気質 N1 かたぎ spirit, character, trait, temperament, disposition
気軽 N1 きがる cheerful, buoyant, lighthearted
気配 N1 きはい indication, market trend, worry
気障 N1 きざ affectation, conceit, snobbery
気風 N1 きふう character, traits, ethos
水気 N1 すいき 1. moisture, dampness, vapor, 2. dropsy, edema
水洗 N1 すいせん flushing
水源 N1 すいげん source of river, fountainhead
水田 N1 すいでん (water-filled) paddy field
氾濫 N1 はんらん overflowing, flood
決まり悪い N1 きまりわるい feeling awkward, being ashamed
決勝 N1 けっしょう decision of a contest, finals (in sports)
決算 N1 けっさん balance sheet, settlement of accounts
決行 N1 けっこう doing (with resolve), carrying out (i.e. a plan)
決議 N1 けつぎ resolution, vote, decision
汽船 N1 きせん steamship
沈める N1 しずめる to sink, to submerge
沈殿 N1 ちんでん precipitation, settlement
沈没 N1 ちんぼつ sinking, foundering
没収 N1 ぼっしゅう forfeited
没落 N1 ぼつらく ruin, fall, collapse
河川 N1 かせん rivers
沸騰 N1 ふっとう boiling, seething
油絵 N1 あぶらえ oil painting
治安 N1 ちあん public order
治療 N1 ちりょう medical treatment
沿い N1 ぞい along
沿う N1 そう to run along, to follow
沿岸 N1 えんがん coast, shore
沿線 N1 えんせん along railway line
況して N1 まして still more, still less (with neg. verb), to say nothing of, not to mention
泊 N1 はく counter for nights of a stay
泌み泌み N1 しみじみ keenly, deeply, heartily
法廷 N1 ほうてい courtroom
法案 N1 ほうあん bill (law)
洒落 N1 しゃらく frank, open-hearted
洒落る N1 しゃれる to joke, to play on words, to dress stylishly
津波 N1 つなみ tsunami, tidal wave
洪水 N1 こうずい flood
活ける N1 いける to arrange (flowers)
活発 N1 かっぱつ vigor, active
派 N1 clique, faction, school
派遣 N1 はけん dispatch, send
流し N1 ながし sink
流通 N1 りゅうつう circulation of money or goods, flow of water or air, distribution
浅ましい N1 あさましい wretched, miserable, shameful, mean, despicable, abject
浜 N1 はま beach, seashore
浜辺 N1 はまべ beach, foreshore
浪費 N1 ろうひ waste, extravagance
浮力 N1 ふりょく buoyancy, floating power
海峡 N1 かいきょう channel
海抜 N1 かいばつ height above sea level
海流 N1 かいりゅう ocean current
海路 N1 うみじ sea route
海運 N1 かいうん maritime, marine transportation
浸す N1 ひたす to soak, to dip, to drench
消去 N1 しょうきょ elimination, erasing, dying out, melting away
消息 N1 しょうそく news, letter, circumstances
消耗 N1 しょうもう exhaustion, consumption
混む N1 こむ to be crowded
混血 N1 こんけつ mixed race, mixed parentage
添う N1 そう to accompany, to become married, to comply with
添える N1 そえる to add to, to attach, to append, to accompany, to garnish, to imitate, to annex
清々しい N1 すがすがしい fresh, refreshing
清らか N1 きよらか clean, pure, chaste
清濁 N1 せいだく good and evil, purity and impurity
清純 N1 せいじゅん purity, innocence
済ます N1 すます to finish, to get it over with, to settle, to conclude, to pay back
済まない N1 すまない sorry (phrase)
済みません N1 すみません sorry, excuse me
渋い N1 しぶい 1. tasteful (clothing), cool, an aura of refined masculinity, 2. astringent, sullen, bitter (taste), 3
減点 N1 げんてん subtract, give a demerit
渡り鳥 N1 わたりどり migratory bird, bird of passage
温和 N1 おんわ gentle, mild, moderate
湿気る N1 しける to be damp, to be moist
満場 N1 まんじょう unanimous, whole audience
源 N1 みなもと source, origin
準じる N1 じゅんじる to follow, to conform, to apply to
準ずる N1 じゅんずる to apply correspondingly, to correspond to, to be proportionate to, to conform to
準急 N1 じゅんきゅう local express (train slower than an express)
溜まり N1 たまり collected things, gathering place, arrears
溝 N1 こう 10^38, hundred undecillion (American), hundred sextillion (British)
溢れる N1 あふれる to flood, to overflow, to brim over
溶液 N1 ようえき solution (liquid)
滅びる N1 ほろびる to be ruined, to go under, to perish, to be destroyed
滅亡 N1 めつぼう downfall, ruin, collapse, destruction
滑らか N1 なめらか smoothness, glassiness
滑稽 N1 こっけい funny, humorous, comical, laughable, ridiculous, joking
滞る N1 とどこおる to stagnate, to be delayed
滞納 N1 たいのう non-payment, default
滲む N1 にじむ to run, to blur, to spread, to blot, to ooze
漁村 N1 ぎょそん fishing village
漁船 N1 ぎょせん fishing boat
漂う N1 ただよう to drift about, to float, to hang in air
演出 N1 えんしゅつ production (e.g. play), direction
演習 N1 えんしゅう practice, exercises, manoeuvers
漕ぐ N1 こぐ to row, to scull, to pedal
漠然 N1 ばくぜん obscure, vague, equivocal
漢語 N1 かんご Chinese word, Sino-Japanese word
潜る N1 くぐる 1. to drive, to pass through, 2. to evade, to hide, 3. to dive (into or under water), to go undergro
潜入 N1 せんにゅう infiltration, sneaking in
潜水 N1 せんすい diving
潮 N1 うしお tide
澄ます N1 すます to clear, to make clear, to be unruffled, to look unconcerned, to look demure, look prim, put on airs
激励 N1 げきれい encouragement
濠 N1 ごう moat
濫用 N1 らんよう abuse, misuse, misappropriation, using to excess
濯ぐ N1 すすぐ to rinse, to wash out
火傷 N1 かしょう burn, scald
火星 N1 かせい Mars (planet)
火燵 N1 こたつ table with heater, (orig) charcoal brazier in a floor well
火花 N1 ひばな spark
灯 N1 ともしび light
灰 N1 あく puckery juice
炭素 N1 たんそ carbon (C)
点火 N1 てんか ignition, lighting, set fire to
点線 N1 てんせん dotted line, perforated line
為さる N1 なさる to do
為来り N1 しきたり customs
焚火 N1 たきび (open) fire
無口 N1 むくち reticence
無念 N1 むねん chagrin, regret
無用 N1 むよう useless, futility, needlessness, unnecessariness
無知 N1 むち ignorance
無礼 N1 ぶれい impolite, rude
無能 N1 むのう inefficiency, incompetence
無茶苦茶 N1 むちゃくちゃ confused, jumbled, mixed up, unreasonable
無言 N1 むごん silence
無邪気 N1 むじゃき innocence, simple-mindedness
