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Geography Ch. 1

The Geographer's World - Ms. Henry

A map that shows population density or roads is a type of _______ map. thematic
A line of longitude that is an imaginary line that runs 0 degrees from North Pole to South Pole is called the _________ Prime Meridian
What does a map scale compare? distance on a map with distance on Earth
The pattern of weather over a long period of time is called ______ climate
A line of latitude that is an imaginary line that runs 0 degrees from East to West is called the _________ equator
What is found on a physical map? landforms
Latitude and longitude lines are used to find _____________ absolute location
What does relative location tell you? Where a place is located compared to another place.
Maps can't represent the exact size or shape of Earth's features because of _______________. distortion
What is an area with one of more features that set it apart from other areas? region
When studying the world, geographers look at _______ and ________ space, place
Geographers study what four things about people? 1. Where people live. 2. Why they live there. 3. How they interact with each other. 4. How they interact with the land.
What is landscape? Portion of the Earth's surface that can be seen at one time, from one location.
What are the five themes of geography? 1. location 2. place 3. region 4. Human-Environment Interaction 5. movement
What is Human-Environment Interaction? How people affect and are affected by where they live.
A system of imaginary lines used to locate places on Earth is called ______________ and ______________ Latitude and Longitude
Name three tools that help geographers analyze the elements of geography. maps, graphs, charts, or diagrams are examples of tools used.
Which is more accurate a globe or a map? Why? globe - because like Earth, it is a sphere.
Half of Earth is called a _____________ Hemisphere
Define map. A flat, distorted representation of Earth.
List three positive facts of maps. 1. Great detail 2. Used to show all kids of information 3. Easy to carry and store
What does a map title tell? The map's map purpose.
What does a map key tell? Explains the symbols used on the map. Example: triangle =campground.
What is a scale bar used for on a map? shows distance
What does a cartographer do? Make maps and decide which projection to use depending on the purpose of the map.
What is a general purpose map? A map that shows a lot of information , such as landforms, boundaries, and names of states and cities.
What is a thematic map? A map that has one main purpose such as a road map or physical map.
What is GPS used for? To track location and help people get from one place to another.
What is GIS used for? Used computers to gather, store, and analyze geographic information.
What is used to gather data about Earth's surface from far away? Satellites
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