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adjectives 1-22


antiquus, -a, -um ancient, old-time
magnus, -a, -um large, great, important
meus, -a, -um my
multus, -a, -um much, many
tuus, -a, -um your (used when speaking to one person)
avarus, -a, -um greedy, avaricious
pauci, -ae, -a few, a few (usually plural)
Romanus, -a, -um Roman
bellus, -a, -um pretty, handsome, charming
bonus, -a, -um good, kind
humanus, -a, -um pertaining to man, human, humane, kind, refined, cultivated
malus, -a, -um bad, wicked, evil
parvus, -a, -um small, little
stultus, -a, -um foolish
verus, -a, -um true, real, proper
liber, libera, liberum free
noster, nostra, nostrum our, ours
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful, handsome; fine
sanus, -a, -um sound, healthy, sane
Graecus, -a, -um Greek
perpetuus, -a, -um perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous
plenus, -a, -um full, abundant, generous
salvus, -a, -um safe, sound
secundus, -a, -um second; favorable
vester, vestra, vestrum your, yours
novus, -a, -um new; strange
alius, alia, aliud other, another (alii...alii: some...others)
alter, altera, alterum the other (of two), second
neuter, neutra, neutrum not either, neither
nullus, -a, -um not any, no, none
solus, -a, -um alone, only, the only
totus, -a, -um whole, entire
ullus, -a, -um any
unus, -a, -um one, single, alone
uter, utra, utrum either, which (of two)
beatus, -a, -um happy, fortunate, blessed
amicus, -a, -um friendly
carus, -a, -um dear
acerbus, -a, -um harsh, bitter, grievous
doctus, -a, -um taught, learned, skilled
fortunatus, -a, -um lucky, fortunate, happy
suus, -a, -um his own, her own, its own, their own (reflexive possessive)
centum a hundred
mille thousand; (plural) thousands
miser, misera, miserum wretched, miserable, unfortunate
unus, -a, -um one
duo, duae, duo two (always plural)
tres, tria three
quattuor four
quinque five
sex six
septem seven
octo eight
novem nine
decem ten
undecim eleven
duodecim twelve
tredecim thirteen
quattuordecim fourteen
quindecim fifteen
sedecim sixteen
septendecim seventeen
duodeviginti eighteen (literally two from twenty)
undeviginti nineteen (literally one from twenty)
viginti twenty
viginti unus twenty-one (also unus et viginti)
viginti duo twenty-two (also duo et viginti)
viginti tres twenty-three (also tres et viginti)
viginti quattuor twenty-four (also quattuor et viginti)
viginti quinque twenty-five (also quinque et viginti)
triginta thirty
quadraginta forty
quinquaginta fifty
sexaginta sixty
septuaginta seventy
octoginta eighty
nonaginta ninety
primus, -a, -um first
secundus, -a, -um second
tertius, -a, -um third
quartus, -a, -um fourth
quintus, -a, -um fifth
sextus, -a, -um sixth
septimus, -a, -um seventh
octavus, -a, -um eighth
nonus, -a, -um ninth
decimus, -a, -um tenth
undecimus, -a, -um eleventh
duodecimus, -a, -um twelfth
tertius decimus, -a, -um thirteenth
quartus decimus, -a, -um fourteenth
quintus decimus, -a, -um fifteenth
sextus decimus, -a, -um sixteenth
septimus decimus, -a, -um seventeenth
duodevicesimus, -a, -um eighteenth (literally two from twenty)
undevicesimus, -a, -um nineteenth (literally one from twenty)
vicesimus, -a, -um twentieth
vicesimus primus, -a, -um twenty-first
vicesimus secundus, -a, -um twenty-second
vicesimus tertius, -a, -um twenty-third
vicesimus quartus, -a, -um twenty-fourth
vicesimus quintus, -a, -um twenty-fifth
tricesimus thirtieth
quadragesimus fortieth
quinquagesimus fiftieth
sexagesimus sixtieth
septuagesimus seventieth
octogesimus eightieth
nonagesimus ninetieth
acer, acris, acre sharp, keen, eager; severe, fierce
brevis, breve short, small, brief
celer, celeris, celere swift, quick, rapid
difficilis, difficile hard, difficult, troublesome
dulcis, dulce sweet; pleasant, agreeable
facilis, facile easy, agreeable
fortis, forte strong, brave
ingens huge (genitive ingentis)
iucundus, -a, -um pleasant, delightful, agreeable, pleasing
longus, -a, -um long
omnis, omne every, all
potens able, powerful, mighty, strong (genitive potentis)
senex, senis, m. old, aged; old man
caecus, -a, -um blind
levis, leve light, slight, easy, trivial
clarus, -a, -um clear, bright; renowned, famous, illustrious
mortalis, mortale mortal
qui?, quae?, quod? what?, which?, what kind of?