無闇に N1 むやみに unreasonably, absurdly, recklessly, indiscreetly, at random
無難 N1 ぶなん safety, security
焦げ茶 N1 こげちゃ black tea
然うして N1 そうして and, like that
然し N1 しかし however, but
然して N1 そして and
然しながら N1 しかしながら nevertheless, however
然も N1 さも with gusto, with satisfaction
煌々と N1 こうこうと brilliantly, brightly
煌びやか N1 きらびやか gorgeous, gaudy, dazzling, gay
照り返す N1 てりかえす to reflect, to throw back light
照合 N1 しょうごう collation, comparison
照明 N1 しょうめい illumination
煩わしい N1 わずらわしい troublesome, annoying, complicated
煽てる N1 おだてる to stir up, to instigate, to flatter
熱意 N1 ねつい zeal, enthusiasm
熱湯 N1 ねっとう boiling water
熱量 N1 ねつりょう temperature
燃焼 N1 ねんしょう burning, combustion
爆破 N1 ばくは blast, explosion, blow up
父母 N1 ちちはは father and mother, parents
片付け N1 かたづけ tidying up, finishing
片言 N1 かたこと a smattering, talk like a baby, speak haltingly
版画 N1 はんが art print
牧師 N1 ぼくし pastor, minister, clergyman
物体ない N1 もったいない too good, more than one deserves, wasteful, sacrilegious, unworthy of
物好き N1 ものずき curiosity
物置き N1 ものおき storeroom
物議 N1 ぶつぎ public discussion (criticism)
物資 N1 ぶっし goods, materials
物足りない N1 ものたりない unsatisfied, unsatisfactory
特技 N1 とくぎ special skill
特有 N1 とくゆう characteristic (of), peculiar (to)
特権 N1 とっけん privilege, special right
特派 N1 とくは send specially, special envoy
特産 N1 とくさん specialty, special product
特許 N1 とっきょ special permission, patent
特集 N1 とくしゅう feature (e.g. newspaper), special edition, report
状 N1 じょう shape
独創 N1 どくそう originality
独占 N1 どくせん monopoly
独自 N1 どくじ original, peculiar, characteristic
独裁 N1 どくさい dictatorship, despotism
猛烈 N1 もうれつ violent, vehement, rage
玄人 N1 くろうと expert, professional, geisha, prostitute
率いる N1 ひきいる to lead, to spearhead (a group), to command (troops)
率直 N1 そっちょく frankness, candour, openheartedness
玉 N1 ぎょく king (shogi)
現像 N1 げんぞう developing (film)
現行 N1 げんこう present, current, in operation
球根 N1 きゅうこん (plant) bulb
理性 N1 りせい reason, sense
瓶 N1 かめ earthenware pot
甚だ N1 はなはだ very, greatly, exceedingly
生 N1 pure, undiluted, raw, crude
生やす N1 はやす to grow, to cultivate, to wear beard
生死 N1 せいし life and death
生温い N1 なまぬるい lukewarm, halfhearted
生真面目 N1 きまじめ too serious, person who is too serious, honesty, sincerity
生育 N1 せいいく growth, development, breeding
生臭い N1 なまぐさい smelling of fish or blood, fish or meat
生計 N1 せいけい livelihood, living
産休 N1 さんきゅう maternity leave
産出 N1 さんしゅつ yield, produce
産婦人科 N1 さんふじんか maternity and gynecology department
産後 N1 さんご postpartum, after childbirth
産物 N1 さんぶつ product, result, fruit
甥 N1 おい nephew
用品 N1 ようひん articles, supplies, parts
用法 N1 ようほう directions, rules of use
田園 N1 でんえん country, rural districts
甲 N1 きのえ 1st in rank, first sign of the Chinese calendar, shell, instep, grade A
申し入れる N1 もうしいれる to propose, to suggest
申し分 N1 もうしぶん objection, shortcomings
申告 N1 しんこく report, statement, filing a return, notification
画 N1 かく stroke
画期 N1 かっき epoch-making
留める N1 とどめる to stop, to cease, to put an end to
畜生 N1 ちくしょう beast, brute, damn
畜産 N1 ちくさん animal husbandry
略奪 N1 りゃくだつ pillage, plunder, looting, robbery
略語 N1 りゃくご abbreviation, acronym
番目 N1 ばんめ cardinal number suffix
異動 N1 いどう a change
異論 N1 いろん different opinion, objection
畳 N1 じょう
疎か N1 おろそか neglect, negligence, carelessness
疑惑 N1 ぎわく doubt, misgivings, distrust, suspicion
疲労 N1 ひろう fatigue, weariness
疾っくに N1 とっくに long ago, already, a long time ago
症 N1 しょう illness
痛切 N1 つうせつ keen, acute
痛感 N1 つうかん feeling keenly, fully realizing
痺れる N1 しびれる to become numb, to go to sleep (i.e. a limb)
発掘 N1 はっくつ excavation, exhumation
発条 N1 ばね spring (e.g. coil leaf)
発病 N1 はつびょう attack (disease)
発育 N1 はついく (physical) growth, development
発芽 N1 はつが burgeoning
発足 N1 はっそく starting, inauguration
登校 N1 とうこう attendance (at school)
白状 N1 はくじょう confession
百科事典 N1 ひゃっかじてん encyclopedia
百科辞典 N1 ひゃっかじてん encyclopedia
的 N1 てき -like, typical
的 N1 まと mark, target
皇居 N1 こうきょ Imperial Palace
皺 N1 しわ wrinkles, creases
益々 N1 ますます increasingly, more and more
盛る N1 さかる to prosper, to flourish, to copulate (animals)
盛大 N1 せいだい grand, prosperous, magnificent
盛装 N1 せいそう be dressed up, wear rich clothes
目方 N1 めかた weight
目盛 N1 めもり scale, gradations
目眩 N1 めまい dizziness, giddiness
目蓋 N1 まぶた eyelid
目覚しい N1 めざましい brilliant, splendid, striking, remarkable
目論見 N1 もくろみ a plan, a scheme, a project, a program, intention, goal
目録 N1 もくろく catalogue, catalog, list
盲点 N1 もうてん blind spot
直ぐ N1 すぐ immediately, soon, easily, right (near), honest, upright
直感 N1 ちょっかん intuition
直面 N1 ちょくめん confrontation
相 N1 あい together, mutually, fellow
相場 N1 そうば market price, speculation, estimation
相対 N1 あいたい confrontation, facing, between ourselves, no third party, tete-a-tete
相応 N1 そうおう suitability, fitness
相応しい N1 ふさわしい appropriate
省みる N1 かえりみる to reflect
看護 N1 かんご nursing, (army) nurse
真ん丸い N1 まんまるい perfectly circular
真ん前 N1 まんまえ right in front, under the nose
真上 N1 まうえ just above, right overhead
真下 N1 ました right under, directly below
真実 N1 さな truth, reality
真心 N1 まこころ sincerity, devotion
真珠 N1 しんじゅ pearl
真理 N1 しんり truth
真相 N1 しんそう truth, real situation
眠たい N1 ねむたい sleepy
着 N1 ちゃく counter for suits of clothing, arriving at ..
