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Session 2 CM derm9

CM- Derm -9- part two Skin papules

benign neoplasm of keratinocytes of unknown pathogenesis and is most common in geriatric population seborrheic keratoses
a warty, brown stuck on appearing papule on any cutaneous surface except palms and soles seborrheic keratoses
What is the treatment for seborrheic keratoses optional; destruction or surgical removal no reimbursable under medicare guidelines so let patient know that
benign accumulation of nevus cells that develops during puberty and evolves over lifetime Acquired melanocytic Nevi (moles, nevocellular nevi)
A cell of pigmented cutaneous whose abscence of dendrites differentiates it from a melanocyte nevus cell
What type of acquired melanocytic nevi are there junctional, compound, intradermal,
what is the treatment for acquired melanocytic nevi optional; excision
accumulation of nevus cells in skin present from birth typed small, medium or large congenital nevi
what is the treatment for congenital nevi more necessary in larger lesions, serial excisions vs laser removal
what can occur with congenital nevi they can have hair growth that is large and out of place that can hide cancer development
what are large congenital nevi on the neck, head or posterior midline associated with generally associated with underlying malformations usually asymptomatic but can be associated with seizures, hydrocephalus, and neurological defects
how is the risk of developing melanoma associated with congenital nevus the risk of developing melanoma is proportional to the size of the congenital nevus also large nevi can hide the developing melanoma
benign increase of melanin in the basal layer of the epidermis present by age 3 after uv exposure Freckles (ephilides)
How do freckles relate to skin cancer they are a marker for susceptibility to skin cancer
what are the optional treatments for freckles bleaching creams, chemical peels, laser removal
flat sharply demarcated evenly pigmented spots that are usually oval where the long axis of the oval is situated along a cutaneous nerve tract cafe au lait spots
What do cafe au lait spots look like and when do they present light to medium brown spots that usually present at birth or a little later.
What causes cafe au lait spots increase in melanin content with the presence of giant melanasomes
specific type of leumoderma characterized by depigmentation of the epidermis vitiligo
It is an acquired progressive disorder in which some or all of the melanocytes in the interfollicular epidermis and occasionlay in the hair follicles are selectively destroyed vitiligo
What is the rate of vitilgo 1-2% about 30% of cases are with familial clustering
What are the clinical featurs of vitiligo this is a long paragraph just read it and make sure you understand it At first, only a few, small, and sharply circumscribed foci are present w/ hyperpigmented borders. Lesions increase in number and become confluent, taking on bizarre shapes.
How can vitiligo present on the body IE how much can it cover can be localized or generalized
where are the most common sites for vitiligo face, neck and scalp
benign increase in melanin in basal layer of epidermis usually in patches on cheeks, chin and forehead of young women melasma
what is the treatment for melasma change or stop causal medication, bleaching creams, chemical peel, lase removal, SUNSCREEN
Classified as simple; benign increase in melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis or Solar; increased melanin production lentigines Singular or Solar
What is the cause of lentigines UVA
What is the treatment for Lentigines optional; bleaching creams, chemical peel, laser removal
apart from the epidermis what other body part can be affected by generalized vitiligo mucus membranes
Apart from the face neck and scalp where does vitiligo often occur around body orifices such as lips, genitals, gingiva, areolas, and nipples
Another presentation of vitiligo where the hair may depigment as well vitiliginous macule
how does vitiligo of the scalp generally appear as a localized patch of white or gray hair but total depigmentation fo the scalp may occur
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