certus, -a, -um definite, sure, certain, reliable
gravis, grave heavy, weighty, serious, important, severe, grievous
immortalis, immortale not subject to death, immortal
communis, commune common, general, of the community, for the community
dexter, dextra, dextrum right, right-hand
sinister, sinistra, sinistrum left, left-hand
asper, aspera, asperum rough, harsh
aequus, -a, -um level, even; calm; equal, just; favorable
felix, felicis lucky, fortunate, happy
incertus, -a, -um uncertain, unsure, doubtful
Latinus, -a, -um Latin
medius, -a, -um middle
magnanimus, -a, -um great-hearted, brave, magnanimous
ferox fierce, savage (genitive ferocis)
fidelis, fidele faithful, loyal
geminus, -a, -um twin
sapiens wise, judicious; (as a noun) a wise man, philosopher (genitive spientis)
ultimus, -a, -um farthest, extreme; last, final
quidam, quaedam, quiddam (pron.) a certain one, certain thing, someone, something; (adj.) a certain, some
pudicus, -a, -um modest, chaste
superbus, -a, -um arrogant, overbearing, haughty, proud
tristis, triste sad, sorrowful; joyless, grim, severe
turpis, turpe ugly, shameful, base, disgraceful
urbanus, -a, -um of the city, urban, urbane, elegant
diligens diligent, careful (genitive diligentis)
dissimilis, dissimile unlike, different
gracilis, gracile slender, thin
humilis, humile lowly, humble
maior, -ius greater, older; (plural) ancestors
primus, -a, -um first, foremost, chief, principal
quot how many, as many as (indeclinable)
similis, simile similar (to), like, resembling
superus, -a, -um above, upper
utilis, utile useful, advantageous
melior, -ius better
peior, -ius worse
plus more (NB no masc. and fem. or dat. sing; abl. sing. plure, gen. plur. plurium, neut. pl. plura)
minor, minus smaller
prior, -ius former
superior, -ius higher
optimus, -a, -um best
maximus, -a, -um greatest
pessimus, -a, -um worst
plurimus, -a, -um most
minimus, -a, -um smallest
summus, -a, -um highest, furthest
supremus, -a, -um highest, last
mortuus, -a, -um dead
princeps chief, foremost; (m. or f. noun) leader, emperor (genitive principis)
dignus, -a, -um worthy, worthy of
durus, -a, -um hard, harsh, rough, stern, unfeeling, hardy, difficult
tantus, -a, -um so large, so great, of such a size
ceteri, -ae, -a the remaining, the rest, the other, all the others (always plural)
quantus, -a, -um how large, how great, how much
ridiculus, -a, -um laughable, ridiculous
vivus, -a, -um alive, living
mediocris, medicre ordinary, moderate, mediocre
dives rich (genitive divitis or ditis)
par equal, like (genitive paris)
pauper of small means, poor (genitive pauperis)
candidus, -a, -um shining, bright, white; beautiful
merus, -a, -um pure, undiluted
suavis, suave sweet
adversus, -a, -um opposite, adverse
talis, tale such, of such a sort
iratus, -a, -um angry
absens absent, away (gen. absentis)
gratus, -a, -um pleasing, agreeable; grateful
idoneus, -a, -um suitable, fit, appropriate
immotus, -a, -um unmoved, unchanged, unrelenting
firmus, -a, -um firm, strong, reliable
infirmus, -a, -um not strong, weak, feeble
mirabilis, mirabilie amazing, wondrous, remarkable
pristinus, -a, -um ancient; former, previous
sublimis, sublime elevated, lofty; heroic, noble
cupidus, -a, -um desirous, eager, fond; (with gen.) desirous of, eager for
liberalis, liberale of or relating to a free person; worthy of a free man, decent, liberal; generous
necesse necessary, inevitable (indeclinable)
vetus old (genitive veteris)
iustus, -a, -um just, right
tot so many (indeclinable)
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