着工 N1 ちゃっこう start of (construction) work
着席 N1 ちゃくせき sit down, seat
着手 N1 ちゃくしゅ embarkation, launch
着目 N1 ちゃくもく attention
着色 N1 ちゃくしょく colouring, coloring
着陸 N1 ちゃくりく landing, alighting, touch down
着飾る N1 きかざる to dress up
瞑る N1 つぶる to close the eyes
瞬き N1 またたき wink, twinkling (of stars), flicker (of light)
矢鱈に N1 やたらに randomly, recklessly, blindly
知性 N1 ちせい intelligence
知的 N1 ちてき intellectual
短大 N1 たんだい junior college
短歌 N1 たんか tanka, 31-syllable Japanese poem
短気 N1 たんき quick temper
短波 N1 たんぱ short wave
砂利 N1 じゃり gravel, ballast, pebbles
研ぐ N1 とぐ to sharpen, to grind, to scour, to hone, to polish, to wash (rice)
破損 N1 はそん damage
破棄 N1 はき revocation, annulment, breaking (e.g. treaty)
破裂 N1 はれつ explosion, rupture, break off
碁盤 N1 ごばん Go board
碌な N1 ろくな satisfactory, decent
碌に N1 ろくに well, enough, sufficient
碑 N1 いしぶみ stone monument bearing an inscription
確り N1 しっかり firmly, tightly, reliable, level-headed, steady
確信 N1 かくしん conviction, confidence
確立 N1 かくりつ establishment
磁器 N1 じき porcelain, china
磁気 N1 じき magnetism
社交 N1 しゃこう social life, social intercourse
社宅 N1 しゃたく company owned house
祝賀 N1 しゅくが celebration, congratulations
神殿 N1 しんでん temple, sacred place
神秘 N1 しんぴ mystery
神聖 N1 しんせい holiness, sacredness, dignity
票 N1 ひょう label, ballot, ticket, sign
禁物 N1 きんもつ taboo, forbidden thing
禅 N1 ぜん Zen (Buddhism)
福祉 N1 ふくし welfare, well-being
私有 N1 しゆう private ownership
私物 N1 しぶつ private property, personal effects
私用 N1 しよう personal use, private business
科 N1 department, section
秘書 N1 ひしょ (private) secretary
秩序 N1 ちつじょ order, regularity, system, method
称する N1 しょうする to pretend, to take the name of, to feign, to purport
移民 N1 いみん emigration, immigration, emigrant, immigrant
稍 N1 やや a little, partially, somewhat, a short time, a while
税務署 N1 ぜいむしょ tax office
種 N1 しゅ kind, variety, species
種々 N1 くさぐさ variety
稲光 N1 いなびかり (flash of) lightning
穂 N1 ear (of plant), head (of plant)
積もり N1 つもり intention, plan
空しい N1 むなしい vacant, futile, vain, void, empty, ineffective, lifeless
空ろ N1 うつろ blank, cavity, hollow, empty (space)
空間 N1 あきま vacancy, room for rent or lease
突く N1 つつく 1. to thrust, to strike, to attack, 2. to poke, to nudge, to pick at
突っ張る N1 つっぱる to support, to become stiff, to become taut, to thrust (ones opponent), to stick to (ones opinion), to in
突如 N1 とつじょ suddenly, all of a sudden
突破 N1 とっぱ breaking through, breakthrough, penetration
窒息 N1 ちっそく suffocation
窮乏 N1 きゅうぼう poverty
窮屈 N1 きゅうくつ narrow, tight, stiff, rigid, uneasy, formal, constrained
立ち寄る N1 たちよる to stop by, to drop in for a short visit
立体 N1 りったい solid body
立方 N1 たちかた dancing (geisha)
立法 N1 りっぽう legislation, lawmaking
竿 N1 さお rod, pole (e.g. for drying laundry)
第 N1 だい ordinal
第一 N1 だいいち first, foremost,
筈 N1 はず it should be so
等 N1 とう et cetera, etc., and the like
等級 N1 とうきゅう grade, class
策 N1 さく plan, policy
箇条書き N1 かじょうがき itemized form, itemization
箇箇 N1 ここ individual, separate
節 N1 せつ node, section, occasion, time
築く N1 きずく to build, to pile up, to amass
篭る N1 こもる to seclude oneself, to be confined in, to be implied, to be stuffy
簡潔 N1 かんけつ brevity, conciseness, simplicity
簡素 N1 かんそ simplicity, plain
粉末 N1 ふんまつ fine powder
粋 N1 いき chic, style, purity, essence
粘り N1 ねばり stickyness, viscosity
粘る N1 ねばる to be sticky, to be adhesive, to persevere, to persist, to stick to
粥 N1 かゆ (rice) gruel
精密 N1 せいみつ precise, exact, detailed, minute, close
精巧 N1 せいこう elaborate, delicate, exquisite
系 N1 けい system, lineage, group
納まる N1 おさまる to be obtained, to end, to settle into, to fit into, to be settled, to be paid, to be delivered
納入 N1 のうにゅう payment, supply
紛らわしい N1 まぎらわしい confusing, misleading, equivocal, ambiguous
紛れる N1 まぎれる to be diverted, to slip into
紛争 N1 ふんそう dispute, trouble, strife
素っ気ない N1 そっけない cold, short, curt, blunt
素敵 N1 すてき lovely, dreamy, beautiful, great, fantastic, superb, cool, capital
素早い N1 すばやい fast, quick, prompt, agile
素朴 N1 そぼく simplicity, artlessness, naivete
紡績 N1 ぼうせき spinning
細やか N1 こまやか friendly
細工 N1 さいく work, craftsmanship, tactics, trick
細胞 N1 さいぼう cell (biology)
細菌 N1 さいきん bacillus, bacterium, germ
紳士 N1 しんし gentleman
終始 N1 しゅうし beginning and end, from beginning to end, doing a thing from beginning to end
終日 N1 しゅうじつ all day
組み込む N1 くみこむ to insert, to include, to cut in (printing)
経る N1 へる to pass, to elapse, to experience
経費 N1 けいひ expenses, cost, outlay
結び付ける N1 むすびつける to combine, to join, to tie on, to attach with a knot
結成 N1 けっせい formation
結束 N1 けっそく union, unity
結核 N1 けっかく tuberculosis, tubercule
給う N1 たまう to receive, to grant
給仕 N1 きゅうじ office boy (girl), page, waiter
絨毯 N1 じゅうたん carpet
統制 N1 とうせい regulation, control
統合 N1 とうごう integration, unification, synthesis
統治 N1 とうじ rule, reign, government, governing
