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nouns 1-22


nihil, n. nothing
fama, -ae, f. rumour, report; fame, reputation
forma, -ae, f. form, shape; beauty
fortuna, -ae, f. fortune, luck
ira, -ae, f. ire, anger
nauta, -ae, m. sailor
patria, -ae, f. fatherland, native land, (one's) country
pecunia, -ae, f. money
philosophia, -ae, f. philosophy (Greek philosophia: love of wisdom)
poena, -ae, f. penalty, punishment (idiom, poenas dare: to pay the penalty)
poeta, -ae, m. poet
porta, -ae, f. gate, entrance
puella, -ae, f. girl
rosa, -ae, f. rose
sententia, -ae, f. feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
vita, -ae, f. life; mode of life
ager, agri, m. field, farm
agricola, -ae, m. farmer
amica, -ae, f. friend
amicus, -i, m. friend
femina, -ae, f. woman
filia, -ae, f. daughter (dative and ablative plural, filiabus)
filius, -ii, m. son
numerus, -i, m. number
populus, -i, m. the people, a people, a nation
puer, pueri, m. boy; boys, children
sapientia, -ae, f. wisdom
vir, viri, m. man, hero
basium, -ii, n. kiss
bellum, -i, n. war
consilium, -ii, n. plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom
cura, -ae, f. care, attention, caution, anxiety
donum, -i, n. gift, present
exitium, -ii, n. destruction, ruin
magister, magistri, m. schoolmaster, teacher, master
magistra, -ae, f. school mistress, teacher, mistress
mora, -ae, f. delay
nihil, n. nothing
oculus, -i, m. eye
officium, -ii, n. duty, service
otium, -ii, n. leisure, peace
periculum, -i, n. danger, risk
remedium, -ii, n. cure, remedy
stultus, -i, m. a fool
adulescentia, -ae, f. youth, young manhood, youthfulness
animus, -i, m. soul, spirit, mind; (plural) high spirits, pride, courage
caelum, -i, n. sky, heaven
culpa, -ae, f. fault, blame
gloria, -ae, f. glory, fame
verbum, -i, n. word
satis, n. enough, sufficient (-ly)
dea, -ae, f. goddess
deus, -i, m. god
discipula, -ae, f. learner, pupil, student
discipulus, -i, m. learner, pupil, student
insidiae, -arum, f. ambush, plot, treachery (always plural)
liber, libri, m. book
tyrannus, -i, m. absolute ruler, tyrant
vitium, -ii, n. fault, crime, vice
Graecus, -i, m. a Greek
amor, amoris, m. love
carmen, carminis, n. song, poem
civitas, civitatis, f. state, citizenship
corpus, corporis, n. body
homo, hominis, m. human being, man
labor, laboris, m. labor, work, toil; a work, production
littera, -ae, f. a letter of the alphabet; (plural) a letter, literature
mos, moris, m. habit, custom, manner; (plural) habits, character
nomen, nominis, n. name
pax, pacis, f. peace
regina, -ae, f. queen
rex, regis, m. king
tempus, temporis, n. time; occasion, opportunity
terra, -ae, f. earth, ground, land, country
uxor, uxoris, f. wife
virgo, virginis, f. maiden, virgin
virtus, virtutis, f. manliness, courage, excellence, character, worth, virtue
Cicero, Ciceronis, m. Cicero
copia, -ae, f. abundance, supply; (plural) supplies, troops, forces
frater, fratris, m. brother
laus, laudis, f. praise, glory, fame
libertas, libertatis, f. liberty
ratio, rationis, f. reckoning, account; reason, judgement, consideration; system; manner, method
scriptor, scriptoris, m. writer, author
soror, sororis, f. sister
victoria, -ae, f. victory
locus, -i, m. place; passage in literature (loca, -orum, n.: places, regions)
morbus, -i, m. disease, sickness
studium, -ii, n. eagerness, zeal, pursuit, study
amicitia, -ae, f. friendship
cupiditas, cupiditatis, f. desire, longing, passion, cupidity, avarice
