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WHMIS/lab safety

Flammable and combustible material will easily light on fire
Compressed gas Contents under pressure
Poisonous and infectious- immediate and serious material that is immediately toxic and potentially deadly
oxidizing material material that creates a lot of oxygen, or easily reacts with oxygen to fuel fires
Poisonous and infectious- other toxic effects material that is toxic over a long period of time, or after a larger dose
biohazardous infectious living material that is toxic or dangerous to humans. ex virus or bacteria
corrosive material burns or eats away metals, glass, or flesh
dangerously reactive go through extreme reactions of fire, explosions, or intense heating
exclamation mark (aka harmful) new WHMIS symbol. Very toxic to human health after one exposure
health hazard new WHMIS symbol. Toxic to human health after a long exposure or large dose
exploding bomb new WHMIS symbol. Very reactive and will blow up easily
Environmental hazard causes damage to aquatic environments
General lab safety -know location of emergency equipment. - no food or drinks in the lab
Personal lab safety - wear proper lab clothing. - tie back long hair
Preparation and procedure lab safety - listen to the teacher. - never fool around. - wear all PPE
Glassware lab safety - Never use chipped glassware. - never leave your station if heating glassware
Microscope lab safety -keep microscope away from the table edge. - never dangle cord where it could be pulled
Dissecting lab safety - careful with scalpel. - hand tools to partner with handle first
WHMIS means Workplace Hazardous Material Information System
WHMIS shapes around the symbols The shapes of the WHMIS symbols show us how dangerous a WHMIS symbol is
3 sided WHMIS symbol least dangerous. Means caution. Take necessary precautions when handling.
4 sided WHMIS symbol medium dangerous. Means warning. Take all precautions when handling
8 sided WHMIS symbol most dangerous. Means Danger. Take extreme precautions when handling
Created by: carly.riddle