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vocab 17-20


libellus, -i, m. noun (2) little book
qui, quae, quod pronoun who, which, what, that
caecus, -a, -um adjective blind
levis, leve adjective light, slight, easy, trivial
aut conjunction or (aut...aut: either...or)
cito adverb quickly
quoque adverb also, too
admitto, admittere, admisi, admissum verb (3) to admit, receive, let in
-, coepisse, coepi, coeptum verb (irregular) began (only used in the perfect system)
cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitum verb (3i) to desire, wish, long for
deleo, delere, delevi, deletum verb (2) to destroy, wipe out, erase
desidero, desiderare, desideravi, desideratum verb (1) to desire, long for, miss
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptum verb (3i) to begin
navigo, navigare, navigavi, navigatum verb (1) to sail, navigate
neglego, neglegere, neglexi, neglectum verb (3) to neglect, disregard
recito, recitare, recitavi, recitatum verb (1) to read aloud, recite
flumen, fluminis, n. noun (3) river
genus, generis, n. noun (3) origin, kind, sort, class
hostis, hostis, m. noun (3i) an enemy; (plural) the enemy
ludus, -i, m. noun (2) game, sport; school
probitas, probitatis, f. noun (3) uprightness, honesty
scientia, -ae, f. noun (1) knowledge
clarus, -a, -um adjective clear, bright; renowned, famous, illustrious
mortalis, mortale adjective mortal
cur adverb why
deinde adverb thereupon, next, then
fluo, fluere, fluxi, fluxum verb (3) to flow
lego, legere, legi, lectum verb (3) to pick out, choose; read
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtum verb (2) to mix, stir up, disturb
moveo, movere, movi, motum verb (2) to move; arouse, affect
videor, videri, visus sum, - verb (2) to be seen, seem, appear
argumentum, -i, n. noun (2) proof, evidence, argument
auctor, auctoris, m. noun (3) increaser, author, originator
beneficium, -ii, n. noun (2) benefit, kindness; favor
familia, -ae, f. noun (1) household, family
Graecia, -ae, f. noun (1) Greece
iudex, iudicis, m. noun (3) judge, juror
iudicium, -ii, n. noun (2) judgement, decision, opinion; trial
scelus, sceleris, n. noun (3) evil deed, crime, sin, wickedness
quis?, quid? pronoun who?, whose?, whom?, what?, which?
qui?, quae?, quod? adjective what?, which?, what kind of?
certus, -a, -um adjective definite, sure, certain, reliable
gravis, grave adjective heavy, weighty, serious, important, severe, grievous
immortalis, immortale adjective not subject to death, immortal
at conjunction but; but, mind you; but, you say
nisi conjunction if...not, unless; except
contra preposition against (takes accusative)
iam adverb now; already, soon
delecto, delectare, delectavi, delectatum verb (1) to delight, charm, please
libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatum verb (1) to free, liberate
paro, parare, paravi, paratum verb (1) to prepare, provide, get, obtain
coniurati, -orum, m. noun (2) conspirators (always plural)
cornu, -us, n. noun (4) horn
fructus, -us, m. noun (4) fruit, profit, benefit, enjoyment
genu, -us, n. noun (4) knee
manus, -us, f. noun (4) hand, band; handwriting
metus, -us, m. noun (4) fear, dread, anxiety
mons, montis, m. noun (3i) mountain
senatus, -us, m. noun (4) senate
sensus, -us, m. noun (4) feeling, sense
servitus, servitutis, f. noun (3) servitude, slavery
spiritus, -us, m. noun (4) breath, breathing; spirit, soul
versus, -us, m. noun (4) line of verse
communis, commune adjective common, general, of the community, for the community
dexter, dextra, dextrum adjective right, right-hand
sinister, sinistra, sinistrum adjective left, left-hand
careo, carere, carui, cariturus verb (2) to be without, be deprived of, want, lack; be free from (takes ablative of separation)
defendo, defendere, defensi, defensum verb (3) to ward off; defend, protect
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessum verb (3) to go away, depart
-, odisse, odi, osurum verb (irregular) to hate
prohibeo, prohibere, prohibui, prohibitum verb (2) to keep (back), prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit
pronuntio, pronuntiare, pronuntiavi, pronuntiatum verb (1) to proclaim, announce; declaim; pronounce
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