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Bio Lab Quiz Tissue

Tissue adn Skin slides

epithelial tissue always has a free surface,lacks blood cells, readily divide, found superficial to connective tissue
simple squamous one layer flat cells, absorption or transport of materials is important. They also play a role in diffusion, osmosis and filtration. This makes them important in the kidney, in the alveoli of lungs and in the walls of capillaries.
stratified squamous flat multiple layers. keratinized is found in mouth and vagina, nonkeratinized is found in feet in hands
simple cuboidal one layer square looking cells, found in kidneys, thyroid and other openings, allows for absorption and diffusion
stratified cubiodial multiple layers hexagonal,
simple columnar column looking one layer, found in intestines aid in the movement of mucus and reproductive cells
stratified columnar column looking multiple layers It is located in the conjunctiva inside the eyelids and areas of tissue transition. It is mostly responsible for protection and mucous secretion
psedostratified columnar funky columns that look multi layer but aren't, along the passage from nasal to brachea region, collect foreign materials so you can cough or sneeze them out.
connective tissue lot of extracellular space, ground substance, very little cell division,
Look up pictures of simple squamous, simple cuboidial, simple columnar, pseudostratified columnar
Created by: alexs13