統率 N1 とうそつ command, lead, generalship, leadership
絶える N1 たえる to die out, to peter out, to become extinct
絶つ N1 たつ to sever, to cut off, to suppress, to abstain (from)
絶版 N1 ぜっぱん out of print
継ぎ目 N1 つぎめ a joint, joining point
継ぐ N1 つぐ to succeed
綻びる N1 ほころびる to come apart at the seams, to begin to open, to smile broadly
総 N1 そう whole, all, general, gross
総会 N1 そうかい general meeting
総合 N1 そうごう synthesis, coordination, putting together, integration, composite
編 N1 へん compilation, editing, completed poem, book, part of book
緩む N1 ゆるむ to become loose, to slacken
緩める N1 ゆるめる to loosen, to slow down
緩やか N1 ゆるやか lenient
緩和 N1 かんわ relief, mitigation
練る N1 ねる to knead, to work over, to polish up
縁側 N1 えんがわ veranda, porch, balcony, open corridor
縁談 N1 えんだん marriage proposal, engagement
縮まる N1 ちぢまる to be shortened, to be contracted, to shrink
繁栄 N1 はんえい prospering, prosperity, thriving, flourishing
繁殖 N1 はんしょく breed, multiply, increase, propagation
繁盛 N1 はんじょう prosperity, flourishing, thriving
繊維 N1 せんい fibre, fiber, textile
織 N1 おり weave, weaving, woven item
織る N1 おる to weave
織物 N1 おりもの textile, fabric
繕う N1 つくろう to mend, to repair, to fix, to patch up, to darn, to tidy up, to adjust, to trim
纏まり N1 まとまり conclusion, settlement, consistency
纏め N1 まとめ settlement, conclusion
罰 N1 ばち (divine) punishment, curse, retribution
罵る N1 ののしる to speak ill of, to abuse
美術 N1 びじゅつ art, fine arts
群 N1 ぐん group (math)
群がる N1 むらがる to swarm, to gather
群集 N1 ぐんしゅう (social) group, crowd, throng, mob, multitude
老衰 N1 ろうすい senility, senile decay
考古学 N1 こうこがく archaeology
而も N1 しかも moreover, furthermore, nevertheless, and yet
耐える N1 たえる to bear, to endure
耕作 N1 こうさく cultivation, farming
耳鼻科 N1 じびか otolaryngology
聳える N1 そびえる to rise, to tower, to soar
聴覚 N1 ちょうかく the sense of hearing
聴診器 N1 ちょうしんき stethoscope
聴講 N1 ちょうこう lecture attendance, auditing
職務 N1 しょくむ professional duties
職員 N1 しょくいん staff member, personnel
肉親 N1 にくしん blood relationship, blood relative
股 N1 また groin, crotch, thigh
肥料 N1 ひりょう manure, fertilizer
育ち N1 そだち breeding, growth
育成 N1 いくせい rearing, training, nurture, cultivation, promotion
背く N1 そむく to run counter to, to go against, to disobey, to infringe
背景 N1 はいけい background, scenery, setting, circumstance
背負う N1 しょう to be burdened with, to carry on back or shoulder
胴 N1 どう trunk, body, frame
脆い N1 もろい brittle, fragile, tender-hearted
脈 N1 みゃく pulse
脚本 N1 きゃくほん scenario
脚色 N1 きゃくしょく dramatization (e.g. film)
脱する N1 だっする to escape from, to get out
脱退 N1 だったい secession
腐敗 N1 ふはい decay, depravity
腕前 N1 うでまえ ability, skill, facility
腫れる N1 はれる to swell (from inflammation), to become swollen
腸 N1 ちょう guts, bowels, intestines
腿 N1 もも thigh, femur
膜 N1 まく membrane, film
膨れる N1 ふくれる to get cross, to get sulky, to swell (out), to expand, to be inflated, to distend, to bulge
膳 N1 ぜん (small) table, tray, meal
臍 N1 へそ navel, belly-button
臨む N1 のぞむ to look out on, to face, to deal with, to attend (function)
自ずから N1 おのずから naturally, as a matter of course
自主 N1 じしゅ independence, autonomy
自信 N1 じしん self-confidence
自動詞 N1 じどうし intransitive verb (no direct obj)
自在 N1 じざい freely, at will
自尊心 N1 じそんしん self-respect, conceit
自惚れ N1 うぬぼれ pretension, conceit, hubris
自我 N1 じが self, the ego
自立 N1 じりつ independence, self-reliance
自転 N1 じてん rotation, spin
自首 N1 じしゅ surrender, give oneself up
至って N1 いたって very much, exceedingly, extremely
興じる N1 きょうじる to amuse oneself, to make merry
興奮 N1 こうふん excitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
興業 N1 こうぎょう industrial enterprise
舗装 N1 ほそう pavement, road surface
舞う N1 まう to dance, to flutter about, to revolve
航海 N1 こうかい sail, voyage
船舶 N1 せんぱく ship
良好 N1 りょうこう favorable, satisfactory
良心 N1 りょうしん conscience
良識 N1 りょうしき good sense
良質 N1 りょうしつ good quality, superior quality
色彩 N1 しきさい colour, hue, tints
艶 N1 えん charming, fascinating, voluptuous
芝 N1 しば lawn, sod, turf
花びら N1 はなびら (flower) petal
花壇 N1 かだん flower bed
苗 N1 なえ rice seedling
苛める N1 いじめる to tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastise
茎 N1 くき stalk
茶の湯 N1 ちゃのゆ tea ceremony
茶の間 N1 ちゃのま living room (Japanese style)
茹でる N1 ゆでる to boil
荒らす N1 あらす to lay waste, to devastate, to damage, to invade, to break into
荒廃 N1 こうはい ruin
荷 N1 load, baggage, cargo
荷造り N1 にづくり packing, baling, crating
華々しい N1 はなばなしい brilliant, magnificent, spectacular
華やか N1 はなやか gay, showy, brilliant, gorgeous, florid
華奢 N1 かしゃ luxury, pomp, delicate, slender, gorgeous
華美 N1 かび pomp, splendor, gaudiness
萎びる N1 しなびる to wilt, to fade
萎む N1 しぼむ to wither, to fade (away), to shrivel, to wilt
落ち葉 N1 おちば fallen leaves, leaf litter, defoliation, shedding leaves
落ち込む N1 おちこむ to fall into, to feel down (sad)
著 N1 ちゃく counter for suits of clothing, arriving at ..