hora, -ae, f. hour, time
natura, -ae, f. nature
senectus, senectutis, f. old age
timor, timoris, m. fear
veritas, veritatis, f. truth
via, -ae, f. way, road, street
voluptas, voluptatis, f. pleasure
caput, capitis, n. head; leader; beginning; life; heading; chapter
consul, consulis, m. consul
nemo, neminis, m. or f. no one, nobody
adulescens, adulescentis, m. young man
annus, -i, m. year
Asia, -ae, f. Asia
Caesar, Caesaris, m. Caesar
mater, matris, f. mother
medicus, -i, m. doctor, physician
medica, -ae, f. doctor, physician
pater, patris, m. father
patientia, -ae, f. suffering, patience, endurance
principium, -ii, n. beginning
divitiae, -arum, f. riches, wealth (always plural)
factum, -i, n. deed, act, achievement
signum, -i, n. sign, signal, indication, seal
animal, animalis, n. a living creature, animal
aqua, -ae, f. water
ars, artis, f. art, skill
auris, auris, f. ear
civis, civis, m. and f. citizen
ius, iuris, n. right, justice
mare, maris, n. sea
mors, mortis, f. death
nubes, nubis, f. cloud
os, oris, n. mouth, face
pars, partis, f. part, share
Roma, -ae, f. Rome
turba, -ae, f. uproar, disturbance, mob, crowd, multitude
urbs, urbis, f. city
vis, vis, f. force, power, violence
Italia, -ae, f. Italy
memoria, -ae, f. memory, recollection
tempestas, tempestatis, f. period of time, season; weather, storm
aetas, aetatis, f. period of life, life, age, an age, time
auditor, auditoris, m. hearer, listener, member of an audience
clementia, -ae, f. mildness, gentleness, mercy
mens, mentis, f. mind, thought, intention
satura, -ae, f. satire
senex, senis, m. old, aged; old man
libellus, -i, m. little book
flumen, fluminis, n. river
genus, generis, n. origin, kind, sort, class
hostis, hostis, m. an enemy; (plural) the enemy
ludus, -i, m. game, sport; school
probitas, probitatis, f. uprightness, honesty
scientia, -ae, f. knowledge
argumentum, -i, n. proof, evidence, argument
auctor, auctoris, m. increaser, author, originator
beneficium, -ii, n. benefit, kindness; favor
familia, -ae, f. household, family
Graecia, -ae, f. Greece
iudex, iudicis, m. judge, juror
iudicium, -ii, n. judgement, decision, opinion; trial
scelus, sceleris, n. evil deed, crime, sin, wickedness
coniurati, -orum, m. conspirators (always plural)
cornu, -us, n. horn
fructus, -us, m. fruit, profit, benefit, enjoyment
genu, -us, n. knee
manus, -us, f. hand, band; handwriting
metus, -us, m. fear, dread, anxiety
mons, montis, m. mountain
senatus, -us, m. senate
sensus, -us, m. feeling, sense
servitus, servitutis, f. servitude, slavery
spiritus, -us, m. breath, breathing; spirit, soul
versus, -us, m. line of verse
casa, -ae, f. house, cottage, hut
causa, -ae, f. cause, reason; case, situation; (abl. causa plus a preceding gen.) for the sake of, on account of
fenestra, -ae, f. window
finis, finis, m. end, limit, boundary, purpose; (plural) boundaries, territory
gens, gentis, f. clan, race, nation, people
mundus, -i, m. world, universe
navis, navis, f. ship, boat
salus, salutis, f. health, safety; greeting
Troia, -ae, f. Troy
vicinus, -i, m. neighbor
vicina, -ae, f. neighbor
vulgus, -i, m. the common people, mob, rabble
dies, diei, m. day
ferrum, -i, n. iron; sword
fides, fidei, f. faith, trust, trustworthiness, fidelity, promise, guarantee, protection
ignis, ignis, m. fire
modus, -i, m. measure, bound, limit; manner, method, mode, way
res, rei, f. thing, matter, business, affair
spes, spei, f. hope
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