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Medical Terms

Contact Lens Theory OP230

a without
ab away from
ad toward
aden gland
aero airborn
ambly dim or dull
an without
aniso unequal
anter before or in front of
anti opposite
at person with condition
bio life
blephar eyelid
cent one hundred
chrom color
cide kill
circum around
contra opposite
cyclo circle
cyst sac
dacry tears
de loss
dema swelling
derma skin
di double
dis separate
duct rotation or turning
dys disorder
ect out
ectomy surgically removed
emia blood
endo within
epi over
eso inward
exo outward
extra beyond, in addition to
fibr threadline structure
hemi one-half
hema blood
hetro other or different
holo whole
homo like, same or resembling
hydro water, ocean
hypo downward of under
ia condition
iasis presence of
infra below
inter between
intra within
irid iris
ism condition or belief
ist person who
itis inflammation
kera croneal
lacri tears
macro large
marine water, ocean
medi middle
mega large
meta between
micro small
neo new
nyct night
ocul pertaining to the eye
ologist specialist
ology study of
oma tumor
ophthaim the eye
opia vision
ortho straight
para beside or beyond
peri around
phak crystalline lens
phasia speech
phil love
phob fear
plegia stroke, paralysis
poly many
post behind
pre before
presby old
pro before
proxi near
pseudo false
retro backward
scope viewing instrument
sis condition or process
stigma spot or focus
sub under or below
super above or over
tions process
trans across
trop paralysis, manifest
ultra beyond
vaso vessels
Created by: Mduggan
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