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Biotech quiz 1

chromosome Theory of inheritance mendellian genes have specific loci along chromosomes, and it is the chromosomes that undergo segregation and independent assortment
wild type phenotype fro a charecter most commonly observed in natural populations
mutant type traits that are alternative to the wild type
which one of mendel's laws describes the inheritance of alleles for a single charecter? Which law relates to the inheritance of alleles for 2 charecters in a diihybrid cross? The law of segregation for single charecter alleles The law of independent assortment for allle;es with 2 charecters
sex linked gene a gene located on either sex chromosome
x linked gene the 1100 genes on a x chromosome
Duchenne Muscular therapy x linked disorder that weakens muscles and causes loss of coordinaation
hemophilia prolonged bleeding caused by the absence of one or more proteins needed for blood clotting
Barr body inactive x in female cells
linked genes genes located near each other on the same chromosome tend to be inherited together in gentietic crosses.
linked genes vs sex linked gene 2 or more genes on the same chromosome vs a single gene on a sex chromosome
genetic recombimnation the production of offspring with combinations of traits that differ from those found in either P generation par
parental types inherit a phenotype that matches either of the phenotypes of the P (parental) generation originaliy crossed to produce the Fj dihybrid
recombinant types
crossing over a set of proteins orchestrates an exchange of corresponding segments of one maternal and one paternal chromatid
genetic map an ordered list of the genetic loci along a chromosome first done by sturtevant
linkage map a genetic map based on recombination frequencies
when 2 genes are located on the same chromosome, what is the physical basis for the production of recombinant offspring in a testcross between a dihybrid parent and a double mutant recessive parent? offspring with recombinant gametes arise from fertiliaztion of recombo gametes by homozygous recesive gametes from double mutant parent
nondisjunction members of a pair of homolougous chromosomes do not move apart properly during meiosis 1 or sister chromatids fall apart during meiosis 2.
monosomic 2n-1
trisomic 2n+1
deletion chromosomal fragment is missing, a deletion removes a chromosomal segment Ex: abce
duplication a chromosomal segment from another chromosome is attached to a chromosome with that segment already in place causing a repition in the structure EX: aBCBCde
inversion a chromosomal segment is placed in a chromosome in the wrong order EX: aDCBe
Translocation nonhomologous chromosome exchange fragment EX: MNOcde ABpqrs
Down Syndrom anueploid condition caused by an extra chromosome 21
genomic imprinting
A man with hemophelia (recesive sex linked gene) has a daughter without the condition. She marries a man who does not have hemophelia. What is the probability that their daughter/son have hemophelia? If they have 4 sons?
dystrophy is an inherited disorder it is seen mostly in boys born to unaffectected parents and ussually results in death in early teens. Is this disorder caused by dominant or recisseive alllele? is it sex linked or autosomal? Why is it not seen in girls
a wild type fruit fly (hetero, gray, normal wings) fucks a black fly with tiny wings.
What charecteristic of the sex chromosome allowed MOrgan to correlate thier behaviour with that of the alleles of the eye color gene
why are males affected by xlinked disorders much more often than females Males have only one X chromosome, along with a Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes
why are specific alleles of 2 distant genes more likely to show recombination than those of 2 closer genes Crossing over is a random occurrence, and the more distance there is between two genes, the more chances there are for crossing over to occur
why are invesions and reciprical translocations less likely to be lethal than are aneuploidy, duplicaitons, deletions, and nonreciprocal translocations? inversions: total genetic infromation stays the same so no phenotypic consequences
Explain how genomoic imprinting and inheritance ofm mitochondrial and chloroplast dna are exceptions to standard mendelliian inheritance
sry gene region present on the y chromosome that triggers male development
wnt4 gene region present on the x chromosome that triggers female development
males are more often affected by sex linked traits than females because males are hemizygous for the X chromosome
3 genes at 3 loci are being mapped in a species. Each has 2 phenotypes, 1 which is markedly different from the wild type. The unusual allele of the first gene is inherited with either of the others 50% of the time. But the unusual alleles of the other 2 the first gene is assorting independently from the other 2 that are linked
if nondisjunction occurs in meiosis 2 during gametogenisis, what will be the result at the the completion of meiosis 1/4 of the gametes will be n+1, 1/4 will be n-1, and 1/2 will be n
a couple has a child with down syndrome. The mother is 38 years old at the time of delivery. What is the most probable cause of the child's condition one member of the couple underwent nondijunction in somatic cell production
Barr body is normally found in which kind of human cell
Created by: Virajasaur
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