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DE Key Terms 1.1

Introduction to Electronics

Analog Representation of physical quantities by proportional continuous current or voltage. - Temperature - Velocity
Breadboard Temporary wiring circuit board.
Conventional Current Current flow form positive to negative potential, opposite of electron flow.
Current The movement of voltage through a circuit.
Digital Representation of physical quantities by binary on and off signals. Only has specified discrete values.
Digital Multi-Meter(DMM) Tool used to measure voltage, current and resistance in a circuit.
Engineering Notation The engineering equivalent of scientific notation but the power of ten is a multiple of 3.
Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL) The sum of all currents in and out of a branch point must be zero.
Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law (KVL) The sum of all voltages around a closed path , must be zero.
LED One-directional current editor used for illumination when conducted, called a light-emitting diode.
Ohm Omega, unit of resistance equal to one ampere with a voltage of one.
Ohm’s Law Current is equal to Voltage over Resistance. I = V/R
Parallel Circuit A circuit with one or more branches with independent current coming from a single voltage source/
Resistance Opposition to current measured in ohm's.
Resistor Color Code Color code found on resistors classifying resistor value and tolerance/offset from that value.
Scientific Notation Notation where in numbers are classified with a number multiplied by ten to some power. - 2000 becomes 2 x 10^3
Series Circuit Circuit with only one current path.
Simulation Testing done through the observation of input and output waveforms with data given from system the system is getting the simulation done for.
SI Notation A system of units used around the world. - Kilometer, Kelvin, Mole
Solder Metallic alloy that is melted onto two metal surfaces for joining.
Soldering Joining two metal surfaces through the use of a soldering iron and applying solder onto to the place in question.
Soldering Iron Tool that heats solder material and melts it for application onto metallic surfaces.
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