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Pain Meds

"1st mediator in the process of inflammation, causes dilation of the arterioles and increases capillary permeability." Histamines
Increases capillary permeability and the sensation of pain. Kinins
"Increase in vasodilation, capillary permeability, sensitization of nerve cells to pain, fever" Prostaglandins
Cardinal Signs of Inflammation "Swelling, Redness, Heat, Pain, and Loss of Function"
What are the 2 phases of Inflammation Vascular and Delayed
When does Vascular Phase happen 10-15 minutes after injury
What does Vascular Phase look like "Vasodialation, warmth, fluid, and blood shift, increased permability, swelling; leave plasma and goes to injury"
What's the name of the second phase of inflammation Delayed
What happens in the delayed phase Leucytos infilltrate inflammed tissue and fight off infection
What does the delayed phase look like White
Antirheumatic Drugs "NSAIDS, DMARDS, Corticosteriods, Antigout Drugs"
Antiinflammatory and Antirheumatic Drugs inhibit chemical mediators thus decreasing the _______ process. Inflammatory
"NSAIDs are ______ inhibitors, with varying degrees of analgesic and antipyretic effects." Prostaglandin
Prescribed NSAIDS Examples Celebrex
NSAIDS inhibit which enzymes? COX 1 and COX 2
"COX 1- Protects the ________ and regulated blood platelets, thus promoting ______." Stomach Lining; blood clotting
COX 2- Triggers ___________ at the injured site. Pain and Inflammation
Aspirin and NSAIDS inhibit or block ____ and ____ COX 1 and COX 2
"When Cox 1 is blocked, protection to the stomach lining and blood clotting are decreased. This will cause:" Bleeding and Ulcers
"When COX 2 is blocked, ___ is reduced and ____ is supressed." Pain; Inflammation
Aspirin is a ______ inhibitor of COX. Nonselective
Drug interactions for aspirin "Anticoagulants, oral hypoglcyemics, "
lab interactions for aspirin "lowers cholesterol and potassium, "
food interactions for aspirin "prunes, raisins, licroice, certain spices"
Salicylism results from short term high doses or prolonged therapy with high doses. What are some Signs and Symtpoms? "Tinnitus, Hearing loss, dizzy, confused, hepatoxicity, thrombocytopenai, leukopenai, agranulocytysos, GI upset"
Nursing Implications for Aspirin (acetylsalicylic) "Monitor serum salicylate level (15-30 normal) and observe for signs for bleeding, dark tarry stools, bleeding gums, eccymosis"
Patient Teaching for Aspirin (acetylsalicylic) "Do not take with alcohol, discontinue 3-7 days before surgery, avoid during 3rd trimester of pregnancy, do not give to children with flu or virus symtoms, take with food and not with other NSAIDS"
If I need to tell the dentist I am on a high dose of this drug then this is a _____________ for ________ Patient Teaching for Asprin (acetylsalicylic)
Indomethacin Protoype Indocin
Indocin causes: Soidium and Water Retention and therfore will increase BP
Indon Indications "Rheumatoid, Gouty, and Osteoarthritis"
Propionic Acid Protoype Ibuprofen
Drug Interactions for Ibuprofen "Warfarin, insulin and Oral hypoglycemics"
Side Effects of Ibuprofen "GI upset, cardiac dysrhythmias"
First injectable NSAID Ketrolac
Ketrolac Trade Name Toradol
Action of Ketrolac Inhibits prostaglandin synthesis. Used for short term pain management
Equal or superior analgesic for post surgical pain Ketrolac
Inform the patient with dysmnenorrhea to take _____ instead of ______ 2 days before and during the first 2 days of menstrual period. Acteaminophen; aspirin
Celecoxib prototype Celebrex
"Celebrex inhibits COX ___, which promotes prostaglandin synthesis and inflammatory response." COX 2
Celebrex is used to treat: "Osteoarthritis, RA, and Dysmnennorrhea"
Drug interactions for Celebrex Decreases the effect of ACE inhibitorsIncreased INR and GI bleeding with Warfarin
Immunomodulators are used for moderate to severe _______ RA
Antimalarials are used for RA
Control inflammation by supressing or preventing the inflammatory process at the injured site Corticosteriods
"When discontinuing a corticosteriod, the dosage should be tapered over a period of _______." 5-10 days
Uric acid is the major end product of _______ __________ and is excreted by the kidneys. Purine Catabolism
Allopurinal trade name Zyloprim
Allopurinal (Zyloprim) is an ________ inhbitor. Uric Acid
Allopurinal (Zyloprim) is used to treat Gout
Allopurinal (Zyloprim) is used as a ______ to treat gout. Prophylactic
Patients with an overproduction uric acid should avoid: "Alcohol, Caffeine, and Thiazide diuretics that increase uric acid levels"
Drug Interactions for Allopurinal (Zyloprim) "Increase the effect of Warfarin, ACE inhibitors, decrease effect with antacids"
Used for acute gout Colchcine
Used for chronic gout Uricosurics
Nurings Implications Antigout "Determine a medical history, assess the serum uric acid value, Record the urine output. Blood should be monitored, increase fluid intake, yearly eye exam, take meds at mealtime, no vit c--- may cause kidney stones."
Created by: sparker77
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