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Geo South Asia Ch 8

South Asia

Themes 1. The ancient and layered pattern of cultural influences 2. The importance of village life 3. The lingering influences of British colonization 4. Extremes between rich and poor 5. Continuing population growth 6. Environmental concerns and conflicts
The ancient and layered pattern of cultural influences There have been multiple waves of cultural and religious influences over the centuries.
The importance of village life 70% of people live in hundreds of thousands of villages
The lingering influences of British colonization Although British colonial rule ended over 60years ago their influence is still seen in the culture.
Extremes between rich and poor There is a disparity between the rich and the poor, and a contrast between the traditional and advanced ways of life.
Continuing population growth High population and growth has put stress on resources and it is a challenge to provide people with the basics of life.
Environmental concerns and conflicts Environmental concerns include land degradation, water shortages and pollution.
Mahandis Ghandi The person largely responsible for securing independence for India from the British in 1947.
Himalayas Worlds highest Mountain range located on the Nepal/China border.
Mount Everest Worlds highest mountain located in the himalayan range.
Sir Edmund Hillary first person to successfully attempt to climb mount everest. May 29th 1953
Monsoons Warm wet air in the summer and cool dry air in the winter.
Hinduism The major religion in India practiced by about 85% of the people.
Caste Ancient hindu system of dividing society into Hereditary hierarchical categories.
Taliban Conservative islamist movement in control of the Afghan ( missed the word ) from the mid 1990's until November 2001
Purdah Muslim and Hindu practice of concealing women from the eyes of non family men during their reproductive years
Green Revolution Increase in food production through high yields seeds, Mechanized equipment, irrigation, pesticides, and herbicides.
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