著しい N1 いちじるしい remarkable, considerable
著名 N1 ちょめい well-known, noted, celebrated
著書 N1 ちょしょ literary work, book
葦 N1 よし reed, bulrush
葬る N1 ほうむる to bury, to inter, to entomb, to consign to oblivion, to shelve
蒸留 N1 じょうりゅう distillation
蓄積 N1 ちくせき accumulation, accumulate, store
蓋 N1 がい cover, lid, cap
蓮 N1 はす lotus
蔵 N1 くら warehouse, cellar, magazine, granary, godown, depository, treasury, elevator
蔵相 N1 ぞうしょう Minister of Finance
蕩ける N1 とろける to be enchanted with
蕾 N1 つぼみ bud, flower bud
薄弱 N1 はくじゃく feebleness, weakness, weak
藍褸 N1 ぼろ rag, scrap, tattered clothes, fault (esp. in a pretense), defect, run-down or junky
藻掻く N1 もがく to struggle, to wriggle, to be impatient
蜜 N1 みつ nectar, honey
蝶 N1 ちょう butterfly
融資 N1 ゆうし financing, loan
融通 N1 ゆうずう lending (money), accommodation, adaptability, versatility, finance
衆 N1 しゅう masses, great number, the people
衆議院 N1 しゅうぎいん Lower House, House of Representatives
行 N1 ぎょう line, row, verse
行き違い N1 いきちがい misunderstanding, estrangement, disagreement, crossing without meeting, going astray
行員 N1 こういん bank clerk
行政 N1 ぎょうせい administration
行進 N1 こうしん march, parade
街道 N1 かいどう highway
街頭 N1 がいとう in the street
衣料 N1 いりょう clothing
衣装 N1 いしょう clothing, costume, outfit, garment, dress
衣類 N1 いるい clothes, clothing, garments
衰える N1 おとろえる to become weak, to decline, to wear, to abate, to decay, to wither, to waste away
装飾 N1 そうしょく ornament
補償 N1 ほしょう compensation, reparation
補強 N1 ほきょう compensation, reinforcement
補足 N1 ほそく supplement, complement
製法 N1 せいほう manufacturing method, recipe, formula
製鉄 N1 せいてつ iron manufacture
裾 N1 すそ (trouser) cuff, (skirt) hem, cut edge of a hairdo, foot of mountain
複合 N1 ふくごう composite, complex
褒美 N1 ほうび reward, prize
襟 N1 えり neck, collar, lapel, neckband
襲撃 N1 しゅうげき attack, charge, raid
西日 N1 にしび westering sun
要する N1 ようする to demand, to require, to take
要望 N1 ようぼう demand for, request
覆す N1 くつがえす to overturn, to upset, to overthrow, to undermine
覆面 N1 ふくめん mask, veil, disguise
見すぼらしい N1 みすぼらしい shabby, seedy
見せ物 N1 みせもの show, exhibition
見合わせる N1 みあわせる to exchange glances, to postpone, to suspend operations, to refrain from performing an action
見地 N1 けんち point of view
見掛ける N1 みかける to (happen to) see, to notice, to catch sight of
見晴らし N1 みはらし view
見渡す N1 みわたす to look out over, to survey (scene), to take an extensive view of
見舞 N1 みまい enquiry, expression of sympathy, expression of concern
見込み N1 みこみ hope, prospects, expectation
規制 N1 きせい regulation
規模 N1 きぼ scale, scope, plan, structure
規範 N1 きはん model, standard, pattern, norm, criterion, example
規約 N1 きやく agreement, rules, code
視察 N1 しさつ inspection, observation
視野 N1 しや field of vision, outlook
親しむ N1 したしむ to be intimate with, to befriend
親善 N1 しんぜん friendship
観点 N1 かんてん point of view
観覧 N1 かんらん viewing
言伝 N1 ことづて declaration, hearsay
言論 N1 げんろん discussion
計器 N1 けいき meter, gauge
討論 N1 とうろん debate, discussion
討議 N1 とうぎ debate, discussion
記す N1 しるす to note, to write down
記名 N1 きめい signature, register
設ける N1 もうける to create, to establish
設立 N1 せつりつ establishment, foundation, institution
許容 N1 きょよう permission, pardon
訴訟 N1 そしょう litigation, lawsuit
診療 N1 しんりょう medical examination and treatment, diagnosis
証言 N1 しょうげん evidence, testimony
試み N1 こころみ trial, experiment
試みる N1 こころみる to try, to test
詰らない N1 つまらない insignificant, boring, trifling
詰る N1 なじる to rebuke, to scold, to tell off
誂える N1 あつらえる to give an order, to place an order
誇張 N1 こちょう exaggeration
認める N1 したためる to write up
誘導 N1 ゆうどう guidance, leading, induction, introduction, incitement, inducement
誘惑 N1 ゆうわく temptation, allurement, lure
語句 N1 ごく words, phrases
語源 N1 ごげん word root, word derivation, etymology
誠 N1 まこと truth, faith, fidelity, sincerity, trust, confidence, reliance, devotion
誠実 N1 せいじつ sincere, honest, faithful
誤差 N1 ごさ error
説く N1 とく to explain, to advocate, to preach, to persuade
読者 N1 どくしゃ reader
課外 N1 かがい extracurricular
調べ N1 しらべ preparation, investigation, inspection
調停 N1 ちょうてい arbitration, conciliation, mediation
調印 N1 ちょういん signature, sign, sealing
調和 N1 ちょうわ harmony
調理 N1 ちょうり cooking
諄い N1 くどい verbose, importunate, heavy (taste)
論議 N1 ろんぎ discussion
諮る N1 はかる to consult with, to confer
諸 N1 しょ various, many, several
諸君 N1 しょくん Gentlemen!, Ladies!
