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Vocab 1 LEB

Laws enforceable rules of conduct in a society
Code laws grouped into an organization
Common Law law based on the current standards or customs of the people
Positive Law law based on the dictates of a central political authority
Jurisdiction power to decide a case
Jury a panel of citizens sworn by a court to decide issues of fact in court cases
Precedent courts use prior cases as a guide for deciding similar new cases (provides stability in the law)
Injunction a court order for a person to do or not to do a particular act
Bill of Rights 1st 10 amendments to the constitution and protects people from the actions of their government
Interstate Commerce buying and selling between two or more states
Constitution a document that sets forth the framework of a government and the relationship to the people it governs
Statutes laws enacted by legislative branches of state and US governments, inferior to US constitution
Case Law created by judicial branch, made from court decisions in actual cases
Administrative Regulations rules made by appropriately empowered agencies
Civil Law used to provide remedies against individuals
Torts private wrongs against people or organizations (Civil Law)
Criminal Law defines and sets punishments for offences against society
Crime an offense against society rather than individuals (Criminal Law)
Business Laws laws concerning business
Ethics a practice of deciding what is right or wrong in a reasoned, impartial manner
Stare Decisis latin for "Let the Case Stand"
Ordinance legislation enacted by a town, city, or county board or commission
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