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9/10 Music concepts

Concepts of Music Key terms

Pitch The highness or Lowness of a sound
Duration The length of sounds and silence
Syncopation Accents on weaker beats of the bar
Accent Emphasis on the strong beats of the bar
Beat The underlying pulse in music
Tempo The speed of music
Time Signature How musicians measure beats in a bar
Triplet 3 notes in the space of one beat
Crotchet A notes worth one beat
minim A note worth two beats
Semibreve A note worth 4 beats
Quaver A note worth 1/2 of a beat
Semiquaver A note worth a 1/4 of a beat
Polyphonic Two independent melodies with accompaniment
Homophonic A melody with accompaniment
Monophonic A single melody with out accompaniment
Steps A series of notes that move either up or down by scale degree
Leaps A series of notes that move up or down skipping notes of the scale
Ascending Moving in an upward direction
Decending Moving in a downwards direction
Dynamics Volume
Moderato At a walking pace
Vivaci Fast pace
Presto Very fast
Lento Very slow
Pizzicato Strings plucked instead of played with a bow
Arco Played with a bow
Double stopping Playing two notes at the same time on a stringed instrument
Piano Soft
Forte Loud
Bass Lowest male vocal range
Barritone Middle male vocal range
Tenor Highest male vocal range
Alto Lowest female vocal range
Mezzo soprano Middle female vocal range
Soprano Highest female vocal range
Conductor A person who guides an orchestra
12 bar blues A chord progression used in Blues and early Rock and Roll music
Major Tonality of music based of a major scale, usually related to happy sounds
Minor Tonality of music based of the minor scale, usually related to sad, sombre sounds
Staccato Notes that are played intentionally short
Legato Notes that are played intentionally long and draw out
Sound source The instruments used in a piece of music
Performing media The instrumentation used in a piece of music
Texture Refers to the layers of sound
Structure The way a piece of music is put together
Expressive Techniques The way a musician plays an instrument to show self expression
Glissando A slide from one note to another
Vibrato The wavering of a note back and forth
Tremelo The rapid, continuous performance of a note
Rim shot When a drummer hits the rim of a snare drum
Ostinato A repeated pattern in music
Riff A repeated pattern in Rock or Pop music
Melodic ostinatio A repeated melodic line in music
Rhythmic ostinato A repeated rhythmic phrase in music
Imitation When an instrument or voice copy's another instrument or voice identically
Pentatonic scale A 5 note scale
Blues scale A 6 note scale, similar to the Blues scale with an added note of the Tritone interval
Tritone An interval also known as a flattened 5th
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