謙る N1 へりくだる to deprecate oneself and praise the listener
講習 N1 こうしゅう short course, training
講読 N1 こうどく reading, translation
謝絶 N1 しゃぜつ refusal
警部 N1 けいぶ police inspector
議事堂 N1 ぎじどう Diet building
議案 N1 ぎあん legislative bill
議決 N1 ぎけつ resolution, decision, vote
議題 N1 ぎだい topic of discussion, agenda
譲歩 N1 じょうほ concession, conciliation, compromise
護衛 N1 ごえい guard, convoy, escort
豊作 N1 ほうさく abundant harvest, bumper crop
象 N1 しょう phenomenon
象徴 N1 しょうちょう symbol
負かす N1 まかす to defeat
負債 N1 ふさい debt, liabilities
負傷 N1 ふしょう injury, wound
財 N1 ざい fortune, riches
財政 N1 ざいせい economy, financial affairs
財源 N1 ざいげん source of funds, resources, finances
貧困 N1 ひんこん poverty, lack
貨幣 N1 かへい money, currency, coinage
貫禄 N1 かんろく presence, dignity
責務 N1 せきむ duty, obligation
貯蓄 N1 ちょちく savings
貴い N1 たっとい precious, valuable, priceless, noble, exalted, sacred
貶す N1 けなす to speak ill of
費 N1 cost, expense
費やす N1 ついやす to spend, to devote, to waste
賃金 N1 ちんぎん wages
賄う N1 まかなう to give board to, to provide meals, to pay
資産 N1 しさん property, fortune, means, assets
資金 N1 しきん funds, capital
賑わう N1 にぎわう to prosper, to flourish, to do thriving business, to be crowded with people
賛美 N1 さんび praise, adoration, glorification
賜る N1 たまわる to grant, to bestow
賠償 N1 ばいしょう reparations, indemnity, compensation
賢明 N1 けんめい wisdom, intelligence, prudence
質疑 N1 しつぎ question
質素 N1 しっそ simplicity, modesty, frugality
購読 N1 こうどく subscription (e.g. magazine)
購買 N1 こうばい purchase, buy
贋物 N1 がんぶつ imitation, counterfeit, forgery, sham
赤らむ N1 あからむ to become red, to redden, to blush
走行 N1 そうこう running a wheeled vehicle (e.g. car), traveling
赴く N1 おもむく to go, to proceed, to repair to, to become
赴任 N1 ふにん (proceeding to) new appointment
起伏 N1 きふく undulation
起源 N1 きげん origin, beginning, rise
起点 N1 きてん starting point
超 N1 ちょう super-, ultra-, hyper-
趣 N1 おもむき meaning, tenor, gist, effect, appearance, taste, grace, charm, refinement
趣旨 N1 しゅし object, meaning
跡切れる N1 とぎれる to pause, to be interrupted
跡継ぎ N1 あとつぎ heir, successor
跨がる N1 またがる to extend over or into, to straddle
跨ぐ N1 またぐ to straddle
踏まえる N1 ふまえる to be based on, to have origin in
踵 N1 かかと (shoe) heel
躊躇う N1 ためらう to hesitate
躓く N1 つまずく to stumble, to trip
身なり N1 みなり personal appearance
身振り N1 みぶり gesture
身近 N1 みぢか near oneself, close to one, familiar
躾 N1 しつけ home discipline, training, upbringing, breeding
軈て N1 やがて before long, soon, at length
軋む N1 きしむ to jar, to creak, to grate
軍事 N1 ぐんじ military affairs
軍備 N1 ぐんび armaments, military preparations
軍艦 N1 ぐんかん warship, battleship
軒並み N1 のきなみ row of houses
転じる N1 てんじる to turn, to shift, to alter, to distract
転任 N1 てんにん change of post
転勤 N1 てんきん transfer, transmission
転回 N1 てんかい revolution, rotation
転居 N1 てんきょ moving, changing residence
転換 N1 てんかん convert, divert
転校 N1 てんこう change schools
転落 N1 てんらく fall, degradation, slump
転転 N1 てんてん rolling about, moving from place to place, being passed around repeatedly
軽快 N1 けいかい rhythmical (e.g. melody), casual (e.g. dress), light, nimble
軽減 N1 けいげん abatement
軽率 N1 けいそつ rash, thoughtless, careless, hasty
軽蔑 N1 けいべつ scorn, disdain
辛うじて N1 かろうじて barely, narrowly, just manage to do st
辛抱 N1 しんぼう patience, endurance
辞職 N1 じしょく resignation
辞退 N1 じたい refusal
辟易 N1 へきえき wince, shrink back, succumbing to, being frightened, disconcerted
農地 N1 のうち agricultural land
農場 N1 のうじょう farm (agriculture)
農耕 N1 のうこう farming, agriculture
辺り N1 ほとり (in the) neighbourhood, vicinity, nearby
辻褄 N1 つじつま coherence, consistency
辿り着く N1 たどりつく to grope along to, to struggle on to, to arrive somewhere after a struggle
辿る N1 たどる to follow (road), to pursue (course), to follow up
近々 N1 きんきん nearness, before long
近付く N1 ちかづく to approach, to get near, to get acquainted with, to get closer
近眼 N1 きんがん nearsightedness, shortsightedness, myopia
近視 N1 きんし shortsightedness
近郊 N1 きんこう suburbs, outskirts
返済 N1 へんさい repayment
返答 N1 へんとう reply
返還 N1 へんかん return, restoration
迚も N1 とても very, awfully, exceedingly
迫害 N1 はくがい persecution
追い込む N1 おいこむ to herd, to corner, to drive
追及 N1 ついきゅう gaining on, carrying out, solving (crime)
追放 N1 ついほう exile, banishment
追跡 N1 ついせき pursuit
退く N1 しりぞく to retreat, to recede, to withdraw
退ける N1 しりぞける to repel, to drive away
退化 N1 たいか degeneration, retrogression
退職 N1 たいしょく retirement (from office)
送金 N1 そうきん remittance, sending money
逃す N1 のがす to let loose, to set free, to let escape
逃れる N1 のがれる to escape
逃亡 N1 とうぼう escape
逃走 N1 とうそう flight, desertion, escape
逆上る N1 さかのぼる to go back, to go upstream, to make retroactive
逆立ち N1 さかだち handstand, headstand
逆転 N1 ぎゃくてん (sudden) change, reversal, turn-around, coming from behind (baseball)
途上 N1 とじょう en route, half way
途中 N1 つちゅう on the way, en route
途絶える N1 とだえる to stop, to cease, to come to an end
通 N1 つう connoisseur, counter for letters
通りかかる N1 とおりかかる to happen to pass by
逞しい N1 たくましい burly, strong, sturdy
造り N1 つくり make up, structure, physique
造る N1 つくる to make, to create, to manufacture, to draw up, to write, to compose, to build, to coin, to cultivate, to org
連なる N1 つらなる to extend, to stretch out, to stand in a row
連ねる N1 つらねる to link, to join, to put together
