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Quiz 1.5

Quiz 1.5 on September 13th, 2019

What is the right way to use a spring scale? Pull on it with a slow and steady pace
Examples of conductors gold, copper, aluminum, graphite
Examples of insulators plastic, wood, rubber, glass
What is thermal energy? energy from HEAT
What is friction? the force that opposes (stops or slows down) motion
What do glaciers create? valleys
How can you separate a mixture that contains iron filings? a magnet
Plants and animals only compete if ____________. there's not enough of something they need
examples of nonrenewable resources coal, fossil fuels, oil, natural gas
examples of renewable resources solar energy, water, wind
What happens to a salt water solution when it's boiled? the water evaporates and the salt stays in the pan
What happens when something dissolves? it breaks into tiny pieces too small to be seen
What property causes liquids to "stack" on top of each other? relative density
Properties of a liquid can flow, takes the shape of its container, definite volume
Properties of a solid can NOT flow, definite shape, definite volume
Properties of a gas can flow, takes the shape of its container, can expand or compress (indefinite volume)
Examples of thermal (HEAT) conductors metals, glass
Examples of thermal (HEAT) insulators styrofoam, wood, plastic
What is an insulator? something that STOPS the flow of heat or electricity
What is a conductor? something that ALLOWS heat or electricity to flow through
What is a solution? a special mixture where something dissolves and the ingredients change their properties
What is a mixture? a combination of ingredients that KEEP their properties (they do not change)
Properties of a solution - evenly mixed (usually all one color), must evaporate to separate
Created by: mrsnowlin