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Pratical Assessment

Scene Size-up, Focused Assem., SAMPLE, DECAP-BTLS, Deatil Assem and ongoing

Scene Safety includes what? BSI, MOI/NOI, # of Patients, and the need for additional resources.
General Impression? Age, sex, position found, apparent level of conscious.
Manual C-Spine Stabilizing of the head, neck and spine to avoid further injury of spine.
Mental Status? A-Alert, V-Verbal Response, P-Pain responsive, U-Unresponsive completely. Also consist of ABC's.
Airway? Open(MJT or HTCL), Maintain(OPA and NPA) and Suction(if needed
Breathing? OIPASS - Oxygen, Inspect, Palpate, Auscultation X 2, Seal, Stabilize.
Circulation? VCR - Voids, CTC(color, temp, condition) and radial pulse.
Transport Decision? Load and go vs Stay and play.
Trauma Patient with a significant MOI get which of the following assessments in what order? Focused Assessment, baseline vital signs, detail assessment, and lastly on going assessment.
Trauma Patient with a non-significant MOI gets which of the following assessments in what order? Focus assessment, basline vital sings, and on going assessment.
A medical patient who is responsive gets which of the following assessments? Focus history of present illness, baseline vital signs and on going assessment.
A medical patient who is UNRESPONSIVE gets which of the following assessments? Rapid medical assessment, baseline vital signs, detail assessment and on going assessment.
What is SAMPLE? S-Sign/symptom/story, A-Allergies, M-Medication, P-Past medical history, L-Last Oral intake, E-Events leading to
What is DCAP-BTLS? D-Deformities, C-Contusion, A-Abarsion, P-Penatration/Puncture, B-Burns, T-Tenderness, L-Lacerations, S-swelling
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