連中 N1 れんじゅう colleagues, company, a lot
連帯 N1 れんたい solidarity
連日 N1 れんじつ every day, prolonged
連盟 N1 れんめい league, union, alliance
連邦 N1 れんぽう commonwealth, federation of states
進み N1 すすみ progress
進出 N1 しんしゅつ advance, step forward
進呈 N1 しんてい presentation
進展 N1 しんてん progress, development
進度 N1 しんど progress
進路 N1 しんろ course, route
逸らす N1 そらす to turn away, to avert
遂げる N1 とげる to accomplish, to achieve, to carry out
遊牧 N1 ゆうぼく nomadism
運賃 N1 うんちん freight rates, shipping expenses, fare
運輸 N1 うんゆ transportation
運送 N1 うんそう shipping, marine transportation
過ぎ N1 すぎ past, after
過ち N1 あやまち fault, error, indiscretion
過多 N1 かた excess, superabundance
過密 N1 かみつ crowded
過疎 N1 かそ depopulation
道場 N1 どうじょう dojo, hall used for martial arts training, mandala
達者 N1 たっしゃ skillful, in good health
違える N1 ちがえる to change
遠ざかる N1 とおざかる to go far off
遠回り N1 とおまわり detour, roundabout way
遠方 N1 えんぽう long way, distant place
遣い N1 つかい mission, simple task, doing
遣り通す N1 やりとおす to carry through, to achieve, to complete
遣る N1 やる to do, to have sexual intercourse, to kill, to give (to inferiors animals etc.), to dispatch (a letter
遥か N1 はるか far, far-away, distant, remote, far off
適宜 N1 てきぎ suitability
適応 N1 てきおう adaptation, accommodation, conformity
適性 N1 てきせい aptitude
遭難 N1 そうなん disaster, shipwreck, accident
遮る N1 さえぎる to interrupt, to intercept, to obstruct
選考 N1 せんこう selection, screening
還暦 N1 かんれき 60th birthday
邸宅 N1 ていたく mansion, residence
郷愁 N1 きょうしゅう nostalgia, homesickness
郷里 N1 きょうり birth-place, home town
配分 N1 はいぶん distribution, allotment
配給 N1 はいきゅう distribution (eg. films rice)
配置 N1 はいち arrangement (of resources), disposition
酪農 N1 らくのう dairy (farm)
酸っぱい N1 すっぱい sour, acid
酸化 N1 さんか oxidation
重 N1 -fold, -ply
重んじる N1 おもんじる to respect, to honor, to esteem, to prize
重んずる N1 おもんずる to honor, to respect, to esteem, to prize
重宝 N1 じゅうほう priceless treasure, convenience, usefulness
重役 N1 おもやく heavy responsibilities, director
重複 N1 じゅうふく duplication, repetition, overlapping, redundancy, restoration
野党 N1 やとう opposition party
野外 N1 やがい fields, outskirts, open air, suburbs
野心 N1 やしん ambition, aspiration, designs, treachery
金庫 N1 かねぐら safe, vault, treasury, provider of funds
金槌 N1 かなづち 1. (iron) hammer, 2. punishment
釣鐘 N1 つりがね hanging bell
鈍る N1 なまる to become less capable, to grow dull, to become blunt, to weaken
鈍感 N1 どんかん thickheadedness, stolidity
鉄棒 N1 かなぼう iron rod, crowbar, horizontal bar (gymnastics)
鉄片 N1 てっぺん iron scraps
鉄鋼 N1 てっこう iron and steel
鉱山 N1 こうざん mine (ore)
鉱業 N1 こうぎょう mining industry
銃 N1 つつ gun
銅 N1 あかがね copper
錯覚 N1 さっかく optical illusion, hallucination
錯誤 N1 さくご mistake
長 N1 おさ chief, head
長々 N1 ながなが long, drawn-out, very long
長大 N1 ちょうだい very long, great length
長官 N1 ちょうかん chief, (government) secretary
長編 N1 ちょうへん long (e.g. novel film)
長閑 N1 のどか tranquil, calm, quiet
門 N1 かど gate
閉口 N1 へいこう shut mouth
閉鎖 N1 へいさ closing, closure, shutdown, lockout, unsociable
開拓 N1 かいたく reclamation (of wasteland), cultivation, pioneer
間々 N1 まま occasionally, frequently
間柄 N1 あいだがら relation(ship)
関与 N1 かんよ participation, taking part in, participating in, being concerned in
関税 N1 かんぜい customs, duty, tariff
閲覧 N1 えつらん inspection, reading
防火 N1 ぼうか fire prevention, fire fighting, fire proof
防衛 N1 ぼうえい defense, protection, self-defense
阻む N1 はばむ to keep someone from doing, to stop, to prevent, to check, to hinder, to obstruct, to oppose, to thwart
阻止 N1 そし obstruction, check, hindrance, prevention, interdiction
降伏 N1 こうふく capitulation, surrender, submission
降水 N1 こうすい rainfall, precipitation
陰気 N1 いんき gloom, melancholy
陳列 N1 ちんれつ exhibition, display, show
階層 N1 かいそう class, level, stratum, hierarchy
階級 N1 かいきゅう class, rank, grade
隔たる N1 へだたる to be distant
隔週 N1 かくしゅう every other week
際 N1 きわ edge, brink, verge, side
障る N1 さわる to hinder, to interfere with, to affect, to do one harm, to be harmful to
隠居 N1 いんきょ retirement, retired person
雅致 N1 がち artistry, good taste, elegance, grace
集計 N1 しゅうけい totalization, aggregate
雇用 N1 こよう employment (long term), hire
雌 N1 めす female (animal)
雑 N1 ざつ rough, crude
雑木 N1 ざつぼく various kinds of small trees, assorted trees
雑談 N1 ざつだん chatting, idle talk
雑貨 N1 ざっか miscellaneous goods, general goods, sundries
雛 N1 ひな young bird, chick, doll
難 N1 なん difficulty, hardships, defect
難い N1 かたい difficult, hard
雨具 N1 あまぐ rain gear
雪崩 N1 なだれ avalanche
雫 N1 しずく drop (of water)
零す N1 こぼす to spill
零れる N1 こぼれる to overflow, to spill
震わせる N1 ふるわせる to be shaking, to be trembling
霞む N1 かすむ to grow hazy, to be misty
露 N1 つゆ dew
露骨 N1 ろこつ 1. frank, blunt, plain, outspoken, 2. conspicuous, open, 3. broad, suggestive
青春 N1 せいしゅん youth, springtime of life, adolescent
静止 N1 せいし stillness, repose, standing still
静的 N1 せいてき static
非 N1 faulty-, non-
非行 N1 ひこう delinquency, misconduct
非難 N1 ひなん blame, attack, criticism
面する N1 めんする to face on, to look out on to
面会 N1 めんかい interview
面目 N1 めんぼく face, honour, reputation, prestige, dignity, credit
革新 N1 かくしん reform, innovation
鞠 N1 まり ball
音 N1 sound, note
音色 N1 おんいろ tone color, tone quality, timbre, synthesizer patch
