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Astronomy lesson 6

Apologia Astronomy lesson 6

We get the word ____________ from the word moon because it takes about 28 days for the moon to revolve around Earth one time. month
The word _______________ comes from the Latin word "lun". We use this word when we are talking about things related to the moon. lunar
The moon is a (natural or artificial) satellite of Earth. natural
The moon has no light of its own. Instead it reflects light from the ________ . Sun
The moon seeming to change shapes in the sky is called the _________ of the moon. phases
When the moon is between the Sun and Earth and all the light is reflected back toward the Sun so it looks like there is no moon in the sky is called the __________ moon. new
When the moon looks like just a sliver in the sky, it is called a ______________ moon. crescent
When the moon appears to be a half circle, we call it a ________________ moon. quarter
When the moon appears to be more than half full, we call it a _______________ moon. gibbous
When the moon appears to be a full circle to us, we call it a ___________ moon. full
How many days does it take the moon to revolve around the Earth one time? 28 days
How many days does it take the moon to rotate on its axis one time? 28 days
When the Sun, Earth and moon are all in a perfect line so that the Sun's light is blocked from shining on the moon by the Earth. lunar eclipse
True or false: It is perfectly fine to look directly at a lunar eclipse. true
During a lunar eclipse, the moon looks what color? Why? Reddish-copper color----because the Sun's light has travelled through Earth's atmosphere
True or false: The moon has no atmosphere. true
True or false: The same side of the moon always faces Earth. true
_______________ is the smooth, flat plains on the moon that appear as dark patches from Earth. maria
The moon is covered with _____________ which are caused by asteroids crashing into its surface. craters
The first man to walk on the moon was an American named _________ _________________. He took his first steps on the moon on ________ ______, 1969. Neil Armstrong------July 20
The first spacecraft to land on the moon was named _________________ ________. Apollo 11
The proper name of the vehicle that was used to explore the surface of the moon. lunar rover
The moon has (more or less) gravity than Earth because of this we would not weigh as much on the moon. less
The moon's gravity causes Earth's oceans to have _____________. tides
How many people have walked on the moon? 12
Created by: amcollins