頃 N1 けい time, about, toward, approximately (time)
預金 N1 よきん deposit, bank account
領土 N1 りょうど dominion, territory, possession
領地 N1 りょうち territory, dominion
領域 N1 りょういき area, domain, territory, field, region, regime
領海 N1 りょうかい territorial waters
頻りに N1 しきりに frequently, repeatedly, incessantly, eagerly
顔付き N1 かおつき (outward) looks, features, face, countenance, expression
願書 N1 がんしょ written application or petition
類 N1 たぐい a kind
類似 N1 るいじ analogous
類推 N1 るいすい analogy
顧みる N1 かえりみる to look back, to turn around, to review
風土 N1 ふうど natural features, topography, climate, spiritual features
風習 N1 ふうしゅう custom
食い違う N1 くいちがう to cross each other, to run counter to, to differ, to clash, to go awry
飲み込む N1 のみこむ to gulp down, to swallow deeply, to understand, to take in, to catch on to, to learn, to digest
飼育 N1 しいく breeding, raising, rearing
飽和 N1 ほうわ saturation
養成 N1 ようせい training, development
養護 N1 ようご protection, nursing, protective care
館 N1 かん house, hall, building, hotel, inn, guesthouse
館 N1 たち 1. mansion, small castle
首脳 N1 しゅのう head, brains
香辛料 N1 こうしんりょう spices
馬鹿らしい N1 ばからしい absurd
馬鹿馬鹿しい N1 ばかばかしい stupid
馴らす N1 ならす to domesticate, to tame
駄作 N1 ださく poor work, rubbish
駆け足 N1 かけあし running fast, double time
騒動 N1 そうどう strife, riot, rebellion
驚異 N1 きょうい wonder, miracle
骨董品 N1 こっとうひん curio
高 N1 たか quantity, amount, volume, number, amount of money
高原 N1 こうげん tableland, plateau
高尚 N1 こうしょう high, noble, refined, advanced
鬱陶しい N1 うっとうしい gloomy, depressing
魂 N1 こん soul, spirit
鮮やか N1 あざやか vivid, clear, brilliant
鳥居 N1 とりい torii (Shinto shrine archway)
麻 N1 あさ flax, linen, hemp
黄色 N1 おうしょく yellow
黄金 N1 おうごん gold
黴菌 N1 ばいきん bacteria, germ(s)
鼠 N1 ねず 1. mouse, rat, 2. dark gray, slate color
鼾 N1 いびき snoring
齎らす N1 もたらす to bring, to take, to bring about
あやふや N1 あやふや uncertain, vague, ambiguous
アラブ N1 アラブ Arab
インフレ N1 インフレ inflation
キャリア N1 キャリア career, career government employee
あくどい N1 あくどい 1. gaudy, showy, excessive, 2. vicious
あべこべ N1 あべこべ contrary, opposite, inverse
あられ N1 あられ kind of cookie, cartoon character
いっそ N1 いっそ rather, sooner, might as well
いやに N1 いやに awfully, terribly
えい N1 えい ray (fish)
おっかない N1 おっかない frightening, huge
おどおど N1 おどおど coweringly, hesitantly
さっと N1 さっと quickly, suddenly
ジーパン N1 ジーパン jeans (lit: jeans pants), dungarees
がっくり N1 がっくり heartbroken
がっしり N1 がっしり firmly, solidly, tough
がっちり N1 がっちり solidly built, tightly, shrewd, calculating
がる N1 がる feel
カルテ N1 カルテ (de:) (n) clinical records (de: Karte)
きちっと N1 きちっと exactly, perfectly
きっかり N1 きっかり exactly, precisely
きっぱり N1 きっぱり clearly, plainly, distinctly
くっきり N1 くっきり distinctly, clearly, boldly
ぐっと N1 ぐっと firmly, fast, much, more
ぐらい N1 ぐらい approximately
クレーン N1 クレーン crane
げっそり N1 げっそり being disheartened, losing weight
ストロボ N1 ストロボ stroboscope (lit: strobo), strobe lamp, stroboscopic lamp
し N1 10^24 (kanji is JIS X 0212 kuten 4906), septillion (American), quadrillion (British)
しいんと N1 しいんと silent (as the grave), (deathly) quiet
すばしこい N1 すばしこい nimble, smart, quick
ずばり N1 ずばり decisively, decidedly, once and for all, unreservedly, frankly
スプリング N1 スプリング spring
スラックス N1 スラックス slacks
ずらっと N1 ずらっと in a line, in a row
ずるずる N1 ずるずる sound or act of dragging, loose, inconclusive but unwanted situation, trailingly
ずれ N1 ずれ gap, slippage
すんなり N1 すんなり pass with no objection, slim, slender
でかい N1 でかい huge
てっきり N1 てっきり surely, certainly, beyond doubt
と N1 1. if (conjunction), 2. promoted pawn (shogi) (abbr)
ぞんざい N1 ぞんざい rude, careless, slovenly
どうにか N1 どうにか in some way or other, one way or another
タイピスト N1 タイピスト typist
タイムリー N1 タイムリー timely, run-batted-in (baseball), RBI
タイル N1 タイル tile
トーン N1 トーン tone
だぶだぶ N1 だぶだぶ loose, baggy
ドライブイン N1 ドライブイン drive in
ダンプ N1 ダンプ dump
ちやほや N1 ちやほや pamper, make a fuss of, spoil
ちょくちょく N1 ちょくちょく often, frequently, now and then, occasionally
ちらっと N1 ちらっと at a glance, by accident
デッサン N1 デッサン (fr:) (n) rough sketch (fr: dessin)
ノイローゼ N1 ノイローゼ (de:) (n) neurosis (de: Neurose)
テレックス N1 テレックス telex, teletypewriter exchange
てんで N1 てんで (not) at all, altogether, entirely
どうやら N1 どうやら it seems like, somehow or other
とんだ N1 とんだ terrible, awful, serious, preposterous, absolutely not
ナイター N1 ナイター game under lights (e.g. baseball) (lit: nighter), night game
ネガ N1 ネガ (photographic) negative
ばてる N1 ばてる to be exhausted, to be worn out
ぺこぺこ N1 ぺこぺこ fawn, be very hungry
びっしょり N1 びっしょり wet through, drenched
ひょっと N1 ひょっと possibly, accidentally
びり N1 びり last on the list, at the bottom
ぶかぶか N1 ぶかぶか too big, baggy
ぶらぶら N1 ぶらぶら dangle heavily, swing, sway to and fro, aimlessly, idly, lazily, loiter, loaf, be idle, stroll idly
ふんだん N1 ふんだん plentiful, abundant, lavish
ミセス N1 ミセス Mrs.
ほっと N1 ほっと feel relieved
ぼつぼつ N1 ぼつぼつ gradually, here and there, spots, pimples
ぼやく N1 ぼやく to grumble, to complain
ぼやける N1 ぼやける to become dim, to become blurred
まごつく N1 まごつく to be confused, to be flustered
ミスプリント N1 ミスプリント misprint
もろに N1 もろに completely, all the way
ゆとり N1 ゆとり reserve, affluence, room, time (to spare)
レンジ N1 レンジ range, stove
お世辞 N1 おせじ flattery, compliment
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